How Back Acne Treatment is Different

Back acne treatment is not necessarily any different from treating any other kind of acne. The causes are for the most part the same. Sebaceous glands on the back are the main culprit just as they are on the face, shoulders and chest. Overactive glands can also be passed down from generation to generation so to some extent it is hereditary. If either of your parents have back acne scars or underwent back acne scars treatment then chances are you will be prone to acne outbreaks in the same locations that they had them. It might be useful then to talk to your parents about when and where their worst acne outbreaks occurred. This may not be the case in all situations because back acne may also show up in more athletic or physically active people so if your parents were not physically active but you are then you may still be prone to acne outbreaks.

Things to Avoid During Back Acne Treatments

The only thing with back acne is that reaching around to your back to apply the necessary cleanser, toners, and other ointments can be a task. Just as trying to clean your back or to scratch your back thoroughly, applying back acne treatments can be discomforting and bit of a nuisance. Some different circumstances apply as far as the aggravation of back acne is concerned. Sweating and the constant rubbing of tight fitting clothes especially during athletics can cause more inflammation than acne on the face.

For active women, spandex is a poor choice for active wear because it traps perspiration against the skin which them mixes with the oils on your skin. This can cause clogged pores leading to blemishes, whiteheads and blackheads. This will also aggravate pre-existing papules and pustules. this being th case, it is always best to shower immediately after physical activity using a mild cleansing soap and a gentle rubbing action with bare hands rather then abrasive hand gloves or buff puff since you may inadvertently tear at the tender pustules since you are not able to see them while you shower.

Teenagers and Back Acne

Teenagers have an especially rough time with back acne because unless they look at it everyday they can be surprised at the extent to which it has spread. When acne is on your face your girlfriend or boyfriend has already seen it up front. However if you take your shirt off in front of him or her you can put yourself and the other person in an embarrassing situation. Upon seeing the acne on your back the other person may let out a gasp or exclaim something like "oh that's gross" without even thinking of what they're saying and even if they are completely used to seeing the acne on your face. It's a little more traumatizing for girls than boys but but still uncomfortable for both. Often the only thing that can bring back acne under control are anti biotic medications.

Treatment For Back Acne - How is it Different?

The treatment for back acne is different only in intensity.The skin on your back is much thicker than the skin on your face so frequently acne bacteria penetrate further into back skin and are more stubborn. They require higher doses of medicine whether topical or oral and take longer to react to treatment. Nevertheless, mild back acne can respond well to a good daily cleaning regimen along with prescription drugs that contain benzoyl peroxide and salycylic acid. Specially designed pumps that spray from any angle can be used to apply these medications with minimum of fuss. Lotions can be applied that contain glycolic acid and lactic acid which will help increase the rate of cell turnover so it becomes easy to exfoliate without using harsh scrubbing implements or soaps that contain oats. Because you cannot see your back, you may rub too hard thereby rupturing pustules.

Back Acne and Antibiotics

At the first signs of back acne it is best to start aggressively with regimented cleansing and toning  at specific times to limit opportunities for bacteria to dig deeper than they already are. Since there really isn't a best back acne treatment, you would follow acne treatment as for any other part of the body but with dosages recommended by your dermatologist.  If you eventually have to take prescription antibiotics then make sure that you take them as instructed till they are finished. Many times people will stop short of finishing the medication because they see an improvement thus allowing the acne to bounce back. Tetracycline or minocycline are some commonly prescribed antibiotics for body acne. 

Antibiotics do have side effects in the long run as they have been known to compromise human immune systems. this situation becomes worse when antibiotics are not taken as instructed and instead of wiping out the bacterial infection the  misuse of the antibiotic only serves to make the acne more resistant necessitating the use of alternative antibiotics. So patients descend on a downward spiral of antibiotic use that is reinforcing because this will only necessitate further antibiotic use as our immune systems become compromised. This is suggested by the image below of antibiotics spiraling out of control

Antibiotics and More Antibiotics
Antibiotics and More Antibiotics

Accutane and Back Acne Treatment Side Effects

In the event that basic anti biotics don't work your dermatologist may prescribe accutane which has a proven track record for getting rid of back acne. It also has a record of side effects that you may not be willing to rrisk being exposed to. The more serious possible side effects include depression, erectile dysfunction, liver damage,loss of bone mass, hearing loss, birth defects, cataracts and stroke. less serious side effects include joint pain, severe itching, swelling of the lips, nose bleeds, conjunctivitis, sensitivity to light and elevated triglycerides.

These side effects are nothing to scoff at but if you are in your teenage years and you are in danger of permanent scarring from full blown acne then the benefits might outweigh the risk. On the other hand if you're not able to take Accutane then you may consider a back acne scar treatment like laser resurfacing which is the best acne laser treatment or plastic surgery. It is always best to consult with both your primary and your dermatologist before taking any drug, even some over the counter ones.

Back Acne

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