How to Heal a Damaged Nerve

As you grow older with age, your body grows as well. Nerve damage can occur to any type of nerves within your body. How would you know if some of your nerves have received some type of damage? Some common symptoms include nerve pain, tingling, burning, numbness, and sensitivity. If you have some of these symptoms, an experienced physician can help determine if you have nerve damage. In addition, the following information can help you learn how to heal a damaged nerve:

Vitamin B

One way to naturally heal nerve damage is to take vitamin B. B1 and B12 helps to provide the body with the correct nutrients for regeneration. During the process of transformation, B1 and B12 assist the new growth of the electrical insulator inside the nerves. The most effective form of B vitamins are fat solvents, thus making the healing process faster

Herbal Remedies

A second way to heal nerve damage is through the use of herbal remedies. One herb is blue vervain. This herb assists with strengthening nerves as well as alleviating pressure. A second herb is lobelia. This herb helps to decrease the tension in a muscle and calm the nerves. A third herb is wood betony. This herb calms the nerve and reduces pain. A fourth herbal remedy is the mixture of vervaine with St. John’s Wort. This mixture strengthens the nerve toxins inside a damaged nerve. Some additional herbal remedies include valerian root, damiana, gotu kola, scullcap, and black cohosh.

Nerve Regeneration

A third way to heal nerve damage is through nerve regeneration. This is a new experiment with scientists. Currently researchers are learning how to make new nerve mesh from small equipment. If you are interested in this process, you need to locate a physician with experience.


In conclusion, nerve damage can be healed through a variety of methods. It is your choice as an individual on how you wish to heal this damage. You may wish to try some of the natural remedies as learned in this article. If your pain continues to disturb your life, I would establish a relationship with a professional physician that is experienced with nerve damage.


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