How To Treat Insomnia Without Prescription Drugs

Are you having trouble with insomnia or other sleeping disorders? If you are not keen on prescription drugs you might want to try more of an holistic approach and use natural remedy instead of relying on man-made drugs that might be detrimental to your body because of side affects. Melatonin, a substance that occurs naturally in the body is great if you work swing shifts or if your jobs have you going between time zones. Consult with your doctor, but this natural substance has no side effects with short term use.

Another natural herb is Valerian. Valerian has be popular in Europe for a couple of years. There hasn’t been a lot of clinical research done on Valerian but it is, in theory, apart of a neurotransmitter that has been to calm people down. It is not addictive and you won’t feel bad in the morning with that groggy, hung over feeling. It comes in a capsule form and you can even get a tea which contains it. It takes a few weeks to work and does have the side effects of feeling faint headed and dizzy. Again check with your doctor to make sure it is compatible with other things that you are taking.

If you want to try the traditional method of falling asleep, basic relaxation methods can work for some people. If you have a stressful, overactive mind worked up with the days work and your life’s worries, just sit back, close your eyes and think about a happy time in your life. Happy times have a good effect on us as we think of being happy versus your life’s troubles. Also there are many disciplines like Yoga and Meditation that can relieve stress better than any prescription drug can. Remember your doctor’s advice is the best and it is better to find natural remedies instead of living your life popping pills.



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