How to Avoid Embarrassing Drunken Behavior

Glug, glug, glug...burp!

The Embarrassing Drunk Problem

Let's all be honest for a change. There is a sure way to avoid drunken behavior and that is for us all to stop drinking alcohol. If we all ended our relationship with alcohol this problem would disappear overnight. \No more embarrassing drunken behavior, no more driving under the influence, no more waking up wishing the ground had swallowed you up with that awful feeling of dread. However, although only a self denying bigot would argue against this view, we know that alcohol is here to stay. This is because, like it or not, ALL persistent drinkers (no matter how little alcohol they drink) are drug addicts. So get down off your high horse and admit you are no better than those snorting, smoking, injecting junkies. Then we can really start the debate.

Worldwide Drunken Behavior

People are sinking alcoholic drinks at this very moment - no matter when you read this. The down and out drunks wake up and can't wait to get started - you see them clutching their brown paper bags on their way to congregate with others in their non-exclusive clubs. Meanwhile, behind the net curtains mothers sip their ruination. Others are enjoying champagne for breakfast sure in their minds that they are so much better than the public drunks and secret gin drinkers. Well they are not.

Meanwhile, if you have made a drunken fool of yourself...

If you have made a drunken fool of yourself - said something or behaved out of order - take some comfort at least in knowing that people have made drunken fools of themselves ever since alcohol was discovered. We flirt with making ourselves look idiots every time we put a glass to our lips. Admit it and you'll be safer.

If it is too late for you CLICK HERE to read a letter of apology you can write and send to those you have offended. Note that the letter is based on one that dates from at least 500 BC (didn't I say this was an old problem?). Also remember that people who serve alcohol to their guests should expect the occasional drunken episode and therefore should expect some of the blame!

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