How to Deal with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common of arthritic deceases. It is a condition that is usually acquired by the elderly but some times, even the young are recipients of this gift. One day you suddenly feel pain in your joints and you go scampering to the doctor and he tells you you are not arthritic. Or indeed are.

You do not want to walk. Especially climb stairs. Overuse of joints is a cause. When you wake up after sleep, if you feel stiffness in your joints, it is a cause for worry. Even fingers are not spared. When somebody works continually with their fingers, they may develop arthritis. Example: Typing, chopping vegetables, playing carom.

Obesity is a major concern. Among other things, obesity may contribute to the condition.

Many people, when they turn 45, develop pain in the joints and it may well be osteoarthritis. These are the times that you stand a good (or is it bad?) chance of acquiring it. The pain can be excruciating some times. Women as usual are the beast of burden and get it 10 times more than men. Do you know doctors embarked upon a research to find out if woman wearing high-heels is a possible cause for their getting hit by osteoarthritis in high proportions? The results were unclear.

Genetic disorders, hormone deficiency, work style are some of the causes. Aging and obesity are some other causes. When weight increases, that much more weight has to be carried by the knee bones and the stress produces the pain.

In woman after woman menopause is a direct cause for osteoarthritis. These ladies, in a natural process, start secreting less estrogen, progesterone and some other such hormones. No one for sure knows how this can possibly affect the joints. As women are meant to give birth, their lower tendons are more flexible and that much more mobile and this may result in joint pain.

It may also be hereditary for many women whose mothers had had it. More child bearing increases the risk considerably.
A pain here and pain there may not mean you are arthritic. Consistent pain should only be reason enough for a visit to the doctor.

Drug trafficking (narcotics) into the body is also a risk factor. The flower children of the 70s, in their freedom zeal, had never thought of their anatomical preservation and took many experimental drugs. These men and women number 100s of 1000s. They are all reaching the potential age now and more of them will be victims of this decease than otherwise.

Researchers have found that hormone replacement therapy can be a catalyst for the condition. The duration of these medications seem to have a direct bearing on the intensity of the condition.

As body mass index (BMI) increases, so do the risks of acquiring osteoarthritis. Cartilage damage is also caused by excessive wear and tear, injuries, especially sports injuries.The cartilage gets ruptured and the joints, as it were, are left without a cushioning platform.This results in the bones rubbing together and this accelerates the damage further. Excessive weight also contributes to cartilage loss.

The treatment of osteoarthritis are numerous but each may not suit each patient. The first thing to remember is there is no complete cure for it. Beware of the tall claims of charlatans who claim to have cured many patients. It is just not possible.The best time to start medication is at the start. Once you realize you have it, you be on your toe with the treatment.

Keeping track of everything to do with your particular case is important. Where the pain started, how it progressed to other areas, Whether there were any repetitions are all important. Keeping a note book just for noting down these details is not a bad idea. In fact, it is a brilliant idea! A very important thing to note down is how your body reacts to the medication.

So what does a woman do? There was a British woman on the NHS website, telling clearly that it is the brain which is the best cure! She says, think you don't feel the pain, you don't have it! This may sound more like Alice in Wonderland than practical remedy, but if it works for her, why it should not to anybody else is a moot question.

Losing weight in a hurry- if you can do that - can do wonders for you, only do not do it without first getting your doctor's permission. Overweight is a major cause as we had told you. You relieve pressure on your joints and they get time to relax. Both the ancient and modern ways to do this is eat less. This is easily done than done for no one can zip their mouth shut but you must at least try. Do not go, in your excessive zeal,to extreme levels. Each of us can easily find out what causes obesity in us and start banishing those items from the dining table and you are done!

Next come exercises. These physical activities will strengthen the bones and consequently the movements of bones are lessened and the pain comes down. What exercises? Again, that is for you to decide. You know best.

Both cold and hot presses are effective. You have to find out which suits you by trial and error and stick to the one you are more comfortable with.

Medications too help. Pain relievers like aspirin are some times prescribed by doctors. There are any number of creams you can purchase over the counter and applying them can generally reduce the pain.

The Indian Ayurvedha and the Chinese acupuncture are said to be very effective but not much is known about them outside those countries. You will be able to gleam out something about them from the internet.

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jw darrow 5 years ago

being a post flower child / the protest of vietnam

we decide to decide our own fate..

now 57 a carpenter whole life boats to bars have been feeling the pain my hair hurts after a civirical fussion

/s1 to l4 fused /2 rods 2 bolts 4 screws in hip

now afraid to walk up'am realy screwed

can walk thankful its a struggle rehab selt induced is a slow process to feeling for suggestions

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