How Do I Get Cavities?

As a child your mouth was a cluster of cavities yet your husbands or brothers or even a close friend never had the displeasure of having blackened cavities in their mouths. Why is this and why did you receive so many cavities when so many others who had the same lifestyle and social activities stayed cavity free? There are many reasons why this could have happened and listed below are a few of those so that you can get to the bottom of why you had cavities and close relatives and siblings did not. It is the sincere hope that the information presented below will serve you very well as your children may have genetically been gifted from you the propensity to have cavities. Now you will know how to detour this cavity train and improve the health of the ones you love.


It is the saliva that picks up the bacteria that is produced from the cavity such as streptococcus mutans or lactobacillus and is transferred from tooth to tooth by the bacterial flow in your mouth. The amount of the bacteria that is derived from a carious lesion differs from individual to individual yet is positively one of the main reasons why you had a mouthful of cavities and your sister Peggy smiled ever so brightly and was cavity free. Spit, otherwise known as saliva, serves a variety of purposes most beneficial yet when it comes to the acclamation of decaying cavities, it does a very bad thing. Saliva digests food and assists in keeping the mouth moist and also serves as a buffering agent against germs and other bacterial agents.

There is a dark side to saliva and one that is a main reason for cavities in the mouth. It is within the ion concentration and buffering capacity of saliva where cavities are allowed to spread and grow. For most people saliva is a beneficial ingredient in the mouth and the buffering capacity helps to block the creation of cavities and other dental illnesses of the mouth. There are those that have a lower genetic mineral concentration in their saliva and thusly the saliva works as a mot of sorts and keeps the bacteria in the carious lesion area.

Sugar Amount in Diet

Last but not least is the most unimportant reason for people having mouthfuls of cavities while their very own brother is decay-free and is the consumption of sugar. While we have all been brought up to think that sugar is so bad for the teeth it is no worse than any other food or natural ingredient found on the good Earth when combined with food and drink. The reason why sugar gets a bad rap is because the sweet ingredient is allowed, by the individual, to stay in the mouth and that’s when sugar becomes a problem in the diet.

Genetic Disposition

Genetic disposition has the do with what you were born with and transferred from mommy and daddy to your mouth and body. Genetics have an influence on oral health including cavities and if you wanted to see what your teeth would have looked like as an adult all you had to do was ask your parents to open their moths and say “ahh’!  Certain people are more susceptible to having a weak-tooth structure and this can have a plethora of dental nightmares attached to it. The genetic pool is certainly a disaster waiting to happen for most offspring’s.

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