How to Burn 500 Calories EASILY

How to Burn 500 Calories EASILY!

Ever wonder how to burn 500 calories? Burning 500 calories a day seems to be a common starting exercise goal for individuals. When I first started working on dieting and exercise, burning 500 calories a day was one of my goals... but I was REALLY flexible about the goals in the beginning. I used to 15-20 minutes on a machine, then add in a little weightlifting, and a lot of walking around thinking about how hard it is, and told myself that it totaled about 500 calories. Maybe you've done the same thing... well, here's the truth! I'll take all the guesswork out of it for you!

500 Calories is a significant number mathematically as well. See, a single pound of body weight is equal to 3,500 calories. So, mathematically, if all other factors remain the same (assuming you are holding weight currently and not gaining weight on a weekly basis), burning 500 calories a day would result in 1 pound of weight loss in a week! So, if you find exercise to be easier then dieting, maybe asking how to burn 500 calories would be a great starting place for you.

I have built the below chart as a starting place for understanding EXACTLY how much effort it would take daily in order to know how to burn 500 calories a day. I tried to choose a variety of tasks, some fun and some standard exercises for your reference. This chart should give you a good feeling to how much effort this will take.

Chart - How to Burn 500 Calories

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daniel 6 years ago

im 13 and im about 140 pounds and im on a diet but im looking for exercises that i can do to lose 500+ calories per day but im not sure were to start any idea what i can do?

TroyM profile image

TroyM 6 years ago

I guess I go by fats, rather than look at calories. Need to look at those, too, bummer!

Dee 5 years ago

why does people who weigh less have to work out longer(according to the chart)?

Dave 4 years ago

People who weigh more have to use more energy to move their whole body frame.

megan 4 years ago

tanx u sooo much... dis wil reely hlp me wit losing weight... im 13 nd im trying to lose 20 pounds by the 1st of june ( i currently weigh around 134lbs):D!!!

Alexander 4 years ago

There's no charts for people who weight less, i'm 100 pounds :/

Burning calories is easy, go into a static bicycle, 45-50 minutes and you're done -500 kcal, but advice: don't do 50 minutes the first day, or you may end up like me: horrible constant pains. xD

So it's better to do several hours of walk, and 30 min of bicycle.

Jean 4 years ago

I am surprised bicycling is nearly as effective as jogging is. I thought it was much easier than jogging.

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