How To Say Goodbye Without Ever Saying Hello

Already 25 years

It is hard to believe that I had life growing inside of me a quarter of a century ago. Unfortunately, there is no live person here today to show.

I had married my second husband on a whirlwind romance in May 1988. We were both stationed at Fort Hood, TX but on an exercise in Germany and decided on a wedding when we got back state side.

His mother called it "the warm fuzzies" and that is what it was-a physical attraction that we both mistook for "true love". I had been married once before to a man who was 9 years my senior, had already been married and divorced twice and developed an alcohol dependence. So I thought I was equipped to handle this marriage. WRONG!!!

I had been on birth control pills with my first marriage and with this husband children were a distant after thought so no real methods were employed. When we attended a concert with another couple 2 months after our marriage, the guy asked my husband if I was pregnant. My husband replied, "No. Why do you say that?" The guy replied that I looked pregnant. Not fat but had a glow to my face.

I had endometriosis, which is when a woman gets her monthly cycle, little bits of tissue attach to organs and they bleed at the same time. Some women have endometriosis and never have a problem. Unfortunately, I had a severe case and when my monthly would come, I was in severe pain.

We had been married for less than 5 months when my husband got sent to the desert in CA to play war games for Army training. I was alone when the pain struck and I started to bleed


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