How Cut Backs in State Health Programs Are Affecting Patient's Care

     In the State of Washington their is a state funded program called The Breast and Cercival Program. This program is funded through the Washington State of Health. Their program states that they are there for women of low income who will help them screen for breast or cervical cancer, but what you don't know is their are conditions. If you have previous abnormal history, STD testing and HPV testing is not covered, and tissue specimens from endocervical biopsies are not paid for under the plan.

     The HPV testing otherwise know as the Human papillomaviruses tests for a virus that causes cancer in the cervix ,vulva, vagina and anus in women who are sexual active. You would think that someone who is worried about catching a STD disease would want this test done. The problem is that the state funding for this program is being cut back. So, they are only allowing one pap per year for women between the ages of 40 to 64.

     I have seen more denials from this insurance for the patient who has abnormal previous history, STD and HPV tests being run from the papsmear specimen, or it is too early for a pap. I was told that a HPV would be covered if the papsmear was abnormal, but I still get denials for this test. It is unfair to bill patients a service because the insurance will not covered it.

    I hope when this new healthcare bill is passed after being put through the grooling of process of being disested by both houses, that more funding will go to programs like the Breast and Cervical Program, which helps low income women to be tested for breast or cervical cancer.

    I bill more people after this program denies for their additional tests for HPV, and STD. How can you answer there questions on why their test weren't covered, when they were promised by the caseworker who signed them up, that having test done will be covered under there plan.

    I think that something must be done, because I send more people who are under this plan to collections, because they can't afford these costly tests. I would think Congress who represent their states would investigate how many women die of breast or cervical cancer in their home state, because they don't have the insurance coverage to have these tests run. You can send billions of dollars to declare war on our neighbors, bail out Wall Street, and the Banks, but you can't help your own citizens. This not right. It is pure insanity.


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