How to Control Anger

I have learnt to accept my anger moments!! As human beings we are constantly evolving and growing. When I'm angry, that tells me that something is out of synch in my body. I now take my anger moments as a signal that i need to address something within myself. I've learnt to take time to breathe when i feel upset and tune in to see where the anger is coming from. underneath anger there is often saddness and sorrow.... when you feel sad or down you can feel quite vulnerable and afraid. Anger is often misplaced emotion of saddness and often have you shouted at your children or swore at another driver when you are in a hurry and running late.... you react in anger whereas if you took the time to breathe and slow down, you will realise that you are probably feeling upset that you have shouted at your children or annoyed with yourslef for being late.

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guidebaba profile image

guidebaba 8 years ago from India

Hi ! This is nice. You could have broken the text into paragraphs with some photos and videos just for SEO.

ntathu 8 years ago

thanks for feedback. I love the sound of photos/videos...but i havent a clue how to do that!! When you are free (i hear you are returning home to nutrition) any support would be appreciated. Enjoy your journey and Be Well. Ntathu

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