How long are you REALLY going to live?

How long do people really live? The average life expectancy in America is probably somewhere between 70 to 90 years. So let's say that you are going to live till you are 80 years old. That might seem like a long time, 80 years... but is it really? 80 years times 365 days a year equals to about 29200 days. That is all you are going to live, about 29'000 days. Reflect on what you have done today, that's another 24 hours you'll never get back. Thus, seize your day, live today to the best of your ability because that's what life is: the accumulation of one today after another today after another today. The future is today... there is no tomorrow.

"Today is at the meeting place of 2 eternities: the vast past that has endured forever, and the future that is plunging on to the last syllable of recorded time. We cannot possibly live in either of those eternities. The only time we can possibly live is from now until bedtime. And this is all that life really means" (Carnegie, 1984).

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kimh039 profile image

kimh039 4 years ago

thanks for the reminder of mortality, luciluci. The time seems to go a little faster as we get closer to the end. All the more reason to live today.

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