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A Workout ... For the Ladies (insert creepy lounge lizard voice here)

If you are a female interested in how to Gain Weight Properly, read on for a healthy program designed just for you.

The Exercises

Start doing Heavy Dumb Bell Romanian Deadlifts, Heavy Walking Lunges, Bulgarian Split Squats, and Reverse Hypers for your lower body, and Bench Pushups, Standing Dumbell Shoulder Presses, Standing Dumbell Side Raises, and Behind the Head Band Pulldowns for your upper body.

These exercises are all great for building muscle all over but especially good for building muscle to give a female great curves where most want them. And don't worry about building muscles to make you look like the Hulk, it is nowhere near as easy as you are worrying it might be.

Pick 2 lower body and 2 upper body exercises to do on your training days. do 4 sets of 12 reps for bodyweight exercises, and 3 sets of 6-8 for the exercises with weights. You want to pick weights that doing 6-8 is a good challenge, and 9 would be a REAL stretch, while 10 would be out of the question.

When To Train

Train 3 days a week, with your 1st and 3rd training days ending in sprint intervals, and pick one extra day to just do light cardio for 30 minutes, (relaxed jog) With the sprints do either cycle, treadmill, or field sprints

Sprint Intervals: The Most Time Effective Method For Killing Fat and Staying Lean

For the Cycle Sprints you want to Pedal at a moderate pace for 50s, then turn up the resistance and pedal as hard/fast as you can for 10s. Continue with this sequence for 15 minutes.

For the Treadmill Sprints you want to use an 2.5+ pace for 90 second, and an 8+ setting for 60 seconds. continue for 15 minutes.

For the Field sprints, sprint 20 yards and walk back to give yourself a short break, and repeat for 5 sprints.

A Note On Nutrition

Eat 5-6 meals a day (every 2-3 hours) and shoot for at least 12 grams or protein per meal. Add about 250 calories to your daily intake. Keep your carbohydrates below 20% of your calories except for during your workouts and directly after your workouts (1 hour). during your workouts you will want to sip on a sugary sports drink with 15 grams of whey protein mixed into it. After your workout you will want to have a meal with high carbs and at least 25 grams of protein to let your muscles recover.

Drink a gallon of water a day and take fish oil capsules with every meal except for your post workout meal.

By eating every 2-3 hours, you will keep your metabolism burning strong and by increasing your calories, you will get to add weight at a good rate. By keeping your carbs below 20% you will be helping to keep your body from storing fat, and by having carbs after a workout you will be helping your body to get nutrients into your muscles for recovery. The water will help to keep your muscles hydrated so that protein synthesis can occur, and the fish oils will help make fat loss easier so that you can build muscle while staying lean.

This is a basic template for bodybuilding programs that really help females improve their BMI while either gaining or loosing weight. You want to gain 1-2 lbs a week to stay healthy. Weigh yourself every week on this program, and adjust your calories accordingly.  If you are a guy interested in building big bodybuilding biceps, then you should check out some of my other hubs.

I hope that helps, drop a comment if you have any questions about the exercises and i will pop back to drop some pics or vid links.

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