Optimism and Hope Equals an Optimistic Life


I have always prayed that I do not become cynical. It seems to me that cynics have lost their hope.

I, on the other hand, want to maintain my innocence. I have optimism. I have hope. Sure, things aren't so good right now, but that can change. The sun still rises in the east. Each snowflake is different. Every day is cause for new hope.

Hope is the thing that makes us live. Without hope, how could we go on? Hope makes us know that each day can be better...the next person we meet may be that special someone...we can be happy.

Hope make us fight for our rights. Hope makes the sky bluer and the sun brighter. Hope leads to optimism. Optimism is knowing everything will work out, even when it seems nearly impossible. It makes you believe you can do anything.

Optimism is hope in living form. It is the belief that what is wanted can be had...that what is needed will occur...that what may be can happen. It is trusting and relying that all is not random, there is a plan.

Optimism and hope are my way of life. I trust that things will work...I understand that when the sky is dark, the sun will shine again. I know that what I do has meaning when I can still hope.

Life has never been easy. Life has never been fair. Optimism makes this OK. You know that you can take anything that is handed to you and benefit from it. You rely on that...hope.

Your Choice

Optimism-It's not just seeing through Rose Colored Glasses

Attitude is a Choice

An Optimistic Outlook

I have been called naïve, gullible, idealistic, foolish and stupid and I am proud of it. Much better to be known for your trust than to be labeled critical, cynical, skeptical or suspicious. I know that in this world of mistrust and greed my optimism may not always be a healthy emotion. That is why I will tell people I am afflicted with "terminal optimism".

Half Full or Half Empty?

What type of person are you?  Do you look at the glass and rejoice that is is still half full...or do you despair that it is half empty?  I am the type that rejoices.  Look, I think to myself, I still have some!  Life is a choice.  Only you can choose how to act...how to feel...how to respond.  I love being happy, so I am happy.  I choose to be happy.  I focus on the good things and try to find a way to make the bad things good.

How Optimistic Are You?

Below is a link to a site that will test your optimism.  Go figure, I tested "Highly Optimistic"...no surprise to me!  It seems to be a study someone at the University of Kentucky is doing.  So, you can have fun and help someone, the best of both worlds!  Go try it.

Hope and Optimism can keep a smile on your face!
Hope and Optimism can keep a smile on your face!

Hope Springs Eternal

Where does hope come from?  I believe my hope comes from the belief that everything is part of a plan.  This is not a random world, look at the way the human body is put together.  I find it hard to believe that we evolved from a single cell organism into what we are today through some random mutations.  The human body is too finely tuned a machine to be random.

Hope, It's Closer Than You Think
Hope, It's Closer Than You Think

Choose Your Attitude!

Happiness, Hope and Optimism

Having hope and being optimistic will actually make you happier.  Happiness makes life easier, even during hard times.  Part of being optimistic is finding ways to overcome hard times.  Hope is the belief that overcoming is possible.  Sometimes, just acting silly will change the way we view life.  Check out the video link below.  Very goofy, but kind of fun.

Take time to join into the fun in life.  Laugh out loud, it's very, very good for you.  Hope for the best, and expect no less from life.

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Comments 11 comments

J Mockridge 7 years ago

I only wish I could be optimistic all the time, but my pessimistic side won't allow it.

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

When I wrote, "I know that in this world of mistrust and greed my optimism may not always be a healthy emotion. That is why I will tell people I am afflicted with "terminal optimism"." Sometimes optimism can leave you wide open.

A little pessimism is probably not a bad thing. I am often clueless because I choose to be. Not always healthy in today's world...however, even now, my terminal optimism is telling me it isn't that bad. :) To each their own! You can't escape your pessimism, I can't escape my optimism :D

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

k@ri I am just like you always optimistic and always hopeful, we never give up when the going hasn't gotten tough. That is why we weer chosen to do, what we do best!!! We are hope and always will be hope, when nobody else believes we keep our faith.:)

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

Hi AE! Yes, We believe in others when they don't in themselves...We believe things will get better when everyone says they can't...by keeping the faith, We can slowly turn things around, giving others hope also! Thanks for the comment!

mecandylove profile image

mecandylove 7 years ago

very well said. thanks for sharing

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

Thanks candylove! I'm glad you liked it.

GeneriqueMedia profile image

GeneriqueMedia 7 years ago from Earth

I maintain a child-like innocense upon the world now. When I was younger I was scornful. But you're absolutely right--the glass is either half empty, or half full. And I like to think it's half full, 'cause that means I've got MORE! ;)



k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

G|M, The world looks so much better when seen through the eyes of a child, I think! I have to work hard to maintain this sight at times, but it is worth it. You are so right, it is always better see more than less! Peace and Hugs back at you!

areisdesigns profile image

areisdesigns 6 years ago from Colorado

This is a great post! I try to be as optimistic as I can all of the time, and always expect good and not bad things to happen. Just thinking optimistic thoughts even when you are frustrated or having a bad day helps so much. By being pessimistic, I feel that you are only drawing negative towards you. There is positivity to be found and be thankful for every day, so I think that even when feeling your worst, you can come up with a few optimistic thoughts each day.

k@ri profile image

k@ri 6 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

areisdesigns, I read an article in our local paper that said being optimistic improves your immune system and keeps you healthy. I also try to remain optimistic...I truly believe it leads to better outcomes in life. :D

David Stone1 profile image

David Stone1 23 months ago from New York City

Interesting look at one of my favorite subjects...

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