How Can I Get Rid of Loose Belly Skin?

Secrets to Tightening Loose Belly Skin

Having just welcomed two kids into our family in the last 4 years, there is one part of the process that no-one warned us about - me OR my wife - and that is the "post pregancy belly"! Sure - you expect to gain weight during pregnancy - you're growing another person - but you kind of expect that bump to go after the baby is born. Instead - you're left with weight to lose and, even once the weight is gone, you get that loose belly skin left over...

So - what are the options? Well - plastic surgery is one, of course. And that MIGHT look like the easy option - just like a C-section might look easier than natural childbirth. The thing is though - your body will ALWAYS handle the natural option better. When it comes to weight loss - the better solution is always the natural one - and there ARE natural ways to combat that loose belly skin.

The next option then is straight exercise - and that will certainly help with reducing body fat, getting your circulation going again and generally toning things up. One note of caution though - don't try to get right back into the regime you USED to do before pregnancy! Cut yourself some slack and ease back into things a bit - especially if you had a c-section or any complications during delivery, your body needs a little time to get back into shape before you start getting into shape! The second thing with exercise is that, on its own, it won't necessarily help with that loose skin - that is a result of 9 months of dramatic stretching, not weight gain, so losing the weight does not mean your loose belly skin will "snap" back into place!

The problem with that loose belly skin is that it has been stretched pretty hard and pretty fast - and that knocks a lot of the elasticity out of it, so we need to tackle that in two ways - firstly with some targeted tonight exercises, but also with products designed to replenish that elasticity. So here are XXX top products to help you get that loose belly skin back into shape:

  1. Fish oil - get capsules that are rich in vitamins A & D and these will not only help nourish your skin to restore tone, but also help combat osteoporosis.
  2. Protein enzymes - ironically, although the body desperately needs protein, it does not absorb it very well! Two great enzymes are Bromelain (from pineapple) or Papain (from pawpaw fruit) both break down proteins in the digestion and help restore those damaged tissues. Either get yours from the fresh fruit or ask at your health food store for capsules.
  3. Cocoa butter - this does not directly help with that loose belly skin, but it is an awesome moisturiser, so it will definitely help your skin to feel much nicer and to repair itself more quickly.
  4. Vitamin C - after pregnancy, your body is pretty depleted, so taking a good multi-vitamin is a good idea anyway, but vitamin C in particular assists in the rebuilding of collagen in the skin. Collagen is responsible for the skin's elasticity so it helps with.... Stretch marks!!

The final ingredient is patience! Your body just did something incredible in pregnancy, and reversing that loose belly skin takes time. Stick with a regime of smart, regular exercise and good diet supplements and expect to see results in months, not days, and you will be amazed at just how fast that loose belly skin becomes a thing of the past!

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Luci 7 years ago

Yey, thanks for such a nice article. Very informative and it makes a hell of a lot of sence.

Skin care 7 years ago

i am going with this problem.

betty 7 years ago

What about if the skin has been this way for years?

jhonny 7 years ago

good article but! the question is how do you get rid of loose belly skin

aniat 6 years ago

I agree with betty and jhonny

lashae 6 years ago

i have had 2 kids 13 mo. apart and i have some loose belly skin and i heard that prepation H could help so i have been doing it a few times a day for about 2 wks and i can tell a bid diff! i have also been losing weight for the past 6 weeks i have lost 15 lbs and doing sit up! it is really working!

me 6 years ago

It doesn't always go away. After 3 sections (not optional) and losing all plus some weight I still have the problem. Many women will have this issue. My muscles are stretched and separated, the old wrinkled skin is there and that ugly lip. Working out and eating right fixed everything but that ugly belly. Only option now is surgery. Two of the drs I saw said something like 50% of c-section patients will have this issue and of them only 35% of them will get the surgery to fix it. Count me in!

vish 6 years ago

Any idea what this type of surgery costs more or less???

Milena 6 years ago

In addition to that get a Mustella postpartun gel for your belly and get a body shaper such as corset or something else that will keep it in tight. Wear it all day long.

png 6 years ago

you should try organic coconut oil you can get it at the health food store rub it on before bed and it will help alought i had 2 kids and then surgery and coconut oil faded my scars and has helped the lose skin i even rub a little on my face before bed and it helps smoth your face and get red of acne witch is a pluse just google coconut oil and uses and it will tell you everything you dont have to by theres i got mine at a health food store and it realy works and there is only 1 ingredent witch is great hopes this helps you

productwhiz profile image

productwhiz 5 years ago from Florida is a good site to checkout if your having problems losing the fat around your tummy or body in general I recently lost over 10pounds too feel free to read my story

AshAmed 4 years ago

sometimes there is just no going back, i had my daughter 5 years ago and still have the disgusting flabby stretchy scarred skin. it really bothers me as i am a young mum and my friends go to the beach in bikini's and i end up wearing t-shirt and shorts because i am to ashamed to wobble my grossness down the beach. keep in mind since the day she was born i have been playing tennis going to pilate classes, zumba classes, jogging and daily work out's. nothing i do will make it go away resulting in me having major body dis-morphia. sometimes going under the knife is the only way, and if i ever win a substantial amount of money i'm doing it!!!.

alana 4 years ago

i have the same problem, after having a son, now 9 then twins, now 6, the skin on my belly is pretty damaged. during the twin pregnancy, the skin stretched to the point it was ripping apart in places, there was nothing the doctor could do as i have a very slim frame and my body couldn't cope with the demands for growing 2 babies. they also pushed my ribs apart so now i can fit 2 fists between my ribs and push on my lungs. unfortunatly, there is not even an op that can repair the damage to my skin and rib cage. these sites are all very good and well, but sometimes its not possible to repair the damage caused and, to be fair, its ruiing my life. i can't go swimming, or on holiday as i can't find nice swimwear and i can't buy nice underwear orlet my fella see me naked. as much as i love and worship my kids, i can't help but feel some resentment as im only 32 and have the body of a woman in her 70s and all my gp wants to do is put me on anti depressents. im not depressed so it wont help. for people like me, there is no help out there at all.

j.white 4 years ago

OMGoodness!!! I can't help but respond to this as I also have a 10 yr old daughter and 8 yr old twin daughters. I too am 32 years YOUNG and have always had a small frame. I feel so embarrassed to be naked around my guy...and through my clothes, my loose skin looks like fat rolls. I workout out DAILY!

Ali 4 years ago

Nature plays such a horrible trick on women. I had my daughter when I was 25 and my tummy snapped right back into place but when I had my son at 31 I was left with this hideous stomach which I now consider to be a deformity. I am a UK size 10 but could never reveal my stretched and wrinkled tummy...I even hate my husband seeing or touching it, even though he is constantly telling me that I'm gorgeous! If i lie on my side it just flops over on to the bed! It is so unfair - this doesn't happen to animals so why does it happen to women? Surely this isn't the way things are supposed to be!

Sarah in Sweden 4 years ago

I know many of you may want to believe you only have leftover and stretched skin and that there's nothing you can do about it, while its actually much fat left which is possible to fix. - read this THROUGHLY, it all makes sense and there's a ton of info.

Also read up about derma rolling or needling, it is very effective for stretch marks, I use it myself.

kristy 4 years ago

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Mary Ann 2 years ago

I lost a lot of weight really fast and was left with stretch marks around my armpits and stomach. I used almost the whole bottle of Made from Earth's Aloe & Jojoba Creme Therapy before my girlfriend commented on how they were fading. I didn't really notice because I see it every day, so the change was gradual. Definite give the Made from Earth Aloe a try, because it worked wonders for me!

Holly Brucker 2 years ago

One of the best solution to get tight belly skin just try to use Dermelastic Serum which is help you to get tight skin.

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