How to Diet with Motivation

My Physical Shape is An Indicator of My Discipline and Personality Growth

Let me go back to my personal story to explain what happened to my weight and what motivated me to keep a balanced diet.

Pictures from Different Stages in My Life

I am 16 years old (1990), 75 kg
I am 16 years old (1990), 75 kg
I am 31 years old (2005), 95 kg
I am 31 years old (2005), 95 kg
I am 34 years old (2008 spring), 88 kg
I am 34 years old (2008 spring), 88 kg
I am 34 years old (2008 autumn), 84 kg
I am 34 years old (2008 autumn), 84 kg
I am 35 years old (2009), 80 kg
I am 35 years old (2009), 80 kg

Young and Slim - From 15 to 24 years

When I first watched videos with Schwarzenegger back in 1988 (I was 14 years, and was a little bit overweight, well, had 10 kilos on my belly), I was really impressed by what one can achieve with his body. With due exercising I got into school’s athletic teams on several sports in a couple of years, and looked great (see my picture 16 y.o.). I played football and run a lot so there was no worry about my shape. My weight was about 75 kg (I am 180 cm high).

Getting Fat – from 24 to 32 years

Then I got my own apartment and a car, and loosened my self-discipline. In a couple of years I got 20 more kg, and with 96 kilos I was surely heading to a metric centner (100 kg). I played all kinds of sport games as usual, yet felt like a tree that could not move.

Back to the Gym – from 32 years to 34 years

I got my fitness subscription and started going to the gym twice a week. Within half a year I lost about 10 kg and started showing good results on a horizontal bar. I could do as many as 20 pull-ups and 14 pull-overs that many friends of mine find amazing.

Keeping Diet – from 34 to 35 years

I quit beer drinking, and almost excluded alcohol from consuming. Going vegetarian also helps me a lot with a great shape and mental balance. I weigh 80-82 kg with 180 cm of height. My only passion is to eat after 8 or 9 pm, that is when I have the most appetite. Whenever I discipline myself to refrain from eating in the evening, everything is going great with my weight. And if I take food late, I get a couple of kilos within a week.

What Diet I Recommend

From my own experience I recommend to keep a few simple diet rules for your great shape:
-    Do not eat at night
-    Drink more water
-    Do not drink alcohol or soda
That is more important than keeping from eating white bread, sugar, chocolate, etc. Those are secondary rules that you can violate from time to time if you keep moving rules:
-    Have a hobby that is connected with motion, like jogging, playing volleyball or riding on bicycle. Team sports are a nice way to keep you moving even if you are tired or do not feel like moving – your team will not let you down!
-    Refrain from driving your car when you have the opportunity to. Walk a few blocks to a local supermarket and enjoy it!
-    Get accustomed to feeling that moving quickly, involving more motion to your physical body is cool, you feel like a cool dude after all.
And what motivates me to be in a great shape:
-    Believe me, after one year in a gym I felt five times more confident at dating (I am divorced for a few years) than before, so I am getting much more popular, it is wonderful! No more hiding my overweight!
-    When I go to a gym and make exercises, I am proud of my physical form, as only a few trained men can make the same exercises, and that motivates me.
-    I go to the beach with pride, and when I walk on the street, I feel I am in a great shape. It brings a lot of joy to my life.
So if you find my advice helpful, I will be glad to see your comments, and will be happy to help you on your way to a great shape that is possible with proper diet and life in a motion.

Motion in your life

How often do you run?

  • I run every day, I play sport games or just go running every morning
  • I run twice a week in a gym
  • I do not remember when I run last time, but it is a good idea to start
  • Oh come on, how much will you pay me to run, I am no kid for these games
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