Hookah Smoke (Thickness and Flavor)

Hookah Smoke

The smoke from a hookah is unique in that it is filtered through water before it reaches the user. This filtration cools down the smoke while also thickening it and ultimately making it smoother. Although some people view smoking hookah as un sophisticated form of smoking, this is entirely untrue as can be seen from the long history of smoking hookah in the middle east. The substance that is smoked in a hookah is called shisha and it is a combination of honey, molassas, tobacco and other ingredients that alter the flavor. Smoking hookah is relaxing due to the nicotine in the tobacco, but even more so due to the smooth smoke that the user is inhaling. 

Smoke Ring with Hookah

A picture taken of me blowing a smoke ring at my friends apartment with a hookah
A picture taken of me blowing a smoke ring at my friends apartment with a hookah

Social Aspect of Hookah

Because hookah is more time consuming to set up and is a friendlier smoke for beginners, often times it is used in a social manner. Hookahs are often found at house parties or social gatherings. It is very easy to have deep and meaningful discussions with other people while smoking hookah because everyone is so relaxed. Smoking hookah promotes conversation with those around everyone will not be smoking at the same time. The process of passing around the hose gives unity to the group while at the same time allowing the individuals to discuss while others are smoking. 

Choosing Your Shisha

When choosing the shisha that you will be placing into your hookah there are several things that you need to keep in mind in order to have the best hookah smoke. The amount of shisha being placed in the bowl, the consistency of the shisha, and the age of the shisha. Shisha bowls are small ceramic bowls placed on top of the hookah and are designed to hold the shisha. When filling the bowl, fill it with shisha up to about 1cm below the top of the bowl. If the bowl is filled to the brim the shisha will burn when the coals are placed on top.

The consistency of the shisha is also very important. It should have a sticky damp feel to it. If the shisha does not feel damp then it is to dry and will burn quickly causing a very unpleasent taste in the smoke. But on the other hand if the shisha is to wet and liquid is dripping out of it then the shisha is to damp and will not smoke properly.

Starbuzz is the best quality shisha that I have found on the market. Although it is more expensive than other brands of shisha the superior smoke that it generates is well worth the additional cost. If a large tin of Starbuzz is purchased it generally costs about $25 dollars and will last anywhere from 15-20 bowls. Starbuzz offers many flavors of shisha but one of the best flavors is Strawberry Margerita; this flavor is strong and delicious. If you are looking to purchase shisha YOU NEED to try this flavor. You will not be disappointed.

How to assemble a hookah

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