How To Have a Baby Girl - Tips for Conceiving a Daughter

Made of sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of, so it’s no wonder that you are dreaming of painting the nursery pink and holding a new baby girl in your arms. Of course that dream is lovely, but what tips can you do at home to help you how to have a baby girl?

Fortunately there are lots of things to do, from different lovemaking positions to diet and of course timing when you make love.

Let’s start with probably the most important factor for conceiving a daughter – timing ovulation.

Most gender selection methods, including the ever popular Shettles method agree that the male and female sperm acts differently and therefore that is what you need to take advantage of to get the gender child of your choice.

The X chromosome sperm (the one responsible for getting a girl) is known to be more robust and stronger than the Y sperm but it isn’t quite as fast. Therefore the recommendation is to have intercourse no sooner than three days before ovulation (preferable four or five days before) so that the weaker Y sperm have died off and the only sperm left to fertilize the egg is the X chromosome sperm.

This assumes that you know when you ovulate (and if you know anything about how to conceive a baby then you should know when you ovulate!). If you don’t then you can use different ovulation prediction methods including OPK’s, charting your temperature or tracking cervical fluid.

Next the best position’s to use are those that offer shallow penetration such as side by side or missionary.  This makes it harder to get to the egg which is better for the female sperm who are stronger and can make the longer journey.

Diet also plays a part in conceiving a girl, as many fertility diet books will attest to.  (Diet is actually a great way for improving your fertility when you are trying to get pregnant).  For a girl baby, you want to make your cervical fluid more acidic. 

Generally cervical fluid is acidic anyway, but you can make it more so by eating certain foods such as blueberries, white rice, peanuts and olives.

All of these suggestions can help you to have a baby girl, but of course there is still a chance that you may get a boy baby instead.  In fact the only fail safe way to ensure a girl is to get the sperm separated in the laboratory, but if you are happy to try these methods at home I wish you the best of luck and a pink future.

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