How To Make A Quick Breakfast As A Pregnant Mother

Making a quick breakfast as a busy pregnant mother


We all know that being pregnant on its own is very stressful, how much more being pregnant with kids and also with job, that will be too much stress. Combined with the fact that we have to make breakfast for our kids, spouse, and for our self that become more and more stressful. But in all these stress we can figure a way of helping ourselves in order not to go out hungry or letting our kids go out hungry.


As a busy pregnant mother, I always find it very difficult to meet up with all the house chores including cooking, especially in the morning. So most time I normally go to the fast food joint to get something for myself and the kids. But after coming across an article that deals on health issue, I discovered that I have not been doing the right thing by not preparing my own breakfast. Because from experience breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so if you fill your stomach and that of your family with junk foods then you are busy preparing a hospital bills.


So what did I do? After thinking up so many things, and discovering that what I’ve been doing before is the wrong thing, I decided to give some things a trial to see if it can work out for me. So this is what I did.


Ways On How To Make your Breakfast Quick And Easily

Preparation:- I prepared ahead of time, making sure that I got all need at home.(This aspect is very important as it really helps you to achieve a quick break fast on time). Then if there is anything that am lacking in the house that will hinder me from not being able to make my breakfast in the morning, I will quickly get or order for it. After I have made sure that all the things need is available, I pre-arrange them; that means parboiling some stuff, and cutting some ingredients that may take up my time in the morning. So I just put everything in order against the morning. So as to reduce stress and also help quicken my cooking the breakfast.

Rising up early:- When you wake up early enough as a busy pregnant woman it gives you an added advantage to be able to prepare for both your break fast and it also gives you room for some little relaxation before joining the hustling and bustling of the busy day ahead of you. It also helps you to be able to prepare any kind or type of food you or your family may wish to have as breakfast. You wont be left with only few option of cooking easy meals, but you can as well decide to cook something of your choice.

Easy foods:- Choose foods that are not too stressful for you to cook, as we all know you could be tired most of the time due to the effect of the pregnancy. So if you are the busy pregnant mom, then try as much as possible not to cook foods that are very stressful to cook. But make sure its what you really wants. Foods like

Scrambled eggs,




they are all easy foods, so you can make your pick in as much as your not stressing yourself so much.

Now lets say you want to prepare some scrambled eggs with some noodles as breakfast, all you need to assemble them at night, you don’t need to do any cutting as this type of food does not require some cutting. When wake up in the morning you can easily and quickly prepare this very kind of food without the fear of being late or you not being able to meet up to your appointment.

Making a quick breakfast as a pregnant woman can be tiring, think up of ways and things that works for you and apply them into your breakfast plan. Then you will notice how quickly and easily you have achieved this. If you follow these few tips I have given above, you will not only make quick breakfast, but you will be able to meet up to all your chore needs and still come out not being worn out or so tired as a busy pregnant mother.

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