How To Lose 10 Lbs In 2 Weeks

I've followed this diet to lose 10 lbs. in 2 weeks and it really does work, but the trick is keeping the weight off. Before going on vacations I would follow this diet to lose weight before the trip, but if you really want to keep the weight off, the trick is to keep eating healthy after the 2 weeks so you don't quickly gain it all back. Just to warn you, there's a lot of eggs involved, so if you don't like eggs, this may not be your kind of diet.

Your normal diet is supposed to consist of 30% protein, 30% healthy fat (such as avacados, etc.) and 40% carbs. Unlike the Atkins diet, this diet doesn't restrict carbs from your diet, It allows you to eat bread and salad, just without the fatty dressing or butter on them, and it's smaller portions so that your stomach will shrink.

During these 2 weeks, don't drink anything with calories with your meals. I'd suggest water, flavored water, diet iced tea, etc. Also, all meat must be grilled, not fried.

Day 1:

Breakfast- 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast (preferably wheat, since white turns into fat) and a grapefruit

Lunch: Salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and carrots) with no dressing (I sometimes cheat and sprinkle a little vinegar on it for taste)

Dinner: 3 eggs with two pieces of dry toast and salad

Day 2:

Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit

Lunch: 3 eggs and one piece of dry toast

Dinner: Grilled chicken and salad

Day 3:

Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: Fish (of your choice) and salad

Day 4:

Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit

Lunch: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit

Dinner: Steak tips and salad

Day 5:

Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit.

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: 3 eggs, 2 pieces of dry toast and salad

Day 6:

Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad

Dinner: Chicken and Vegetable soup (mix fat free chicken broth with grilled chicken, sliced carrots, chopped celery and beans if you desire)

Day 7:

Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit.

Lunch: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit.

Dinner: Fish and salad

Repeat for one week.

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Lowrychris profile image

Lowrychris 9 years ago

I've used a variation of this diet before, eating boiled eggs for breakfast and dinner, with the slower digesting chicken or tuna for lunch. It works great! Thanks for reminding me of it, since I'm contemplating how tight my pants are after what must have been a thousand christmas cookies. and fudge. and brownies. Did I mention the chocolate covered pretzels? All right, so I'm hitting the weights, and using this diet plan again. And drinking water. Lot's and lot's of earth juice.

great hub!

singingmommy profile image

singingmommy 9 years ago from OKLAHOMA

I love eggs from my head to my legs......I heard that somewhere....funny. Sounds like a reasonable diet, thanks!

MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

This egg diet does really work

I have tried it a long time ago and I was on it for 30 days. Everyone called me the belsen horror.

Thank you

KonaGirl profile image

KonaGirl 9 years ago from Slingerlands

Read the ingredients on "fat free" anything, including salad dressings. They usually have more sugar than the "regular" and one of the keys to this type of diet is absolutely NO SUGAR. That includes ketchup.

huba7 profile image

huba7 9 years ago from Uganda

I dont enjoy eggs at all in whatver form, infact am allergic to eggs and for this matter, I see myself missing out on this wonderful approach to weight loss. But I thank you for helping out those grappling with weight loss

shuva02 profile image

shuva02 9 years ago

Interesting. I suppose for a quick fix this is better than some other options, however it seems like one might hate eggs after completing this. Also, this is not a lot of food for one day, so you're probably just losing weight based on the small amount of consumption and minimal carbs. guess if i ever need to lose a lot in a hurry this would work!

musicguru profile image

musicguru 9 years ago from connecticut

this sounds really good and i love eggs. so i am gonna give it a whirl. thanks for the great hub

gamergirl profile image

gamergirl 9 years ago from Antioch, TN

For those allergic to eggs, you -can- substitute eggbeaters in the proper quantities.

The Phantom Blot profile image

The Phantom Blot 9 years ago

I'm eggstatic about this wait, I don't want to diet. Nevermind.

Blogger Mom profile image

Blogger Mom 8 years ago from Northeast, US

Sounds OK, but I thought that many vitamins are fat soluble only? Meaning, don't you need a touch of extra virgin olive oil on that salad to get the health benefits of all those veggies? I would love to try something like this, except I've got no will power. =( Thanks for the great read! =)

alice 8 years ago

does anyone have before and after pics.

cnm619 8 years ago

Thanks so much for this! Its exactly what I need! I started following it today, I've got two weddings coming up on March 1st and March 8th and this is perfect.... as long as I can stick to it! I also added cardio at least 4 times a week to it... and I hope to be 125ish by March 1st.... that's 15 lbs for me, but I'm gonna go for it!

What about diet sodas? I know everyone says to stay away from any kind of soda, but I recently just cut out all regular sodas, so I'm drinking diet instead and trying to cut back to only one every other day. Did you drink any diet sodas on this?

rb101182 profile image

rb101182 8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

I did drink diet soda, but not a lot, I'm not a big soda drinker in general. I usually drank flavored waters or soda water with a splash of cranberry juice and a lime wedge is good too.

christina 8 years ago

It sure does sound like a lot of egg consuming for a weeks worth of food. I need to lose 10 lbs to be at 120, I know summer is right around the corner so im willing to give it a shot. I hope it works, i will definitely write back with results to this diet, thanks, hope it comes in handy.

Tes Steventon 8 years ago

Im doing this diet and on day 6 ive lost 7 pounds! It really works!

BahamaMama 8 years ago

What about coffee? Can you drink coffee on this diet with non-fat milk? Gotta tell you I cant live without that coffee :(

rb101182 profile image

rb101182 8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Yep you can drink coffee, I do every day!

eme 8 years ago

this would be fine except do you got anything for me i can't really make my foods. i'm 14 and my parents cook.

Avril 8 years ago

So i'm guessing no drinking. That's a bit difficult. But i'm keen as to do it.Thanks :)I'll let you know how it goes.

Av 8 years ago

By the way... can you snack on anything throughout the day?? Such as fruit... something healthy??

Dors 8 years ago

i love this diet! i tried it for 4 days and i lost weight, visibly. i forgot to weigh myself before the diet, so that i could measure the weight i had actually lost. Anyhoos, i dropped like half a dress size:)

Ella 7 years ago

Okay, I'm going to try this... I take it all alcohol consumption is out? Not even a tipple....? have 10 lbs to lose in the next two weeks and have a ski trip for the first week of it!

rb101182 7 years ago

I drink stoli ras with soda water and a splash of cran, vanilla stoli and diet coke is good too

MD 7 years ago

what type of excersize did you pair with this? and how often?

nk 7 years ago

Question.. do you eat egg whites- or the whole egg including the yolk and if so will it make a difference if i just eat egg whites?.. Also can i snack on anything else during the day like an apple?

rb101182 7 years ago

you can either eggs or egg whites, but egg whites are better for you because they have less cholesterol. as far as exercise goes, I'd recommend eating carbs (bread, salad, etc.) before exercise because you need carbs for energy.

lisa  7 years ago

What if I hate grapefruit, is there a substitution that would fit as well, and can you snack on grapes, blueberries, ect in between meals?

sceptical 7 years ago

this better work because i desperately need to lose weight and eggs are rele fattening but okay here goes nothing right!

KAREN 7 years ago


SABA 7 years ago


Supzz!! 7 years ago

I am only 13 and on my birthday im going to jamaica. it's ten days after x-mas and i have to look good in a bikini. like im a big girl but like come on i have to look good. i am always going to be curvy which is great-I just dont wan tot be called the "big girl" im 5'7 and 138lbs i need to loook good-my mom just bought me 3 $60.00 bikinis and i have nothing else to wear..hopefully it will help me-wish me luck!!

Natasha 6 years ago

Hi! My name is Natasha and I'm wondering if my weight is healthy. I'm 5'6 and 110 pounds and 11 years old. Is that healthy, underweight, obese.. or what am i?

Uejean 6 years ago

Dear Nastasha,

I just now looked up your weight anf found out that you're underweight. For 5'6, you should weigh 114 pounds. You are 4 pounds underweight - congratulations!!

Eielecsesce 6 years ago

My name is Eielecsesce Ahliyn Kurnit (most people would say it as: Alexsis Allen) and I'm 14 years old. Weigh 100 and 5'9. is that normal?

zack 6 years ago

hi i'm Zack i weigh 263lbs and am 6'3 and i have 1.5 months before summer and when is tart going to the beach and i am starting this diet today but i need to know what to substitute for fish and also what are good workouts to go along with this

melissa 6 years ago

can I substitute the grapefruit with something else and what do you snack on throughout the day?

zack 6 years ago

hey again guys i have now gotten down to 249 in the first week and am loving this died but i also have been doing jogging/ sprints aswell as weight lifting push ups and sit ups, and melissa grapfruit is probably substiutable with another citrus fruit or an apple/ bannana but i ussually snack on carrots and selzer water and both have little to no calories so i hope this helps you

Lydia 6 years ago

So I started this diet 3 days ago to lose weight before I leave for Vegas in 3 weeks. I have followed the diet exactly with the exception that I had an orange yesterday with breakfast instead of the grapefruit. I have put on 2 1/2 lbs. I have been fast walking 30 min every night since I started. I am worried that I will gain weight with this diet and not lose it. I am 23 years old and was 115 lbs and now 117.5. This sort of frustrates me, can anyone tell me if you gain weight before you lose it on this diet, or if I just need to be patient? Thanks

sue 6 years ago

im 14 nd mii tummy iis not big bhut it has a lilttle extra wieght to it .. & ii want to lose it in 2 weeks cuzz ii will be qoinq to atl and ii have a dance show to do so ii really want to lose this exrtra wieght ii really hope its works !

Kiki 6 years ago

Lydia, are you going to be on your period soon? you can gain up to about 5 pounds during menstruation. It will go away once your period is over.

Marcy 6 years ago

Lydia, 115 sounds like a good weight to me. What's your height? I'm not sure if I will try this or not but I do like eggs so it's pretty tempting :)

Karen 6 years ago

Hi im karen and i am obese i weigh 165lbs and im only 5'3 and 14 years old i hope this isn't a lie because i only have 2 months to lose weight i am very athletic but its hard to lose this weight i play sports and im a very good runner but nothing seems to work : P i need help

Hinda 6 years ago

This diet sure is enticing!

But what about all the weight lost? Aren't we going to gain it back right after we stop this diet?

miss preety 6 years ago

hi m starting this diet from tomorrow i jst wana ask u guys how long does it take to see results if iv lost even 1 lb like 1 day or 5/6 days

miss preety 6 years ago

hi m on day 3 n av lost 1 kg so good and i m not eating eggs and i eat half grape fruit but still losing weight

nadine 6 years ago

Hey i just wanted to ask what excersizes did you do during the diet?

nadine 6 years ago

Hey i just wanted to ask what excersizes did you do during the diet?

Megan 6 years ago

Hey, does this get rid of stomach pooches too?

shey 6 years ago

what kind of eggs? and i dont own a grill so can i just stick to bakeing te chicken or just tuna?

rondo 6 years ago

can i snack between meals with this diet?

savannah 6 years ago

hi im 5"11 and 172lbs im 14 and an extreme athlete. I GAINED 6LBS DURING THE HOLIDAYS. and i need to lose 10 because im going to florida with my friends in 2 weeks i hope this works!!

Shannon  6 years ago

Does anyone know how many ounces of chicken or steak is allowed?..and can you substitute grapefruit for something else?...what about snacks?..I'm assuming, none?

Oh my god 6 years ago

All u dummys are asking questions that have already been answered. Read the previous posts!!!

Sdrinkwater 6 years ago

I am not a questions were not answered and still are not...

6 years ago

I was wondering the same thing about the grapefruit. Yuck! Also is there any snacks allowed?

Seriously?! 6 years ago

Ok Im sorry but i had to comment about the fact that there are so many 14 and 13 year olds in this site commenting about needing to lose weight to look good in a bikini. Are you kiding me? you guys should really be more worried about homework or what friends house your going to have a sleep over in next week. Im 26 years old and i came here to find a way to lose weight fast but im an adult and im at an age where i NEED to worry about my weight. Honestly teenagers should not be worried about this weight thing because you guys can lose the weight 10X faster than use adults. Please enjoy your childhood and sto trying to grow up so fast kids!

OMG 5 years ago

Im with Seriously this is crazy 14 yr olds asking if being 100lbs at the height of 5'9 is normal.. no its not normal ur extremley dangerously under weight.. sounds like u need to gain lots not loose.. and further more be kids and teenagers while u can cuz let me tell ya u will have plenty of time to worry about loosing weight after u grow up and have kids and struggle to keeping the weight off in the middle of the day to day stresses of work kids and paying go have fun doing what teens do.. because one day u will look back and miss it

Ashley 5 years ago

Im 14yrs old and I desprately need to lose weight fast! If i do this diet for 4 weeks will i lose 20lbs? And i dnt like fish can i substitute fish for chicken?

kepikeps 5 years ago

To Ashley (and any other teen): Honestly at 14 I wouldn't recommend you going to the extreme of this diet but rather use it to help you plan your daily meals instead. Don't stay on this diet for 4 weeks. 2 weeks is all they recommend for this diet for health reasons. It is a very low cal diet and you need the calories to be healthy, expecially at your age. This does work even with variations, such as exchanging fish for chicken. I would recommend grilled foods, veggies, fruits, alot of water, and exersise rather than you using this or any diet. If you haven't, make sure to talk with your parents about healthy meals and about your feelings with your weight. If you have, keep talking with them. Best wishes and stay healthy.

Anjelita 5 years ago

WOW I'm shocked to be reading all these teens worrying about weight REALLY if I weighed 117 I wouldn't be trying to lose anymore weight. Seriously skin and bones are not attractive. Being tone is SEXY. Skin and bones is OUT being TONED is IN:-) go shopping please!!!

Eggs 5 years ago

Are the eggs only supposed to be eaten boiled? or is pan frying them ok?

Kelly Soo 5 years ago

Im a vegetarian is there any way to subsitute the meat with other stuff?

Sammi girl 5 years ago

I agree with the adults, all you teenage kids go to the mall go shopping enjoy life worry free for now!

Silver 5 years ago

Maybe instead of asking "does this actually work?" you should just try it. Everyone is different and what works for some might not work for others. Its all about eating healthy and setting goals. Stop being lazy and get out and try it or you will never know.

Lisa 5 years ago

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Alexa 5 years ago

Just wondering because my 11 year old daughter wants to lose weight,and she needs to,is this safe for kids to use? Shes 5'4 and 148lbs I want to get her down to 110 by the end of the year. But she wants to lose it before summer. So I would really appreciate it if you told me the answer! Thank you!!

Voice of Reason 5 years ago

This is not a healthy meal plan and it is not healthy to lose weight that quickly. The most you should lose is 2 pounds a week. Shocking your body with little calories for 2 weeks with force it into starvation mode and you will pack the pounds back on after. Unless you are actually eating this way from now on the weight will come back, and this diet is not healthy to maintain over a long period of time.


Janelle 4 years ago

I'm twenty three years old and I weigh 218lbs. I'm down from 245lbs but I seem to be hitting a plateau this week...I know I've got a long way to go, so any advice to help me get over this hurdle would be appreciated...

janedoe 4 years ago

Im 5'4 and weigh 118 I want to loose 10 pounds in two weeks or less doing this diet. But I was wondering if I eat less than the diet that it says will it work faster? Because i don't want to eat that much.

lia 4 years ago

Instead of eating the grape fruit as breakfast can i eat it as a snack after breakfast and before lunch

kim 4 years ago

did you guys see a change in your body? or a change in the number on the scale?

Shammari 4 years ago

I have tried the eggs diet for 3 days and stoped. I got sick of them

Lorraine 4 years ago

My baby is 2 months old and I'm 28 years old at 150 pounds and 5'5 in height. I'm going to try this, it doesn't sound so bad, along with exercise of course. I'll let you know how it goes. No grapefruit though, I'll stick to oranges. :)

mariana 4 years ago

is it okay if I combine some lunch with anothers day dinner? or does it need to be followed exactly the same?

Megan 4 years ago

Do I have to eat 3 eggs? Or can I narrow it down to or or two bc 3 seems like a lot. Thanks!

annoymous 4 years ago

Hi I am eleven year old and I weigh 138 pounds. I am pretty tall for my age but am I overweight? I am now going on a diet. My goal is to try to be at 128 pounds on Friday. After that I will do it again and be at 108 pounds. Then I will lose a three more pounds so, I can exactly be at 105 pounds how much I should weigh at my age. Hope this works!!

Marce 4 years ago

Hey so, I was wondering if I ate less I would still loose the same amount, because I think this is too much for me, I'd be full in half of this meals, please tell me as soon as possible:)

Thank you! Btw, this diet sounds really good!

Mary 4 years ago

Can I have a glass of red wine on this diet

Hannah 4 years ago

Hi I am 23 and I am starting this diet tomorrow.I have a couple questions and I would like them answered ASAP. Okay first of all, If you go on this diet and lose 10 pounds or any amount of weight, will you just gain it all back???! My second question, is this safe for your body, losing so much weight in a short period of time???

lindzee 4 years ago

Any one under the age of 18 should not be using "fad diets" to loose weight. .....For the extremely young ones (11-15 year olds)... Sweeties, please, talk to your parents or a counselor about your plans to loose weight. if your "tall for your age", you do NOT need to weigh 105 pounds. Being too skinny is not only detremental to your health, but can can you in the long run. Take it from me. ....I did not eat what I was supposed to when I was younger, and weighed very little (I'm 5'6, and in highschool weight 100lbs). I'm now 26 years old, and have Osteopenia, which is a low bone density (could lead to Osteoporosis). Mainly because I did not EAT nutrients I NEEDED for a growing bosy when I was young. I am now 125 pounds. A HEALTHY weight for my height. And finally have some womanly curves! It's a GOOD THING! ...... being super skinny is NOT "sexy". .....and 11 year old should be out playing with friends, not dieting. Trust me, you'll be old before you know it. Live you life and have fun now.

lindzee 4 years ago

Please excuse the typos. I was typing in the dark, and to fast. .... Here is a site to help you figure out your ideal "healthy" weight based on your HEIGHT and gender. Please keep in mind that "healthy" doesn't mean "skinny". Being healthy is a lot more than the scale. It's a FIT body, and sound mind! For those wanting to drop so fast, and to a weight that is unhealthy... please seek someone to talk to, because you may be experiencing signs of a disorder. Seek help before it gets bad, or dangerous. trust me. xoxox

joshyyy 4 years ago

How do you cook the eggs? do you boil them,grill them,scramble them,and can you use seasoning?

curious 4 years ago

Can you tell me how many ounces of salad and how big can the meat portions be?

jackie 4 years ago

Get my fitness pal app on your phone and workout for an hour everyday u will see results. Great app to have.

SOP 4 years ago

My husband said that eating too many eggs made me have body odor and bad breathe gross I stopped I only wanted to lose 5 pounds so I'm just having smoothies

Aimee 4 years ago

Im Not Being Funny But Children Ur 11-15... If I Weighed 100-125 Pounds I Wouldn't Be Wanting To Lose More. Curvy Is In. I Hate These Models And Celebs That Are BrainWashing Children!!! Go Have A Big Mac.. I Sure As Hell Cant!!

Josh 4 years ago

Perfect I will be trying this diet, with a lot of exercise... hopefully it works!

Lauren melia 4 years ago

i heard eggs can be also bad for u sometimes in this diet u would be eating 6 eggs a day thts seven packets of eggs a week im kind of confused xxx

jillian 4 years ago

people if u think just eating healthy is gonna make u lose weight its not u HAVE to work out 2!! just some advice

gina 4 years ago

im 29 with 2 children. I gained quite a bit with my youngest and have been fighting with my weight ever since. Im hoping this works. Ill keep posting. Starting diet today.

savannah 4 years ago

Hi I just started this diet and was wondering if you have to boil,fry with pam or scramble the eggs because it doesn't say please an answer will be apreciated

savannah 4 years ago

Hi its me again and I was also wondering, about the chicken and meats can they be baked in the oven instead of grilled because I don't have a grill please respond thank you

Roo 4 years ago

HI im roo, i just have a question,, can i eat blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or orange instead of grapefruit? and what kind of snacks can we eat between meals? THANK YOU !

Julieee 4 years ago

Hey I was wondering .. Where on your body do you loose weight ? (Stomach , Thighs , Etc?..) Does this diet make you loose your butt ?

Mic 4 years ago

You lose weight primarily on your stomach. The butt is hard to shake and requires squats and other butt exercises.

NMartin 4 years ago

Can you use any salt and/or seasonings on the chicken, fish and salads?

snatricia 4 years ago

i just started today my goal is to be at 150 by August 9.. right now im at 172 so lets see how it goes .....

Jane 4 years ago

Boiled eggs or scrambled?

Fatthy 4 years ago

I started this 3day b4 bt i didn't find any it becoz i am on my period?wil i lose da weight al at 1nce wen ma period ends?

queeny 4 years ago

I hope I lose the weight

time 4 years ago

yes when you are on your time of mouth you will gain weight then when you are off you will lose it back

Kiki 4 years ago

can you eat the eggs scrambled&the salad just lettuce?

Nikole 4 years ago

Seriously you can kill yourself consuming so much eggs...well at least you`ll turn into egg after that diet for sure )) I`ve lost 20 pounds my way and 2 years later still no pound gained,so i know what i`m talking about cos I`ve been torturing myself with that kind of diets for ages oO

amanda 4 years ago

Can I substitute the grapefruit for an apple and peanut butter?

Pink 4 years ago

Hello, I am 21 years old and I weigh 163lbs my height is 5.7 ... My wedding is in JULY I wanna lose at least 15 pounds.. What I have to do any tips and suggestions pls???

tabitha 4 years ago

@ Pink Im 5'7 weight 143 as of now first thing I did was cleanse my body with jillian 14 day cleasen, Then I went on a 20 day veg no meat no fast food no sweets. I know you don't have long to go but then I take this stuff call Lip 6x and I workout now you have to follow the directions but it really work I lost 7lbs in 3 days probably water weight but its great and it supress your appetite as well. I plan on being 129 pounds by the 14th of july, bless of luck and congrats

Mari 4 years ago

Hi, im 5"2 and my weight is at 140.2lbs i'm trying to loose at least 10 to 15lbs in a healthy way of course. i"ve tried so many things i also walk about 2 or 3 miles 3 times a week, is there any other ideas anyone can give me. i haven't tried this one yet. thanks i will truly appreciate it if someone can get back to me soon.

Moop 4 years ago

can this be the diet i have for the rest of my life ?

Moop 4 years ago

meaning can this be the only thing i eat , or would it be bad if i made this a life style diet ?

JBean 4 years ago

This diet works if you stick to it - I didn't follow it to a T, but lost over 5 lbs on it, so a total of 10 lbs weight loss so far including another diet regimen I was on.

Starting it again tomorrow to attempt to lose the last 5-10 lbs - it's not a diet you can maintain, but it's good if you want a quick weight loss, and energy boost, then just make healthier choices after - that's what I've been doing - trying to eat lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit, instead of eating too many carbs.

Orangeandapple 4 years ago

Agreed this diet really works! I also didn't follow it to the t yet have been able to achieve same results. For breakfast I had toast with boiled or poached egg-no yolk. Lunch I had garden salad with grilled chicken and 1 slice of bread, dinner I had small portion of carb and grilled fish or meat which ever is available. I snaked. I think the key is to split you lunch breaks into small intervals to stop you from feeling hungry and wanting to snack.

GeorgiaPeach 4 years ago

It's working for me!! Down 4 pounds since I started on Saturday but I've been working out too :)

MNmommie 4 years ago

I am going to try this tomorrow.

ak389 4 years ago

Im 24 and weight 153 I just started today hopefully I can loss lbs10 or more.. Ill let you know if it works!

Fatguyfromsocal 4 years ago

I'm a hs wrestler and I need to make weight fast !! So Im going to try this diet and see if it works! I'll respond back in a month. :)

Momoftwo 4 years ago

Start date July 30th. Start weight 168... Friends wedding Aug 11. Here we goooooo.....

Ena 4 years ago

Hi I'm ena~ and I'm 16 years old. To all the people who are saying that kids around my age are too young to be worrying about weight and start concerning about school~ you guys should try to be in our position. What if we were overweight and were insecure? What if we want to lose some weight because we want to fit in? I believe none of you have any right to say anything about age. Because we have feelings too and we want to be pretty/skinny too. So your unnessessary comments referring to age isn't needed. Please learn to respect everyone.

Sergio 4 years ago

If you eat all those eggs, isn't that bad for your cholesterol? And when you eat the eggs are they boiled?

Mia 4 years ago

im only 14 and i know i shouldn't worry about my weight, but im latina and my qince is in a month and i wanna go from 175 to at least 150 so i can fit my dress. thanks for the diet plan!

May 4 years ago

If you like soda you can mix Miniral water with juice.

Kyendall 4 years ago

How do you cook the eggs?

starry 4 years ago

theres to much going on this page

nastya 4 years ago

seriously, people asking same questions, and dumb too, "OH CAN I EAT A BANANA INSTEAD OF GRAPEFRUIT?? OH CAN I EAT THIS INSTEAD OF THIS?? NO U CAN NOT!!!! he wrote accactly what to eat

Juan 4 years ago

-YOU can't change the GRAPEFRUIT

-you have to boil the eggs. Just BOIL

-do you want a snak? well DON't do this diet!

-If you are under 19Yo and want a diet do this... 1st STOP eating candy, do exersice, stop drinking SODA and get OUT and play.

Harry 4 years ago

Hi. How many ounces of chicken should I use and what type. Can you give me more than 1 recommendation. and do i have to eat the yolk of the egg after i boil it. my aunt said it will give me cholesterol problems. thanks. respond asap please. im starting tomorrow.

Harry 4 years ago

And one more thing.... Would you say this diet is better or the cabbage soup diet. I kinda like this diet because of the less ingredients. :)

Rebeca 4 years ago

Okayy,so im going to try this for 2 weeks and see if i lose 10 : my goal is 150... so if i lose 10 ill need 30lbs more...and hopeful ill just be able to control my own diet

Renee 4 years ago

I'm a vegetarian, what can i use for a meat substitute?

cindy marie 4 years ago

this diet really does work.. this is day 7 for me and i lost 5 pounds!! thank you!!

Hung Duy profile image

Hung Duy 4 years ago from Ha Noi, Vietnam

i see another way there, i do like it and i see it ok, you can check in

jennifer 4 years ago

hey how exactly do you eat your eggs?? and does it have to be a grapefruit? i hate those.. plz email me if u get a chance

Jillian 4 years ago

Can the eggs be fried or made into an omelette?

shama 3 years ago

Add Day 1

Breakfast: 1 Slice of Dry Toast and grilled Tomatoes

Lunch: Any amount of fresh fruit

Dinner: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs, Salad and Grapefruit

Day 2

Breakfast: Grapefruit and 1 Boiled Egg

Lunch: Roast Chicken (any amount) and Tomatoes

Dinner: Grilled Steak and Salad

Day 3

Breakfast: Grapefruit and 1 Boiled Egg

Lunch: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs and Salad

Dinner: 2 Grilled Lamb Chops, Celery and Cucumber

Day 4

Breakfast: 1 Slice of Dry Toast and 2 Poached Eggs

Lunch: Any amount of fresh fruit

Dinner: 2 Grilled Lamb Chops, Celery and Cucumber

Day 5

Breakfast: 1 Slice of Dry Toast and 2 Poached Eggs

Lunch: 2 Poached Eggs and Tomatoes

Dinner: Fresh or Tinned Fish and Salad

Day 6

Breakfast: 1 Boiled Egg and 1 Glass of Grapefruit Juice

Lunch: Any amount of Fresh Fruit

Dinner: Roast Chicken, Carrots and Cabbage

Day 7

Breakfast: 2 Scrambled Eggs and Tomatoes

Lunch: 2 Poached Eggs and Spinach

Dinner: Grilled Steak and Salad

Special Notes:

Refrain from all foods not included above

No substitutes allowed

Eat only what is shown or do without

No eating between meals

No alcoholic drinks, milk, butter, oil or fat


Do not follow this diet for more than a week at a time.

Allowed Drinks: Black Coffee, Black Tea, Lemon Tea, Grapefruit Juice, Tonic Water, Soda Water and Tap Water (unlimited amounts)

Salad Consists Of: Lettuce, Tomato and Celery only

shama 3 years ago

Try it it really works

Jordene 3 years ago

There is really no way you can sub the grape fruit I just didn't have any the first day I have a hard time believing that an orange would really ruin the deit

kay stewart 8 months ago

What about high colesterol with so much eggs, otherwise it is a great diet.

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