How Eating Can Get Rid Of That Cough

     I know it sounds weird but your about to find out how eating can get rid of that cough, I know, it sounds strange, but read more before jumping to conclusions.

      Before running to your local drug store to stock-up on cough drops, try loading your plate with fish and eggs. A new study from the University if Turin in Italy showed that people that have chronic coughing are deficient in the nutrient vitamin B-12, the nutrient helps the body nerve functions and a deficiency can lead to inflammation that can irritate the bodies airways.

      A 2 month study showed that those taking B-12 once a week coughed much less and breathed more easily. Talk to your Doctor about doing a B-12 test if you have coughing or have had throat irritation for a month or so. For the time being try eating some of the foods below to help you beat that cough.

  • Trout (Fish)
  • Eggs
  • Low-Fat Yogurt

Eat about 2.4mcg's per day until you see your doctor.

Hope this Helps!


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