How To Use Resveratrol


You've probably seen the 60 minutes ad about resveratrol and all of the health benefits that you can get from it. But if not I'll give you a quick rundown. Although so far all studies been done on animals and not humans. Research has suggested that Resveratrol ( a powerful antioxidant found in the skin and seeds of red grapes as well as wine and other fruits and plants) could protect you from cancer and several other diseases and conditions.

Another exciting discovery in the animal studies was the fact that resveratrol extended the animals lifespan by 30%. The only other effective method to extend lifespan is the undesirable calorie restriction lifestyle. And while I think that most people would like to live a longer healthier life deprivation, really isn't the most desirable way to go about it.


How To Take Resveratrol

If you've taken the time to do a search on resveratrol then you've probably also came up with some conflicting information dosage and what type of resveratrol to take. There are a lot of different brands and types available but trans-resveratrol has been said to be the most effective. Other types just won't have the same benefits as the trans-resveratrol.

I personally take one 125 mg. of Resveratrol Forte twice a day (each capsule contains as much resveratrol as 42 bottles of wine) and that seems to work well for me without any of the side effects like stomach upset that some people have experienced from a higher dosage.

Avoid Resveratrol Scams

Something that you need to be watchful of is all of the resveratrol scams that you can find on the internet. Many of them are claiming to be endorsed by Oprah or Dr. Oz. When the truth is Dr. Oz and Oprah have not endorsed any particular brand of resveratrol.

Also be careful of free trail offers, this type of scam has been around for a while now. Just do a search on Acai berry scam and you'll see what I mean. Anyway once the trial ends you'll find your credit card charged for approx. $80.00. But you can always cancel it, right? 
Well good luck with that!  Many people have reported (several hundred dollars later) just how hard it is to cancel your free trial for resveratrol when you end up being put on hold for hours at a time.

Bottom Line

Just be careful and do the research before you try something new. It's never a good idea to just jump in feet first without testing the water, so to speak. I do believe that resveratrol can be a healthy addition to your life, and have noticed a big increase in energy since I started taking it. And will continue to take it as long as I do notice good results. A long and healthy life is possible, if you take good care of yourself. But you shouldn't have to pay a fortune to do so and there is no reason why you should have $80.00 a month for your resveratrol supplements.

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fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 7 years ago from Southern California

Very good precautions, the article is not bad also, (smile).

I've not done research on resveratrol, so this is all new to me. Thanks for the research. I'm going to bookmark this hub. Very good.

Dan 6 years ago

Authority groups need to crack down more on scams.

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