How To Effectively Loose Pounds

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How to Lose Weight

Effective and efficient weight loss can be achieved. My wife and I have stuck to the new year's resolution and collectively lost over 90 (as of 4/8) pounds so far.

Research testimonials of the programs you'd like to try. Are they more than a few months old? Have they kept the weight off for years? Losing weight is easy. Eat nutrient rich food in controlled proportions. Your stomach should only fit about the size of your two fists worth of food. If you can eat more than that in a sitting, your stomach is being stretched out. Your body assumes you are gorging for a reason, so it slows metabolism and stores fat. Are you about to hibernate?

The monkey's on your back fat:

Trans and saturated fats, too much salt, processed sugar, and lazyness. Each of these that you shake off will shed pounds. Look at the labels! If you see a lot of sodium, trans fat, saturated fat, chemicals, etc. don't buy it. The more a food is processed usually it will have less nutritional value.

"We like to move it, move it." Do some movement that makes you breathe hard and sweat, even if it's laying on your back swinging your legs and arms around. Just 15-30 minutes a day will raise your metabolism.

Live, Laugh, Love


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