Psychology In The Workplace - How to Get Noticed and Promoted

Getting Noticed in the work place 

Getting noticed in the workplace is not always the easiest thing to do, if you are not doing it in the correct way. You would like to think that sheer hard work and determination will get noticed on its own and in truth it should be. One thing that we commonly tend to forget is that the managers also have things on their minds, and they are also trying to impress their managers. Sometimes your manager(s) can become obsessed with their own development, and become quite complacent with those in lower levels than themselves. In fact if you are doing a good job it can be quite easy for them to leave you there because they know you are reliable and you generally make them look good!

So,  How to get noticed!....

Have you ever heard of the quote - "It's not what you know - but who you know". To a certain extend this is completely true. By putting yourself in the faces of the top people you are getting yourself noticed. All you then need is the knowledge to go with it. Here is some great advice for getting noticed.

  • Social Networking - Get yourself into as many social networks at possible within the work place. For example this could be the table tennis players at lunch time, or even the smoking circle. By expanding and working on your social networks you will be noticed much more. Managers also like to see you communicating with others and popularity can go a long way in the workplace. You should also find as many possibilities as possible to work your way throughout the entire workplace. Don't get yourself in trouble by wondering around, but you should try to speak to as many people from other departments as possible. Get yourself seen and get yourself out there.
  • Do not suck up, but do speak with senior management. Many senior managers claim to feel lonely at the top. These people also have feelings, thoughts and insecurities. If nobody talks to them through fear then these managers wonder why. Make sure that you speak to senior managerment, about both personal and work life and give them an insight of your dedication to your job. However there is a line that should not be crossed and that is the one of "sucking up". By doing this you can appear desperate and also irritating. You do not want to do this as people will avoid you. You want them to walk in, in the morning and say hello to you - it should not always be the other way around.
  • When you have a good idea you should make sure that you keep the credit. Make your voice heard and don't be shy. Too many times in business you come up with an idea, only for your manager to take the praise. Only you can stop this from happening and once you have done so on a couple of occasions your manager will know not to do it.
  • Put yourself out there. If there are any projects going then you should put yourself on them. This shows that you are willing, enthusiastic and open to change. People who oppose change generally do not progress as well in business as it goes down as a general weakness.

Conclusion - Most of us do want to achieve something worth while in our lives, and move our way up the ladder when possible. Sometimes it doesn't matter how good you are, and how hard you try - they still do not seem to want to know. It is only you can make this happen. Follow the advice given above and if you see no change within a year you should speak to your management team and explain the issues. If nothing changes going forward then perhaps now is the time to start thinking about changing jobs.

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