How do you Get Rid of Head Lice?

How is lice transmitted?

The infestation of lice, also known as pediculosis, is easily transmitted and is most common among school aged children. It is spread through direct contact or sharing personal items such as clothes with someone who is already infested with lice.

Common Areas

While lice are most common on the genital area and the head, they are also found sometimes on body hair, clothing, eyebrows, and even eyelashes. Lice are also found in overcrowded living conditions if people are not able to maintain good personal hygiene.


However, head lice transmitted from kids at school are not related to hygiene or economic factors. It is common for lice to be found in environments that kids congregate such as summer camps and schools.

Pubic Lice

On the other hand, genital lice, also known as crabs, are usually transmitted through sexual contact. Though it is possible (though rare) to become infested from toilet seats, bedding, or even clothing that are infested themselves.

Head or genital lice bites usually leave only a small red spot. If the individual scratches too much or too hard, then larger sores are likely to develop.

Okay, I'm infested! Now what?

You can purchase pesticides such as pyrethrins (Triple X, A-200, or RID) or permethrin (Nix Creme Rinse) over-the-counter. Follow the package's directions to treat either your head or pubic lice.

You should also purchase lice shampoo and wash all of your combs and brushes in it. As an alternative, you can also use HOT, soapy water.

Do Not use the pesticides or lice shampoo for your eyelashes. Instead, spread a thick layer of petroleum jelly across your eyelashes twice a day, for eight straight days. If any lice or nits are left, tweezers should be able to remove them easily.

Any people who were exposed should be treated at the same time. This will prevent reinfestations. Also, wash any and all possible sources of contamination. This may include hair brushes, clothes, bed sheets, and hats. They should be washed in very hot water and then hung out to dry or placed in a dryer for at least 20 minutes.

Lastly, vacuum any carpets, rugs, or furniture in the home or location the infested person was present. That may also include your car.

Head Lice Quiz

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