How To Avoid the Chiropractor

Since most patients originally come to the chiropractor for relief from pain, and since most of this pain is caused by muscle strain and nerve irritation resulting from physical trauma, the idea is to avoid the trauma!

So here's a short primer on preventing some of the simpler, yet slightly less obvious culprits which can lead you down a very painful path to the chiropractor's door.

  • Bad muscle tone weakens body structure, lessens flexibility and interferes with the proper processing of nutrients essential for bones, nerves and tissue. So get to, and maintain, a healthy weight and exercise regularly focusing on overall stretching/toning (yoga influenced), as well as strengthening of the abdominal muscles.
  • Poor posture can lead to distortion of the spinal column and blockages to nerve pathways; it can even change the position of the organs. Remedy - Listen to your Mother!
  • Select chairs which support your lower back and things; those with armrests are preferable. If necessary, use a footstool to keep your knees higher than your hips. Comfy? Good, now get up! Sitting anywhere for prolonged periods puts tremendous strain on your spine.
  • When lifting something don't bend at the waist. Place feet 12 inches apart, keep your back straight with chin, elbows and arms all tucked in; get a whole hand grip and keep your body weight directly over your feet. And avoid sudden or sharp twists and turns - especially when carrying anything heavy.
  • Never sleep in a chair, lying in a bathtub or hanging from a chandelier (hey, we're talking sleeping here!). Choose a mattress firm enough for support but with sufficient give for the natural indentations of your shoulders and hips. Use only one pillow to keep your head at the same level as your spine. Sleeping on your side with your knees and hips slightly bent is suggested. And, with the right attitude and company, can lead to some excellent stress reducing exercise.
  • Don't ever resist a sneeze! O.K. so you'll wake up everybody in the meeting; but, if you resist, you'll stop the upper body's natural forward motion and the resulting powerful muscle contraction can cause vertebral misalignment. Relax, bend your knees if your are standing... and Bless You!
  • Emotional stress causes physiological responses that can affect muscles, nerves, etc. The best idea is to love your job, have a fulfilling personal life... and win the lottery! Or, at least, learn to relax, find the optimistic side of things whenever you can... and keep that sense of humor.

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restrelax 4 years ago from Los angeles CA

Nice hub. Thanks for sharing.

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