How To Conceive A Boy - Shettles Method

Whether you want your first child to be a baby boy, or you already have girls and would like to have a son, wanting a specific gender of child is nothing new. Of course many would say it's controversial and that you should leave it up to the luck of the gods, but whether you want to conceive a girl or a boy, there certainly is no harm in trying as long as you'll be happy no matter what the outcome.

That's because, even though methods such as the very popular Shettles Method of gender selection are not 100% guaranteed, so even though it will put the odds in your favour, it won't guarantee you'll get what you want. Phew, now that disclaimer is over, let's look at things in more detail.

Here are some of the major points of the Shettles Method on how to conceive a boy.

Time Your Lovemaking for the Day of Ovulation

The biggest factor of the Shettles Method relies on timing intercourse for the day of ovulation.  Therefore you will need to know exactly when you ovulate. 

Don't always assume that you ovulate on day 14 (as this is just an average).  The best way to determine ovulation is by using ovulation predictor kit's, saliva monitors or by charting your temperature with a BBT thermometer. 

You'll need to pinpoint ovulation pretty accurately, because Shettles recommends that you should have intercourse around twelve hours before the egg is released.

What the Father Must Do

There are a few things that Shettles recommends that will help increase the potency of the male sperm so that you can conceive a boy.

The first is that the father must try and keep his testes cool.  That means no hot baths or showers and wearing boxer shorts instead of briefs to keep his core temperature at the optimum temperature.  If it gets too hot then sperm can die off, which is why it's important to keep things cool down there.

Next he must not ejaculate for at least 4 days before the ovulation day (the day you are due to make love).

And finally, drinking a caffeinated beverage (coffee or cola) just before intercourse can help to 'wake up' the sperm so that they can make the journey quickly and easily.

Changing the pH of the Vagina

The optimum pH for getting pregnant with a boy baby is to make it more alkaline.  You can do this three ways: douching (not recommended), diet (ok, but there is an easier way) .. and orgasm (by far the preferred way).

Yes if the mother has an orgasm BEFORE the father ejaculates then it will create the optimum environment for creating a boy.  No wonder people say that making a boy is more fun than making a girl!

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alekhouse profile image

alekhouse 6 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

Wow, this is interesting! I wont be conceiving any time soon, but wonder if this really works.

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