How To Get Rid Of Stains On Teeth

A healthy smile is really an outward projection of good health, and a nice white set of teeth really add a special something to anybody's smile. Teeth staining and discoloration is something the majority of people struggle with at some point in their lives, however a lot of people give up trying to remove stains from their teeth before they've won the war.

There's no reason why you should give up, there are a multitude of different things that you can do to bring out your teeth's natural whiteness. We're going to cover some of the best tips for a brighter smile right here!

Where Does Tooth Staining Come From?

Tooth staining and yellowing is a natural symptom of consuming food. The most common culprits to yellow teeth are coffee, tea, red wine, fizzy drinks, and tobacco. Even if you don't partake in those particular things, discoloring of the teeth will happen over time anyway, through the consumption of meats, fries, donuts (and just about anything you can think of that you love to eat)!

In an ideal world, we'd all carry our toothbrushes 24-7, and brush our teeth after every meal. However, as we all know, this is far from a perfact world, and brushing after consuming any food or drink would be much too inconvenient for 99.9% of people out there.

So what can we do to maintain that healthy smile? Let's take a look at a few tips!

You Knew I would Say This (Brush Properly)

While brushing isn't good to increase the whiteness of your teeth by leaps and bounds, it is still absolutely imperative. Not only for good dental health, but stain removing too. As I said, ideally you'd brush after every meal, but twice a day for the dentist-approve 2 minute period is the next best thing.

One word of warn. If you're struggling with stains on your teeth, it can be very tempting to brush harder and harder in order to try to remove them. Please don't do this! Brushing too hard may damage the enamel that coats your teeth. Enamel not only protects your teeth from decay, but makes them look whiter too. If you wear off your teeth's enamel, you'll expose the darker material underneath and your teeth will appar less white. Not what we want at all!

Get a sonic toothbrush

Electric toothrbrushes, and sonic toothbrushes in particular, have been shown to whiten the teeth quite effectively with persistent use of a period of months. Please note what I've said there - you won't see instant results, however with regular and recommended brushing practice, your teeth can get whiter by using a sonic toothbrush.

Another benefit of an electrically powered brush relates to what I've already said about enamel. People tend to press less hard against their teeth when using an electric brush, and therefore are more likely to be removing the stains, and less likely to be damaging their teeth's enamel.

Check out my electric toothbrush buyers guide, if you'd like to know what kind of features you should be looking for.

Give Up Smoking

I'm not going to rattle on about the health benefits of quitting smoking (everyone knows anyway)! But I will say, that tooth staining is one of the less talked about symptoms of smoking. If you're not happy with the colour of your teeth, remove the cause. Quitting smoking can be one of the best things you can do to get on the road to a whiter smile.

Cruch on an Apple!

The reason it would be good to brush after every meal is that it gets rid of any food that gets trapped in-between the teeth. These pieces of food are another cause of tooth staining. Ok, I know, we've already established that it's a bit of a hardship to brush after every meal. Fair enough. As an alternative, eating crunchy food can really help! This doesn't necessary just mean apples; pears, celery or carrots are ideal too.

When you chew these crunchy foods, the smaller pieces that they break down into rub against your teeth and help to remove any stains that you picked up when eating, before they become tricky to remove. These particles of crunchy food also help to remove those pesky bits of food that got stuck. It might sound too good to be true, but an apple after every meal can really help you maintain a whiter smile.

Rinse! Rinse! Rinse!

After drinking tea, coffee, or soda, rinse your mouth out with nice clean water. This will stop those heavy drinks from settling on the teeth, and you'll be removing the stains before they ever take hold.

Use a straw

I can't stress enough - one of the leading causes of teeth staining is drinks. Tea, coffee, soda - they all are discoloring your teeth. A good way to minimize this is to use a straw when you drink them. When you use a straw, the majority of the drink goes directly down your throat, bypassing your teeth. If the drinks don't tooth your teeth, they can't hurt or stain them.

Make a potion at home!

There are actually a few simple household items that can really help to shift stains on your teeth. Lightly brushing your teeth (not too much pressure remember) with salt, baking soda, or lemon juice can really help.

A good tip is to combine 3 teaspoons of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of salt, to make a paste. Brush gently using this paste 2 times a week, and remember to give your mouth a good rinse with clean water afterwards.

I know you don't want to but...

Visit the dentist! If you're having real trouble getting rid of the stains on your teeth, they may well have hardened and turned into tartar. If this is the case, the only option is to visit your dentist. Your dentist, or hygenist, will be able to use their special scaling and polishing tools to remove this hard tartar, and you'll benefit from whiter teeth too.

I realise it's not a popular pastime, but the dentist is the number one way to whiten your teeth!

Thanks for check out my hubpage. You might be interested in my latest blog post about how to remove plaque from your teeth. If so, please feel free to check it out.


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