How To Get Pregnant Using Visualization

Visualize Becoming Pregnant/Connect With Your Mothering Nature

If you have been going through the infertility process, you will understand the following comments. You have been examined upside down and right side up. You have been given injections that hurt and had more blood tests taken from your arm than you ever thought possible.

So, having been poked and prodded throughout this incredible journey to help you conceive or sustain a pregnancy, now you are coming to the place of no turning back; you are about to invite life to begin.

Step back from the high technology and those white-coated gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, professionals who have advised and guided you to this point, and take a deep breath. Technology is only one part of the process. Another part of the process is the emotional connection to the manifestation of your baby, and this is achieved through visualization.

You are ready. From here on, it is time for you to take the lead in reclaiming yourself, who you are above, beyond and before the infertility that brought you to this point.

I am inviting you to visualize the wonder of what you are about to undertake, something no scientist, no clergyman or social worker, no one else can do for you…. it is time to embrace your motherhood and connect with what is happening inside you.

As you wait for your future children’s initial building blocks (germ cells) to be placed together in the laboratory by skilled embryologists and technicians (in-vitro fertilization IVF), see them start to subdivide, first into two cells, then into four, each bundle of cells, patiently waiting to connect with its mother, the only one who can bring it to life and create a whole new being, more than the sum of its parts.

Visualize Life

Go out in the mid morning, seeking the warmth of the sunlight.  Smell the air, touch the leaves of tiny plants and select a place to create just for you, a private little garden. Till the soil, letting it filter through your fingers, and make tiny indentations for planting seeds.  Pick out some special seeds. Place each seed gently in and cover it with moistened soil.  Get ready to water your private garden, every day.

Sowing Seeds

The receptivity of the dark soil where you have planted your garden, is just what is going on in your own waiting womb, ready to receive and nurture new life. A velvet lining has been thickening, deeper and deeper, as each day approaches for your transfer. Visualize your delicate, spiral arteries within this velvet bed, like tiny hoses extending up to the surface, ready to receive that precious cell bundle when it arrives and give it the necessary building blocks to make new daughter cells.


Let us think of one of these tiny cell bundles of life and energy burrowing in to the most comfortable bed, tapping into your life force, each cell from that bundle, taking in through its delicate membrane, precious elements from your blood, membrane to membrane, enmeshed, so they can divide over and over again.  

The daughter cells destined to become parts of an embryo are now following specific DNA instructions telling them how to line up against one another in layers. They are traveling to a specific destination within the cell bundle, surrounded by an inner sea of liquid. The cell bundle with its inner sea is now called a blastocyst. Other daughter cells remain along the outer margins of this inner sea, following different instructions from their DNA that tells them to keep burrowing ever deeper into your velvet lining so that they may become your future placenta. 

Burrowing In

Blastocyst with its Inner Sea in Blue 

Future Embryo Cells Inside Blastocyst in Green

Future Placenta Burrowing Down to Spiral Arterioles in Blue

Spiral Arterioles  Reaching Upwards in Red

Uterine Bed in Yellow

By now, your first pregnancy test will be positive because the hormones produced by these cells are exchanged back and forth along with your nutrients that are continuing to go into your embryo’s future body cells so that they can continue to grow and subdivide. You are literally supplying the substance of your future baby’s body.  These cells are being built from molecules you send across cell membranes.

The next steps are the migrations of thousands more of these tiny cells to locations within this blastocyst sea destined to receive their special instructions of becoming an embryo body structure, floating within. Simply amazing, such an old story, yet it feels, always, so new!

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