Help for Treating Your Hangover

A Cure to Hangovers

Ever wonder how to treat a hangover? You are not alone. The key to curing a hangover is to start treating it before you ever take that first drink. Here is a list of tips to help you treat your hangover.

  • Eat a big supper before you go out. Include pasta this is supposed to help soak up the alcohol. So not only does it help with your hangover it is a great help for those of us that can't hold our liquor as well as others.
  • While you are out choose lighter coloured alcohol as opposed to the darker ones. There are more impurities in dark alcohol and this may contribute to hangover headaches.
  • Once you get home from your night out head striaght for the Gatorade. Try to get at least 2 bottles of Gatorade down before you go to bed. This should help rehydrate you. A hangover is mostly caused from dehydration.
  • Take saltine crackers to bed with you.

When you wake up in the morning you need to immediately start working on treating the hangover. What is the best way to do this?

  • The minute you wake up start eating the saltine crackers you brought to bed with you.
  • Once you manage to get yourself out of bed, drink one liter of chocolate milk and another 2 bottles of Gatorade.

Why do this work to treat a hangover? The crackers will start to absorb anything left in your stomach, the chocolate milk coats your stomach but does not seem to upset it like white milk would and the Gatorade helps replenish your depleted water supplies.

The absolute best way to treat a hangover is to prevent it from happening...However we all overindulge at times and it is nice to know how to treat a hangover naturally.

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