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When it comes to successful weight loss, being a celebrity certainly is an advantage. You average dieter doesn't have Harley Pasternak on speed dial to pop on by to oversee today's workout, or a personal chef to cook the perfect Atkins or Zone meals.

Does anyone really think that Kirstie Allie ate the same pre-packaged frozen Jenny Craig food that everyone else eats? Somehow I doubt it. And she's not even an A-lister. How a celebrity loses weight is totally different from how us ordinary folks lose weight!

And don't you find yourself thinking sometimes, when looking at the "Before" and "After" photos that celebs rarely needed to lose weight in the first place? Yeah, me too.

Let's face it though, we have some advantages over them. I don't have to worry about a paparazzi photographer snapping my picture as I put a donut in my mouth the day after I claimed how great my diet was going. And People won't be publishing a photo essay of my exploits in yo-yo dieting on the front cover next week. So all in all, I think I'm doing okay, even if I can't get Harley Pasternak to come by my house and make sure my form is correct as I lift a few barbells. He's too busy helping Jessica Simpson! So let's take a look at Hollywood's Hottest Diets.

Kelly Osbourne Before & After
Kelly Osbourne Before & After

Detoxing in Hollywood

Detoxing is all the rage in Hollywood. Losing weight is usually not the point of diets like these. Instead, they are designed to clear toxins from your body.

Celebs love detox diets, either for the rapid weight loss results they need for their next movie... or for other reasons I won't make a conjecture about. So what do you think they need to detox from so much, huh?

The most popular of the detox diets among the celebrity set is definitely The Master Cleanse.

The Master Cleanse

How it Works

Also known as the Lemonade diet, the Master Cleanse consists of lemon juice from fresh lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. This is the only thing you get to drink for at least 10 days besides the nauseautingly awful salt flush in the morning. But if you can stick it out, you will probably lose quite a lot of weight. The trick, of course, will be to keep it off.

Whose a fan?

Beyonce Knowles, Robin Quivers (who cares!) and Jared Leto have all proclaimed the Master Cleanse as the diet behind their recent weight loss successes. Denzel Washington, Billy Bob Thornton and Renee Zellwegger are rumored to be fans as well, but this is unconfirmed.

Martha's Vineyard Diet

Hate lemons and maple syrup? Then try the Martha's Vineyard Diet if you want to detox like a celeb after a week-long drug and booze binge. This detox diet is pretty hardcore and lasts 21 days. It involves juices, herbal teas, vegetable purees, supplements, vitamins and enzymes.

Whose a fan?

Robin Quivers, again. Umm, how the hell does she even count as a celebrity, for crying out loud?

The Five Factor Diet

Created by celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak, the Five Factor Plan has literally taken Hollywood by storm. Of course, this makes total sense since Harley actually designed the diet just for them. Luckily, we can be just like the celebs by picking up his book.

How does the Five Factor Diet work?

It involves five meals per day, with each meal consisting of five parts (protein, healthy fats, low-glycemic carbs, fiber, and a sugar-free drink). This plan also requires more than just watching what you eat. If you want a Hollywood body, you need to hit the exercise mat. Fortunately, each of your work-outs is only 25 minutes long. Now that's not too hard is it? (Hmmm, where'd my remote control go?)

The good news is, you should see results in five weeks and you get to cheat once a week as well. That's what I'm going to tell the paparazzi when they catch me. Hey guys, it's my cheat day!

What Celebs are fans of the Five Factor Plan?

Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Eva Mendes, Kanye West and Jessica Simpson, for starters. It looks like Harley is a go-to trainer for singers, doesn't it?

Celebrity Diets - Secrets of the Stars

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Sarah 6 years ago

Dayumm!! I never knew Kelly Osbourne was that fat before! She defenately was at least clinically obese, if not morbidly. Looks amazing in the after pic though. Makes me wanna go work out......

ExpandYourMind profile image

ExpandYourMind 6 years ago from Midwest USA

Hmm. . . wish I could convince myself to go on one of these extreme diets; I just love food too much. Maybe if I was a celeb and had to face the cameras . . . and my agent. Anyway, this is pretty interesting.

fionageler 5 years ago from london

the thing you need to go .. to look good in front

of the camera

celebritie profile image

celebritie 5 years ago

This good information on celebrity diets, I think the detox is probably the most popular one. I always see movie stars talk about using it before walking the red carpet.

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