How To Each Healthy On A Budget

Eating Healthy on A Budget

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Our economy is facing many challenges today. We are all trying to find ways to cut corners by spending less money. Most of us are concerned about what we feed our families. We want to feed them healthy meals, but for many reasons, many of us have been under the impression that eating healthy cost more money. In all reality, not eating healthy will cost us much more in the long run, i.e. our health and longevity. Contrary to popular belief eating healthy has never been as versatile as it is today. With the many different products on the market eating healthy foods can be affordable as well as enjoyable. Below you will find a list of affordable healthy meals you can prepare for your family on any budget.

*** Whole grains are healthy and have many health benefits. Before now whole grain products was not that easy to find. Today the supermarket shelves are full of many varieties from whole grain cereals, pastas, crackers, tortilla chips, and even whole grain chocolate chip cookies.

Oatmeal with fresh fruit and a slice of whole grain toast. Is an excellent meal to start your families day with since whole grains are high in fiber your family will be full and satisfied and more focused and energetic throughout the morning.

*** Fresh green salads are loaded with nutritional benefits. Salads are fast and easy to prepare the key to a healthy salad is variations of fresh fruits and vegetables. For younger children the more fresh fruits you add to your salad the more they enjoy eating it. You can feed your family a healthy salad, along with whole grain bread, for lunch as well as dinner. It is always wise to purchase fruits and vegetablesat least once or twice each week, this way it is always fresh and it also saves you money.

*** Beans are very inexpensive and they are full of Legumes, which have great nutritious benefits. Eating a variety of beans on a regular basis could provide longevity by helping to lower disease rates. You can purchase beans in cans, but dried beans would be a better choice sense they have a longer shelf life and they also come in many varieties.

*** Since beans are loaded with fiber and have more protein than many other vegetables, and are also full of energy sustaining complex, calcium, iron and potassium. There are many healthy meals you can prepare for your family with beans. Black bean chili is one of my family’s favorite and is always better the next day. You can also freeze it and it want loss its flavor. Most bean recipes can be made with or without meat whatever your preference, you can’t go wrong with the entire health benefits beans offer. Very affordable a bag of dried beans generally doesn’t cost more than $1.25 cents a bag.

*** Water is required. Our bodies crave it and nothing we do can replace it. Serving water with every meal is beneficial for the entire family. Train your children while they are young of the importance of drinking at least six to eight glasses of water each day and it will become a life, long healthy habit for them and it’s affordable.

Change is not always easy, but when you consider the many benefits that are achieved through healthy eating, like better health and longevity as well as the money you will be saving yourself in the long run. So go ahead plan your budget and make sure to include some of the above tips along with your own creative ideas and I know you will find pleasure knowing that you have provided your family with healthy foods that are good for them.

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Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 7 years ago from London, UK

Very useful Hub.  Greens are very vital but I would also have to add some browns which would be a small chocolate cake :)

LPinky profile image

LPinky 7 years ago Author

LOL. I know what you mean. My grandmother made the best homemade cakes. I am lucky to have all the recipes although I don't bake cakes anymore except holidays. I use to back a homemade cake every Sunday and my family was just gaining excessive weight.

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