How To Lose Fat From Neck And Jaws With Exercises

Ugly Neck Fat

I use to stand in front of the mirror and pull the fat on my neck toward the back just to see how I'd look with a thinner neck. I especially did this to improve my profile.

I hated my ugly neck fat and I wanted to reduce fat from my face and I wanted to know how to lose fat from my neck. Do you ever do this?

The face, jaws, and neck are one of the places on our bodies that people view to get an impression of who we are so it is important to reduce fat from your face.

I met a lady once who sighed and told me that she was a rather jolly person, but when she relaxed, her face made people think she was upset.

After following the advice I gave her on reducing fat from face, neck and jaws, she began to see results in 2 weeks and she told me that people definitely viewed her differently.

Me and Calvin
Me and Calvin

Lose Weight

It turns out that there are ways to lose fat from your neck, reduce fat from face and jaws and look much better. The first part is simply to lose fat from your body which will in turn lose fat from face, neck and jaws.

Yes its that easy, find a good diet and stick with it. The more you enjoy your diet the better the chances that you will stick with it and lose body fat which will include losing fat from your face, neck and jaws.

Hit The Target With Exercise

Exercising the parts of your body where you would like to see the greatest improvement is the most effective way to get results. By increasing lean muscle tissue, you increase fat burning and you get the added benefit of a firmer tone. Doing neck and jaw exercises everyday will get results and you will lose fat from your neck and jaws. Exercises are usually done in sets of repetitions. I usually do 12 repetitions for each set, so when I use the term set I mean 12 repetitions of the exercise.

The Exercises

  1. Jaw Crunches – Just like abdominal crunches you are going to squeeze the jaw and neck muscles with this one. Start by tilting your head back as far as it will go keeping your jaws clamped shut. Slowly open you jaws letting the top part of your head fall further back. With your head now back as far as it will go open and close your lower jaw for three sets or more. Try to get a burn out of it.

  2. Side Jaw Crunches – This is the same exercise as above only you also lay your head to one side as far as it will go. This will target the muscles on the sides of your jaws and the sides of your neck. Do three or more sets on each side of you neck.

  3. Smileys – Just like the name implies you smile as hard as you can, hold it for three seconds and then relax. Do three sets. Even though this is not a neck exercise it will compliment the efforts you are putting into losing fat from your neck and jaws.

In Conclusion

There are more exercises you can do for your neck but they involve special equipment and weight resistance. These exercises should only be done with a qualified trainer to prevent serious neck injury All in all if you did three sets of jaw crunches in each position you will have completed a total of 108 repetitions. Remember do not rush your repetitions, but instead feel the resistance and concentrate on maximizing your efforts.

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Some More Exercises

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thanks 6 years ago

very useful

Romi 6 years ago

That's very good ... and the fish face looks so funny.., lol. Nice work out.

JACKIE 5 years ago

I've just started....will let you know.

jo 5 years ago

trying from today

jun 5 years ago

nice job thank you now i know what to do now hehe

laya 5 years ago

i have started to work out.seems good.

connie 5 years ago

gona try now

Shishir 4 years ago

Will try now.....lets see how much it is useful

saira 4 years ago

that very good

4 years ago

thx i was lookin 4 ages 4 this

Megan 4 years ago

I'm not fat, and I don't mind the way I look head-on, but, my profile could use some help. I just want a more defined edge.. not a chin that slides right into my neck.. sloped. I want a ninety degree angle.. Hopefully this helps.

Camarie 4 years ago

I'm liking the exercise, neck fills so streaghted out I hope it works!!!!!!

Cee 4 years ago

Thanks I'm gonna start now

lynn 4 years ago

im only a kid and im not fat but my neck is and i don't know why but i really am hoping these workouts help(:

TJ 4 years ago

wow hope dis will help me ! Thanks ! :)

Alison 4 years ago

I am seriously hoping this will help and am going to start doing this every day!

fuq 4 years ago

I hope dis works cas I seriously need all the help I can get :(

Sarah 3 years ago

I hope these work, I've been told that burning fat happens overall and that was such a lie. I've burned a lot of fat over all by running and exercising but I still can seem to get the fat around my jaw to leave.

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