How To Get Bigger Muscles Without Weights | Learn Powerful Body Weight Exercises That Can Be Performed With No Equipment

Gaining Muscle With No Gym Membership Is Possible

Eat, sleep, and train. If you want to learn how to get bigger without weights keep on reading as that is how I first began training as I could not afford a gym membership and still workout at home today. Getting bigger with weights would be easier but you gotta do what yeah gotta do.

Lets first discuss some exercises that can be done without weights and than focus on diet and nutrition. There are plenty of exercises that can be done that do not require anything more than your body and a little creativity.

The push up is the number one bodyweight exercise around. This will work your chest, triceps, and front shoulders. Use hand variations and try elevating you r legs to make it more difficult and work different areas of the body.

Workout Creativity Is The Key To Building Muscle At Home

An innovative way of doing dips for the chest and triceps is to perform them between the corner of a deck or fence. You just cannot lean forward to far or you may smash your face.

The squat is the king of lower body exercises, and who says you need weight to make the effective. Try this on for size if you are courageous enough. Lean back with your back toughing a wall and bend the knees to parallel hold for a count of thirty seconds and try increasing the time week after week. This is a killer leg exercise and will leave the quadriceps muscles burning.

Chin ups can be done from any hanging bar or even a tee limp. Mostly a back exercise, explore different hand positions to work the back differently. This will also give the biceps a good workout indirectly.

For the calf muscles stand on the edge of a step and perform as many calf raises as possible. These will really burn the calf. Good luck walking.

For diet with intense training you must be eating enough to build muscle. Shoot for one gram of protein for each pound of lean muscle you carry. This will suffice in repairing muscle from intense training. Adding a vitamin and mineral pack is also a good idea when training. Nutritional supplements will help you get bigger without weights but should be used after you have some training experience as there is no need to get to big to fast.

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