How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Birth Control Pills

Increase Effectiveness of Birth Control

Unplanned pregnancies are increasingly common in many women of today. This happens even to those who use contraceptives. The effectiveness of the pill is taken for granted up to the point where the user doesn’t imagine of the unthinkable happening (pregnancy taking place). This is a big mistake which may land many women in the trouble of coming to terms with getting pregnant all over a sudden when they were least prepared for it.

In order to be on the safe side of avoiding any form of unwanted pregnancy, you have no other option but to be careful on how you take the pills. To guarantee their effectiveness, birth control pills must be used correctly and the manner prescribed by your doctor or health professional.

In this article I will put into perspective some useful tips and techniques you need to observe while taking birth control pills in order to increase their effectiveness in stopping unwanted pregnancy from taking place.

How to Improve Birth Control

Here is what you should do and observe to almost guarantee the effectiveness of the pills you are taking aimed at preventing pregnancy from occurring.

  • You should take the pills the same time every day. If for example you take a pill 11 o’clock on Tuesday, you will find it necessary to take the next one on or around 11 o’clock of the following day (which is Wednesday in our case). Some birth controls even have "placebo" pills for certain days of the month when you do not need the medication. Continue to take the pill at the same time every day. These habits are very important to increasing the effectiveness of birth control.
  • Consistency matters very much; when taking the pills it is important and advised that you be consistent. Don’t skip days and hope for the pills to work. Missing to take the pill for only one day may expose you to the risk of getting pregnant and I’m sure you don’t want that happening to you. Take the pills as prescribed to you by the doctor from day one to the last day and that is when you are almost guaranteed of it working to suit your needs.
  • Do away with things that may interfere with the working of the pill; some other medications and food supplements may seriously interfere with how the pill works and therefore making it not to work. Before you take the pill it is advised that you inform and discuss with your doctor any other medications you are taking. He will be in good position to advice you on what to do.
  • Use other contraceptives if you accidentally skip taking the pill even for one day; in case you forget to take a pill for a particular day, you have to know that it may or may not work. If this happens don’t take chance but rather use other contraception methods that may back up the pills and prevent the pregnancy from taking place. A good example is using a condom.

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