4 Natural Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues Using Natural Cures

The winter blues often come more apparent when the weather turns cold and blistery. The winter blues are when a person’s physical and mental rhythms get out of synch. The medical term for the winter blues is seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and the effects are usually depression, overeating, oversleeping and a craving for carbohydrates. We have put together some simple, natural, and effective cures that naturally help those who are suffering the winter blues:

#1 Curing the Winter Blues Using Light

Logically, the lack of the body’s exposure to the full-spectrum light is one way that many people suffer from the winter blues. By using light therapy, the body can overcome the antidepressant effects that a lack of melatonin can have on it. If you suffer from the winter blues or SAD, try replacing all of the light bulbs where you spend the bulk of your time with full-spectrum lighting.

#2 Curing the Winter Blues by Adding Melatonin

The disruption of melatonin being created in the body can have an effect on those who are suffering the winter blues. Adding a melatonin supplement to your daily intake could help with depression. Many experts have suggested that adding a B12 supplement with the melatonin could help to reset the body’s biological rhythm.

#3 Curing the Winter Blues with Vitamin D

Medical experts have theorized that the low levels of Vitamin D in the body could cause the symptoms of SAD. Vitamin D has been found to increase brain activity and should be considered in their daily intake. Increasing doses during the winter months could help with SAD.

#4 Curing the Winter Blues with St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is a very common herb used in reducing depression in many types of cases. By using St. John’s Wort along with a full-spectrum light therapy and other supplements, you could reduce your chances of SAD. Consult a physician before taking as St. John’s Wort can have a drug interaction with other medications, such as birth control.

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firemanak 5 years ago

i know my happy lite is my savior in the winter months here in Alaska where we only get 4 hrs of light this time of the year! thanks for the article.

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