How To Fade Dark Scars On Legs

Anti-scar arsenal. What you need to get rid of dark scars on legs.
Anti-scar arsenal. What you need to get rid of dark scars on legs.

How To Fade Dark Scars On Legs

I spent a lot of time finding the best way to fade dark scars on legs. I used to be the jeans/pants-wearing type of girl. But that is mostly because I couldn’t fathom the idea of wearing short pants or skirts and showing my scarred legs in the process.

My scars are mostly dark marks. They were caused by a severe case of skin allergies from when I was younger. Now, I really regret the days when I didn’t go the extra mile in taking care of my skin. Since showing a bit of skin is the trend, and I enjoy the look and feel as well, I had to look for various ways to fade those dark scars on my legs.

In this article, you'll learn a couple of my secrets on how to fade dark scars on legs or scars on any part of your body for that matter. Good luck!

1. Use Lemon Juice

I am pretty sure you have already read this tip somewhere. But if you haven't tried it yet, do so. It really works! The key to using lemon juice is how and how often you apply it.

  • First, wash your legs first to get rid of any lingering skin products. Pat your skin dry with a cotton towel. Cut one lemon wedge. This should be enough to treat the scarred area.
  • Then, apply the juice gently on the dark scar and use a circular motion when rubbing. Make sure you rub it for at least 30 seconds to allow the citrus juice to penetrate deeper into your skin.
  • Leave it on your skin for an hour before washing it off.

If you have really dark scars on your legs, I would suggest using this method three times a day for faster results. I used it for three times a day, and I saw results in just two months.

2. After the Lemon Juice, Apply a Chinese Whitening Cream

After employing the lemon juice method mentioned above, you should immediately apply a Chinese whitening cream.

What is a Chinese whitening cream? You can find them at any Asian goods or grocery store. They work the best. I've been looking for an effective whitening cream on the market for a while and it wasn't until after spending hundreds of dollars on expensive products that I decided to try the Chinese kind.

Where I live, using Chinese whitening creams is really popular. They work. They instantly lighten up your skin. I decided to try these products out on my scars as well.

  • So, if you can find a Chinese drug store near you, go ahead and check out the whitening creams Chin Chun Su or Top Gel. These are the best brands.They work like magic.
  • Apply them right after washing the lemon juice off your skin. Make sure you rub the product gently on your dermis to allow it to penetrate deeper.

3. Don’t Expose Your Legs

In the meantime, don't expose your legs. While you are still in the process of fading those dark scars on your legs, you might want to keep them hidden. Stick to jeans and pants when going out. Wear long pants or pajamas at home. This will help prevent light exposure. It will also keep your legs protected from insect bites.

Just continuously use these tips until you fade dark scars on legs. Just be patient and you can get great results—I did! Good luck!

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greysha :) 5 years ago

thanks for this kmnoto! :) I'll try this :)

lindsay 4 years ago

Is there an alternative to the chinese whitening cream? I'm african american

kashu 4 years ago

thanks for this in detail , but is it realy works

janet 4 years ago

what type of top gel did you use. is it cream or gel

pan 4 years ago

Use nadinola

grace 4 years ago

thanks for sharing.. are you wearing now shorts with confidence??

ranjani 4 years ago

i'l try it..thnks

Aree_36 profile image

Aree_36 3 years ago from Georgia

Nice hub, thanks for sharing I have to try this :)

honey 3 years ago

can i use calamansi instead of lemon?

bem 3 years ago

i hope it works

Ilovejesus 3 years ago

Gotta try this for sure!!! Fingers cross

zhane 3 years ago

i used chin chun su for a couple of years & it really works...

arlene 3 years ago

i used mederma,ukerase,and it doesn't work...

kmnoto profile image

kmnoto 3 years ago from La Union, Philippines Author

Yes, you can! :) Although I find lemon more effective on the body and calamansi on the face, for some reason.

kmnoto profile image

kmnoto 3 years ago from La Union, Philippines Author

Chin Chun Su works too! I think it has the same properties as the top gel cream.

kmnoto profile image

kmnoto 3 years ago from La Union, Philippines Author

It's the cream form. The one with royal jelly extract in it.

Rosanne030993 3 years ago

which is much better? top-gel or chin chun su? thanks! :)

kmnoto profile image

kmnoto 3 years ago from La Union, Philippines Author

I use top gel more religiously so I get better results from it. But on cold days, I mix it with a bit of chin chun su just to make application a tad easier. Top Gel tends to be a bit flaky and difficult to spread especially when the weather is cold.

aizirt 3 years ago

sure it well remove

lia 3 years ago

i used lemon and top for 1 month. i think my scar lighten.

Yurina 3 years ago

Can I use nivea cream?

kmnoto profile image

kmnoto 3 years ago from La Union, Philippines Author

Nivea cream and most over-the-counter lightening creams just don't work for me quite as well as chinese skin care products (the approved ones) do though. But it's worth trying. It's worth finding out what would work for your skin and scar type. :)

angie... 2 years ago

i will try this one

..hope it works...but thanks for the info anyway....

Ney 2 years ago

Thankyou for sharing this to us. Ive been using lemon and chin chun su for almost a month since the day i read this page of yours and it really work. Thank you so much!

jayne 2 years ago

My scar is big and dark i got it from acciedent am 33years i don't remember the last time i wear short it really bothering me i reall need help.

Tina-wite 2 years ago

Will u wash out d lemon before adding d top gel?

kmnoto profile image

kmnoto 2 years ago from La Union, Philippines Author

Yes, you should wash it out. I usually just wipe it off with a wet towel. Just make sure you're not going out in the sun when you do. If you are putting it during the day, it's best to completely wash the lemon juice off by soap and water.

kmnoto profile image

kmnoto 2 years ago from La Union, Philippines Author

Hope you get good results from it! :)

kmnoto profile image

kmnoto 2 years ago from La Union, Philippines Author

So thrilled it worked out for you! Thank you for the feedback. :)

Che 2 years ago

Where to buy the chinchun su

jenivey 2 years ago

where can i buy lemon juice ??

GHie 2 years ago

effective din ba to sa legs? nabasa ko kasi ibang comments..parang di daw nag wowork sa legs ang chin chun su.. since na facial cream lang siya..

christa 2 years ago

i noticed that we suffer the same skin condition. how long does it take to remove scars?

mommysgirl 2 years ago

I tried lot of products but now I'm gonna try this Chinese one...thanks for sharing

hahahahapea 2 years ago

Does it really works? My scars was 10 years long.

hahahahapea 2 years ago

Does it really works? My scars was 10 years long.

@orcinoA.L 2 years ago

Since medyo malayo po ang market sa amin, at bihira lng po ang mga nagtitinda ng lemon, pwede bng calamnsi na lng ung gagamitin instead of lemon?then ung cnacbe po bng top gel eh karaniwang available s lhat ng drugstore? Comment pls...I really need na matanggal na po ung scars ko lalo na this coming second year eh jersey short po lagi ung gagamitin for p.e:(

nikki 23 months ago

Can I use lemon juice if I don't have actual lemons?

sarah 23 months ago

My scars in my legs Was 10 years agO the calamansi or lemon can remove my old scars in my legs nd feet?? Commnt plz!!!!

linna 22 months ago

can I use any whitening cream cos the two Chinese cream ure talking about is not sold in Ghana here.I'm also dark in complexion with dark scars on legs.thanks for sharing.

photos 22 months ago

Do u have bwfore and after photos?

Jackie 22 months ago

lets try this...malay nyo naman.

catherine 20 months ago

Do you have before after photos??

Anonymous 20 months ago

i'm going to try this out hopefully it would turn out great. Are you confident enough to actually wear shorts?

pipan 20 months ago

I have old scars too it's hard to get rid of those i've tried different products, I even tried bleaching products atles to whitens it doesnt help :-(

honey 11 months ago

pwede calamansi gmitin wla kasi lemon dito sa amin.

honey 11 months ago

Pls reply po pwede po ba gmitin anh calamansi kasi gusto ko etry para mwala npo tong mga peklat ko sa legs para may confident na ako nakakahiya kasi puro peklat matagal napo to since bata pa ako. Nakakatanggal po ba kahit gaano na katagal. Plss pls reply

Den2 8 months ago

Here's mine.. use katialis cream apply sa scarred area i mean sa dark spots atleast twice aday,.. the effe t is ng e exfoliate ung skin skin..usually it will take a week.. reapeat the process over and over until mg ligthen or mawala ag dark spots usualy caused by insect bites.. effective cya sa new scars for older scars meju mahirap tlgang mtgal.. gamit ka ng GT soap bleaching soap.. un lg..juz wana share bka mg work din sa inyo:)

jhera30 3 months ago

Effective ba xa 21yrs lemon and chin chin su gmit.?

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