House Debate on Heath Care Bill

You Really Should Watch The Debate on Health Care Reform

Today is November 7, 2009. If you are an American citizen you should really be glued to the television set watching CSPAN's coverage of the House of Representative debate on health care.  Unlike other stations covering this debate, you get to see the actual procedured as it occurs live in the House chambers.  If you miss this you not only miss valuable information, you also have no right to complain about things being done behind closed doors.  This is your time to be informed.

The Debate Itself

It appears that the first part of the debate the House members are allowed to submit something called a unanimous consent request. I am not sure what this means but all members of both political parties are allowed to had remarks to the record regarding the health care reform proposal. It was quite clear the the Democrats that spoke all focused on the health care provisions of the bill. On the other side, the Republican speakers all focused on how much the bill would cost or how much money would be taken out of existing programs.

For example the Democratic speakers were all women who spoke about the pre-existing conditions of pregnancy and domestic abuse not covered by current health care laws which allows insurance companies to refuse to insure women based on these conditions. On the Republican side they spoke about how the bill would cause debt to be transferred to their grandchildren.

The Republicans keep talking about how this health care bill will cause jobs to be lost.  This seems to me the reason that we need to have a health care bill passed.  I do not understand how having health care reform will cause a loss of jobs, but the Republicans say that small businesses cannot afford to cover their employers and will go out of business.  Once again the Republicans are more concerned about businesses rather than the individuals who are already out of work and therefore do not have health insurance.

The Democratic speakers are all concentrating on how this bill will help those who are not insured.  This after all should be the main reason we need health care reform.  Even though the United States spends more on health care than any other country, we do not have better health care for all the dollars we spend.  In my opinion, this means that more people should be able to get a job or start new businesses if the employers and employees have access to affordable health care.

I could go on and on, but since this debate will continue for approximately 4 hours.  I will finish watching the debate for now.  Whether if you are watching or not please return to this site for other articles on the House Debate which I will be publishing later tonight.


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