How To Survive On A Paleo Diet

What To Eat On a Paleo Diet?

Paleo Diet or Caveman diet is more of a life style than a diet. It consists of eating organic, free-range, grass-fed meats, wild caught fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Some people follow the paleo diet to lose weight, athletes follow it to enhance their performance, others stick to eating paleo mostly for health reasons.

The paleo diet has changed my chronic fatigue and general non well being into super energized, happy and content life. No more mood swings, allergies and frequent upper-respiratory infections.

Switching to paleo diet can be easy for people who are already eating healthy. One problem I had was how to fit eating paleo within my already hectic days of taking care of my family, work and writing for hub pages. After all, it's not like I can drive though for a Big Mac or stop at Starbucks for a bagel.

The trick to survive on a paleo diet is not only to be prepared with meat and vegetables for the week. There is only that many times you can eat grilled steak, fish or bake a chicken. Learning how to make a variety of different paleo snacks, soups, curries, salads, chillies, and desserts is what helped me to successfully follow the paleo diet without slipping.

Cooking in big batches and planning my meals was also crucial in helping me stay with the program. Finding and preparing different recipes that taste good and work was the most challenging part of the paleo diet. I have so far bought, read and tried about 15 paleo style cooking books.

There is no one book on cooking paleo that I can tell you it's really useful for the simple fact that people have different taste and preferences. Strange enough, now I only use three cooking books and two of them are not referred to as paleo diet cooking.

I was not pleased with most of the paleo diet cooking books that I purchased online. Most of them offered two weeks paleo cooking plans which was helpful. Even though most of them had couple of really good recipes, they were not worth the money. Their breakfast suggestions were - eat chicken leftovers for breakfast the next day, or breakfast consists only of a bowl of berries. Eating chicken for breakfast does not appeal to me, having a bowl of fresh berries in the morning sounds delicious but I can’t survive on that.

There are also some great blogs on paleo recipes, which you can bookmark. Stay away from paleo style cooking websites with lots of advertising or recommendations on super delicious paleo recipes books. They are useless.

You need a good supply of about two weeks different recipes that you like and know that work.

Paleo style recipes that are excellent and I know that work are Casey's kitchen on youtube (see two videos below). These are free for you. Anybody following the paleo diet is already spending tons of money on grass fed meat, wild caught fish and organic produce. Any great recipes that works and you like and can find for free would help.


Casey's Kitchen

Casey's kitchen offers delicious gluten-free recipes featured on youtube, see clips on your right. All of them are true gluten free recipes-no grains whatsoever, many of her recipes are also paleo style. The stuffed peppers with cauliflower rice and the cod with olive oil and tomatoes are my favorites.

Best Paleo Diet Cooking Books

Wondering if you should invest in cooking books with paleo diet recipes?

There were several books and online resources that were very helpful in my quest for tasty, easy paleo diet recipes.

Primal Blueprint Cookbook

Primal Blueprint Cookbook contains step by step, pictured instructions for every recipe. Most of the recipes I tried in this book are indeed very tasty and easy to prepare. Here, like in every true paleo recipe you only use fresh ingredients. Some recipes are more elaborate than others. Our favorites include: coconut curry, dutch oven chicken, bison chilli and the coconut pancakes.

How To Cook Grass-Fed Meat

Cooking tender grass-fed meats is a book that I came across while ordering meats online. This is definitely a must have cooking book for every paleo diet follower. Tender Grass fed Meats contains a lot of recipes for meals to be prepared on a weekday night. Most of the meats need to be marinated for 24 hours. Recipes include pan fried or baked beef, lamb or bison and variety of broths. Marinates are easy to prepare. Here again you have a variety of easy to more elaborate meals for different occasions. Some of the recipes use pastured butter, if you go dairy free thought you can substitute it with extra virgin olive oil.

Steven Raichlen's Barbecue Bible

Steven Raichlen's Barbecue Bible is not a paleo style cooking book. It contains however hundreds of recipes for grilling beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish, as well as preparing side dishes from all over the world. A lot of these recipes happen to be paleo or very close. Below is a video on how to grill veal chops recipe that I prepare every week.

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