How Positivity Can Help Lead You To Finding Your Sobriety

Regaining Your Sobriety Through Positivity

Positivity plays a huge roll in everyone's life and it seems that many people lack positive attitudes in their lives in which they may have problems achieving many things that they may wish for including finding sobriety for those that may be addicted to alcohol or drugs,

I will try to explain from my own experiences how positivity can help lead you to finding your sobriety, but remember I am only a ordinary guy with a little or should I say a lot of experience on being addicted to alcohol, so what I say may not work for others as it worked for me, but just give a try and see for yourself.

What I Did to Change My Attitude

These are some of the ways I thought and acted upon in order for me to get out of the negative mode I was in regarding thinking I would never be able to stop drinking alcohol:


  • I sat down alone being sober and took a look at my life, where I was years before and where I was at that moment.
  • I was surprise to see that there was a huge difference in the years that had passed.
  • I asked myself, "why am I so afraid to give up alcohol and become clean and sober?"
  • I knew i was a strong person, but not strong enough to beat the demons that ran my life and others, such as my family and I had to done something about getting stronger than my addiction.
  • I realized that my actions and addiction were taking a toll on my life and my family.
  • I looked into the mirror and really didn't recolonize the person that was starring back at me.
  • When I looked into that mirror I notice my appearance declining as I saw my weight increasing and not looking like the person I once was.
  • I looked at my financial situation and thought of all the wasted money I spent on an avoidable addiction to alcohol.
  • I thought of how I was taking away things from my family by drinking alcohol and spending the money to buy it when that money could be used for our daily living expenses and maybe enjoy a nice vacation or anything that the whole family could enjoy together.

I Am a Positive Person Now!

Don't Let Your Addiction Ruin Your One and Only Life

After listing all these things and really thinking hard about each and everyone of them, I then came to my senses realizing that I must find my sobriety and by thinking in a positive way I knew I could beat my addiction to alcohol once and for all.

What is needed to be done if you want sobriety back into your life is that you must start thinking positive and not let anything stand in your way of you finding your sobriety.

What I wrote and thought about in my list gave me plenty of reason to change my life and finally realized that what I was doing was not healthy, not rewarding, not anything to be proud of and will never be able to live the life I always wanted many years ago.  The addiction was just getting worse each and everyday that passed with the downward spiral to rock bottom if I didn't change my thinking and surrendering to my alcohol addiction.

So, in order to find your sobriety you have to really want it bad and will do anything to achieve it. Your attitude towards life in general will make or break any decision you may have and it will certainly hinder getting clean and sober by thinking negative that you can't quit drinking alcohol.  Never say never and never give up on yourself.  Believe in yourself and tell yourself that you can and will beat this addiction and with the right frame of mind and the willingness to change it will all come together and you will accomplish what you may have thought was impossible.

Think positive in everything you do in life and with strong determination, the willingness and the desire to become sober you will be able to beat that addiction and live a happy, healthy, fulfilling and rewarding life.

Positivity Brings Great Things and Happiness to All


© 2011 Mark Bruno

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Virtual Treasures profile image

Virtual Treasures 6 years ago from Michigan

Voted up and rated high! What wonderful motivation! Thank you for sharing!

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ Virtual Treasures, Thanks for all the wonderful things you say in your comments to my hub. It is much appreciated!!

VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 6 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

Like Virtual Treasures, I rate this amazing hub high! Positivity does help in changing one's life; what most people don't realize is that positive thinking, emotions, changes the chemistry of the brain for the better. I thought of your last hub today, and was singing, "I believe in me", as I walked to the bus stop. LOL. As mentioned before, your hubs are a service for everything in life. Keep on hubbing!

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

Violet Sun, Thank you thank you !! for your very kind and uplifting comments. You don't know just how much your words mean to me. Thanks so much! :):) We shall all sing "Believe in Me" and I think our lives will all get better each day that passes!

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 6 years ago from West By God

Yes positivity can change lives. Great hub and great things to share.

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

Lady Guinevere, Thanks for commenting on this hub! Positivity is my new outlook on life from now on in!

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