How to Begin Losing Weight

Beginning the Path to Weight Loss

Many people would like to lose weight. Whether it be ten pounds or one hundred, it can be very hard to begin the weight loss process. Habits are hard to break and many find it very difficult to begin to change their habits to begin losing weight. But it can be done. I started by path to weight loss on February 1st 2009 and by July 1st I had lost fifty five pounds. I had to make a few decisions before I began my Journey and I would like to share those with you.

You Can Lose Weight Too!
You Can Lose Weight Too!

How to know when you are ready to lose weight

 You will know that you are ready to lose weight when you have decided that enough is enough. I am 5'10 and had reached 299 pounds. I was one pound away from 300 and I had always told myself that I would never reach 300 pounds. I had said that I wanted to lose weight before but seeing the 299 on the scale really made me kick myself into high gear. Once you have made the decision you must be ready to make a lot of changes. The easiest way to lose weight is to cut calories and eat healthy. Then begin exercising. There is no quick way to lose weight and it is hard, but anyone can do it if they believe they can do it.

First take inventory of how much you eat on a daily basis. Then cut your calories down to around 2000. This will jump start your weight loss. Eating protein(Chicken, fish, nuts, etc), fruits, veggies and healthy fats will help you get on track to losing more weight. making these simple changes will help you lose weight and also detox your body. I think in the first month I lost twenty pounds just by doing this with a little exercise.

Next get a membership at a gym or just get moving. Start slow. Go for walks or walk slowly on the treadmill. Thirty minutes at a slow pace is better than five minutes at a high pace and you have to stop. When I first started I could walk a mile in twenty to twenty five minutes and sweated profusely. Now i can almost run a whole mile in about thirteen minutes. It is amazing what you can do after a few months.

Once you are used to eating better and exercising, begin to add weight training to your workout. this will help increase your metabolism and add to your weightloss. Also remember that once you begin to lose weight and have exerciesed for some time you willneed to up your workout time or the toughness of your workout to lose more weight. You will hit a weight loss stopping point at some time but if you continue to work hard you will lose weight.







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