How To Overcome Mental Blocks To Exercise

Exercise Can Be A Joy

Exercise should be a pleasure, not drudgery.
Exercise should be a pleasure, not drudgery. | Source

Why Do We Have Mental Blocks?

Overcoming mental blocks to exercise should be a topic that needs no explanation in a normal world. Obviously, ours is not a normal or natural world.

We modern humans live in a man-made environment where we have lost connection with the physical needs of our body and the emotional benefits that result from satisfying these needs.

Primitive humans were driven instinctively by a hunger for food and pleasure, as well as the avoidance of pain, so the need for exercise didn't require explanation. If the primitive wanted to eat, exercise was inherent in the process of hunting or gathering food.

Likewise, avoiding the pain of a run-in with a saber-tooth tiger was both an intelligence challenge and an opportunity to learn how fast we could sprint. Those who failed either test didn't survive to pass on their genetic material.

Due to our modern cleverness in some areas, we have made it possible to exert little or no energy to go to the store and trade promises-to-pay or even food stamps for far more calories than we need to survive. This lack of exercise has caused us many problems, both mental and physical.

And yet, ironically, we look at driving everywhere as a luxury, even as it undermines our health!

Many people now work strictly with their minds and get little exercise (unless they get a gym membership and/or take up some form of aerobic exercise). Without the physical tune-up that daily exercise brings, the sedentary often deal with sleep difficulties, weight gain, and depression.

Taking pills doesn't solve these problems -- A moderate amount of daily exercise is the natural solution. And... it is free as well as free of side-effects. So why are we avoiding it?

Unfortunately, many of the sedentary population may be so depressed, they can't figure out why they are depressed and have no energy or desire to exercise.

Others have simply forgotten the instinctive pleasure that physical exercise provides their body. They perhaps have accepted the idea that exercise is for other people and not them. This is ultimately a fatal mental virus which is patently untrue.

All humans and animals alike need exercise, just as they need food, water, and sunlight to be fully functioning healthy creatures.

The many varieties of mental blocks to exercise all lead to disease and pain and we would do well to root them out of our thinking..

Here is the good news: Exercise is one of the best remedies for depression, weight gain, and insomnia. It may be difficult to get into this natural practice when you are out of the habit, but this is the best place to start. A complementary program of returning to a diet of mostly fruits, vegetables, starches, and legumes will help to restore natural energy and a healthy emotional state, too.

Physical movement, like eating, should be a pleasure that doesn't require explanation. Unfortunately, it does, but the joy of exercise can be re-learned.

The solution is to slowly re-connect with the emotional satisfaction that results from the creation of the body's own feel-good drug -- the endorphins.

We can't buy endorphins at the drug store; we can only obtain them with exercise.

Perhaps one of the biggest mental blocks to exercise is the self-consciousness of the grossly obese at going out in public at all. This is understandable and perfectly natural, but it must be overcome. Purchasing a stationary bike and a set of weights would be a good way to get in shape before venturing out to exercise in public.

What is the alternative?

There is no pill that can replace the benefits of exercise, even though modern scientists would love to sell you one. Every attempt to side-step the body's requirements for health typically causes side-effects that are worse than the original condition.

It is much more effective and less expensive to simply give our body what it needs, the natural way.

There are only two basic directions we can go as regards our health. We can do things that take us toward a longer, healthier life or we can proceed slowly or quickly toward our death. The healthy choice is to want to live and be free of the pains that inevitably warn us when we are harming our health.

Overcoming mental blocks to exercise is something many people have done, often losing hundreds of pounds in the process to find a new joy in living. If they have done it, nearly anyone can do it, too.

Your challenge, if you don't like to exercise, is to discover within you the powerful urge to live. As you begin to overcome the mental blocks to exercise, you will see for yourself how good it can make you feel.

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