How My Naturopathic Doctor Helped Me Discover That Parasites Were Wrecking My Health

A Kinder Approach to Healing

Naturopaths use alternative medicine such as herbs and supplements and also administer tests to better diagnose the patient's condition.
Naturopaths use alternative medicine such as herbs and supplements and also administer tests to better diagnose the patient's condition.

I have found from personal experience that many of our health problems are the result of undetected parasites in our digestive system, and that a devoted naturopath can truly help in finding the cause and a cure for your health problems.

A couple of years ago I suffered from insomnia and depression. I went to my natural medicine practitioner to find a remedy. My naturopath began the treatment by first giving me a series of tests. The first test she gave me was a test for food allergies. It turns out that I was allergic to many foods. The results of that test left me depressed. I found I was very limited as to what I could eat. Despite my best efforts to avoid these foods, I still felt awful.

Naturopaths often prescribe supplements for obtaining their objectives.
Naturopaths often prescribe supplements for obtaining their objectives.

She then had me take a Neuro-endocrine test. According to this test, my hormone levels were topsy-turvy, and my neurotransmitters had extreme highs and lows. My GABA and Histamine levels were way too high, while my Serotonin levels were very low. In response to these results my doctor prescribed 5HTP, along with St. John's Wart. She also prescribed a special formulation by Metagenics to help my nervous system. I also had to take L-Theanine, to help with my Dopamine levels. To help my adrenals, which where very low in adrenaline I was given a product called Adreset by Metagenics. Taking all these products did improve my sleep. Finally, I was beginning to feel less anxious and more focused, but I still wasn’t where I needed to be.

My naturopathic doctor then proceeded to give me a Spectracell test. I got my test results, and found that I still had a few health problems. It turned out that I had low levels of B12, and L-Carnitine, which explained why my memory was so bad. I also had a low level of Coenzyme Q10, so my doctor prescribed B12, L-Carnitine, and Coenzyme Q10. I started to improve. Yet, I was still struggling.

At one of my visits I told my naturopath about a program I enjoyed watching on BBC, called "You Are What You Eat". This program is hosted by Dr. Gillian McKeith, a world renowned authority on nutrition.

On a typical episode in order to change her patient's diets, she would administer several tests to her patients, and she would then send the tests to a lab technician that worked with her, the lab technician would then give her the test results on each patient. The first test she would administer to each of her patients was a stool test.

I told my naturopathic doctor about Dr. McKeith, and how she used stool tests to find out what was wrong with her patients. My naturopathic doctor then told me that she would like me to have a stool test, to see how my digestive system was doing. The test I took is called a Gastrointestinal Function Profile by Metametrix. This test is used for finding problems with one's digestion, and this is also an excellent test for detecting parasites. As it turned out, I had three types of parasites. I had Hook Worms, the H. Pylori Virus and a mild case of Candida. I was finally given the reason, why despite watching my diet, why despite test after test, and why despite taking many different supplements, I was still struggling. I was not alone; I had unwanted guests in my body.

Hookworms reside in the small intestine where most of our digestion takes place. This will create many problem such as digestive issues and even depression.
Hookworms reside in the small intestine where most of our digestion takes place. This will create many problem such as digestive issues and even depression.
The H Pylori virus is responsible for ulcers and many gastronomical complaints.
The H Pylori virus is responsible for ulcers and many gastronomical complaints.

My naturopath wasted no time. She had me take a wonderful supplement called SP 722 by Thorne for the H. pylori, and it worked wonders. Just that one supplement, helped me improve my sleep, and I started to feel so much better. Then I had my hook worms addressed by using a prescription drug called Mebendazole, and believe me, it made all the difference in the world on how well I felt. If you are sensitive to prescription drugs, you can also address parasites, such as hook worms, by using herbal remedies, such as wormwood, black walnut and cloves. The other supplements, I was taking, started to work their magic, and my hormones started improve, and Insomnia started to be a thing from the past.

My naturopath has even changed the way she does her protocol because of my case, and now gives her other patients a stool test first. She has found, much to her surprise, parasites are very common, and are often at the core of much of our misery.

Hook worms can cause problems with depression because they primarily reside in the small intestine where 5HTP is processed in the body. 5HTP is essential for making serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure and the main building block of melatonin; the hormone of sleep. My food allergies have also gone away, and I can now enjoy many of foods, I would avoid for fear of feeling worse. Parasites also consume much of the B12 in the body, which explains why I had the low B12 level that were found on the Spectracell test results. B12 is essential for feeling calm and for the nervous system to work well, low levels will cause anxiety. Parasites also mimic food allergies, which explains why my food allergy test results were so depressing.

Thanks to God answering my prayers and having such a dedicated naturopathic doctor, who was able to finally address the root cause of my health problems, I am now feeling confident, strong, and I am no longer suffering from insomnia. I have a greater sense of hope, than I have had in a long time.

So next time you find you are feeling anxious and you can't sleep, your memory is not working very well, and your doctor tells you that you are prone to depression and he wants to give you anti-depressants. It may turn out that you have parasites.

Therefore, one should be tested for parasites regularly, and one should pay attention to one's digestive system. After all, it is the gut where our food is processed. It is here where our body manufactures amino-acids. Take care of your gut, and it will take care of you.

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cupid51 profile image

cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA

It's amazing! I also believe in naturopathy. Thanks for sharing.

MyWebs profile image

MyWebs 6 years ago from Sheridan, WY

EWwww those hookworms look evil. OMG I hope I don't have any of them in me. Tweeted.

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 6 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Thanks for you comment cupid51 and MyWebs. I have been a believer in naturopathy for almost twenty years now. I do admit those worms do look evil, thank God they're microscopic. That's why its so important to get checked. Thanks for the tweet, MyWebs.

Sandyspider profile image

Sandyspider 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

Thanks for sharing. I got scared looking at the heartworm.

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 6 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

I know they're ugly critters, always get checked, you don't want those in you.

Cristy 6 years ago

Could you please suggest me the name of a good naturopathis doctor in the Kansas City area? Thanks

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 6 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Thanks for asking Cristy, I wish I knew of a good naturopath outside my area, but I don't. I would suggest looking in the internet for organizations that have registered naturopaths in the Kansas area. I would also suggest checking in your phone directory, then when you find one, checking their references on the internet to make sure they are reputable. Your local health food retailer is another place to check, usually people that shop at health food stores know of good naturopaths, that is how I found mine.

jj200 profile image

jj200 6 years ago from My Bedroom

This is a great hub, especially for those who are feeling "off" and may not know why. I think a lot of people are afraid to go to doctors because they don't want to know if something is wrong. Maybe they think it's better to live in ignorance than to have to deal with reality. I hope your hub inspires people to be more proactive about their health and that a few simple tests and changes can make a world of difference in how you feel. A+ sharing and very scientific.

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 6 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Thank you JJ200, I appreciate your kind words. I do agree, I'm glad to know, I'm doing my small part to raise some public awareness, or at the very least get them not to ignore their health.

Rebecca Morehead profile image

Rebecca Morehead 6 years ago

I, too, have seen the benefits of naturopathic physicians. I just recently heard of the great benefits of black walnut tincture.

Take it from someone who has had a parasite from eating port. It was a difficult time that has left me avoiding pork for the rest of my days. Your body will certainly tell you when something is not quite right if you will just listen.

Great Post!

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 6 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for sharing, Right now I'm using black walnut tincture with cloves and wormwood. I think I may have some parasite again. The natural cure is a bit rough on my stomach at times, but I think it is doing the trick. Yes, I am feeling better. I'm almost at the end of the treatment.

It's good to know that others have experience the benefits of naturopathic health care. It's a great alternative to pharmaceuticals.

noquackeryplease 6 years ago

An interesting read, but as a Ph.D. microbiologist I can tell you that Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium, not a virus. There is a very big difference. This bug is difficult to eradicate except with a prescribed course of antibiotics, and you need a biopsy to tell for sure whether you are infected or not; blood and breath test are indicators only. Also there is published evidence now accumulating that H.pylori can have beneficial effects through the production of urease - especially in children. (Urease is important in pulmonary development.) As with everything, the health conditions caused by this bacterium are to do with the strain with which you are infected. And as with everything, it is important to get these fears checked out by a competent medical doctor (i.e. a bona fide MD).

I stumbled across your site as I was trying to demonstrate to a friend the dangers of naturopathy. She insists on taking all sorts of natural remedies and tests (including one done by a machine called a "linear bioresonance scanner" (I looked it up and could find nothing but fruitloopery on the producing company's website, including gratuitous uses of the word 'quantum' - a sure sign of quackery). She takes all sorts of herbal 'cleanses', which sound like they themselves could disrupt her normal flora quite substantially. She is spending many, many $$$ on all these tests that serve no purpose except to increase and feed her anxiety. And she avoids mainstream medical care because she believes it will 'damage' her. The irony there is quite amazing! I'm afraid your site didn't really convince me that naturopathy has any place in medicine.

I don't mean this personally as I'm sure you mean well by your post, and it was an interesting story. But please check your facts before posting on the 'Net as many people believe what they read verbatim.

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 6 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Thank you for your comments. Yes I have not only checked my facts, but I have personal experience with Naturopathic medicine and I have found it to heal me. As to bona fide MD's, I have found that prescriptive drugs have side effects that do a lot more to wreck my my health than help it.

I personally see that more MD's are turning a new leaf and trying to learn natural medicine. Why, because it works. I would rather take a natural supplement than something that has side effects, that are often worse than the original illness.

BTW, sometimes naturopaths recommend that their patients get a prescription from a "bona fide MD" when there is a need. My naturopath did. In my article I put that she sent me to get a prescription for Mebendazole. Naturopaths work with MD's not against them.

Another thing the tests she used where scientific and the results were very accurate. The strategy she used to heal me worked. Results speak louder than words. I stand firmly behind my article.

K Tannahill profile image

K Tannahill 5 years ago from Canada

Thanks for this article. I was recently diagnosed with Giardia which is a parasite. I was tired, looked anorexic, stomach pains, diarhea, inability to eat much. My symptoms eventually took over my life.

Once my Giardia is cleared I know I want a Naturopath to help me with my diet and what vitamins and stuff I need to keep healthy.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 5 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Thank you for sharing with me also K Tannahill, I hope the Giardia clears up soon and you get well. I do agree that it is wise of you to get naturopathic counseling for vitamins and ways to get stronger, mine really started to improve thanks to my naturopath, who is truly dedicated professional and very caring person. I hope you find someone truly dedicated and that knows how to be your friend as well as healer.

JC 4 years ago

I have to say Thank You for posting about Parasites!! I have been on death's doorstep for the past few years and there wasn't ONE MEDICAL DOCTOR that helped me, after 20,000 in medical bills I still had no answers!! I finally started seeing a doctor that uses Nutrition Response Testing and he found I had parasites.. I started taking all natural supplements that made me feel GREAT!! NO SIDE AFFECTS AT ALL!! So the medical doctors can take a flying leap!! They are just making money on all these horrible antibiotics they are trying to feed us!!

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 4 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Thank you JC, I appreciate that you shared your experience because it really helps not only me, but my other readers as well, because they can see that it is important to check for parasites. I am so glad that the treatments worked and that you are feeling well. I just wish you would have found out sooner so you wouldn't have gone through all the problems you did, both physically and financially. I'm glad you are well and thank you.

Ashley 4 years ago

I just made my 1st appointment to see a naturopatic doctor... Super excited. I've been suffering from anxiety attacks, which accur daily. So I'm hoping that my new naturopatic doctor hepls my get my life back!!!!

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 4 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Hello Ashley,

I'm glad to hear that you have decided to see a naturopathic doctor. I also went because of severe anxiety, and my doctor gave me some really wonderful natural remedies that I take till this day, without side effects and my anxiety and depression has not returned. I hope that your doctor tests you thoroughly and that in time, you not only get your life back, but that you feel better and healthier than ever in your life.

Reuben 4 years ago

Um, so how long was this naturopath wasting your time for before YOU suggested the stool sample? I wonder how long it would have taken a real doctor. One who has, y'know, qualifications and stuff.

zorra 4 years ago

I find it odd that your ND was clueless on parasites, yet she treated you for everything she could think of but you had to educate her.

H. Pylori is a bacterium not a virus. even the Gastrointestinal Function Profile by Metametrix reports it as a bacteria.

sp722 is an anti-fungal.

10 days on anti-biotics will kill H. Pylori

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 4 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Thank you Zorra, although I will admit the sp722 did help me and when I got retested I came back negative on both the H. Pylori and the hook worms so something I took worked. I don't remember taking antibiotics during that time. I do appreciate the information.

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 4 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Hello Reuben,

My naturopath did her job in a very logical way and tried different test. I initially came in with depression, so she did what any MD would do and that is to order tests to address that particular complaint, from there she worked with me, until she found the cause of my problem. Doctors often work the same way. I'm very pleased with my naturopath, I think she did an excellent job and I'm very pleased with the results.

chrstine 4 years ago

can you please tell me what type of food allery testing you did? I have done IGG and IGE as well as Alcat. Please tell me which one helped you.



Candi 4 years ago

I'm glad to come across this article. I recently discovered Naturopathic Medicine and it has been a blessing to me. After becoming seriously ill from the Gardasil vaccine, not one md could help me but after seeing a Naturopathic doctor my symptoms lessened greatly. I hope that the public becomes more aware of this great type of medicine because it really works.

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 4 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Hello Christine,

I apologize for answering you so late, it's just that I saw your comment today, for some reason I didn't find it in my emails, I will have to look into that.

As to food allergies, my naturopathic performed a test that involved magnets, I don't remember the name. The best and most accurate test is the blood test, although it is also the most expensive one. I wish I could give you the exact name of either test, but I do not remember. I'm glad you liked the article and I hope you find the information you need.

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 4 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Hello Candi,

I'm so glad you found this article helpful and that naturopathic medicine has been a blessing to you. I hope you continue to get well. Thanks for your kind words and it is my hope that everyone knows that they do have alternatives.

infameemupe 4 years ago

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infameemupe 4 years ago

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Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 4 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Hello infameemupe,

Thanks for all the interesting data, but what does that have to do with my article?

unkown 4 years ago

This is very interesting is their a reference to the Dr She had helping her?

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 4 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

The doctor resides in Naples, Florida and has her practice in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Anon 4 years ago


Great to hear that you've been cured! I was wondering if you were experiencing any other symptoms as well. Were you experiencing severe mental/physical fatigue and/or mental fog? Any other psychiatric symptoms, or was it just depression?

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 4 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Hello Anon, Thanks for your interest in my article. Those are really good questions. Yes, I did experience some other symptoms as well, and I did have trouble concentrating, so that could be described as mental fog, I also experienced a lot of forgetfulness and anxiety. I also did have trouble sleeping. I hope this information helps you, and that you are in good health.

Anon 3 years ago

Hi, it's me again.

I was wondering if you followed a strict diet to eliminate the candida and the parasites. If you did, what did your diet consist of? And how long did it take for you to finally eliminate candida and parasites?

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 3 years ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Hello Anon,

Actually I ate my normal diet. I was very healthfood oriented at the time, lately I've fallen of the bandwagen, but hope to get back on track. Eat healthy, plenty of protein and complex carbs.

Futamarka 3 years ago

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NaturalRoute 3 years ago

Where I live naturopath's are MD's that use integrative medicine. So there you have your bona fide MD and Naturopath all lumped together. It's a great combination! I went to countless doctors that were conventionally trained and NOTHING was resolved. The problem is conventional medicine is a reactive approach and typically only treats the symptoms. It takes time to sort through the "true cause" and the conventional model doesn't allot "time" as part of the equaiton in their treatment plan. It is rare that a pharmaceutical drug actually cures anything. There are situations where drugs are the correct protocol, but when it comes to chronic illnes...not so much! Thanks for sharing your story :-)

Dan 3 years ago

I had a doc who gave me shots for 2 years and then did a candida stool test, and then treated me for candida. those 2 years cost me a small fortune. he claims he's now changed his practice too, and gives the stool test first. we're all suckers.

dancesimply profile image

dancesimply 13 months ago

This is a great piece. I enjoyed the article because your problem were resolved naturally. My first question I ask myself is: "What is my body missing to cause this?" And then I go from there.

DoveFreexrolo 6 months ago

I must say that this post is the most relevant article I’ve ever read and saw. It’s a great help to everyone who is looking for this information.

Internetwriter62 profile image

Internetwriter62 6 months ago from Marco Island, Florida Author

Thank you DoveFreexrolo! I appreciate your kind words.. I owe a great deal of gratitude to God and to my naturopathic doctor's devotion and willingness to not give up till she got to the root cause of my problem...

Hope Moz 4 months ago

Can you tell me the name of the practice? I have been dealing with parasites for some time now. I would like to see the naturopath who treated you. I am a resident of Naples, and your experience gives me hope that I too can regain my health. Thank you for sharing your story.

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