How to Improve Focus and Concentration

In these times of stressful hours at work, political and domestic instability, economic upheaval and terrorism all over the globe; The task of keeping focused on anything, for any period has become a major problem. More than ever, students are complaining of a loss of concentration and interest in studies. Employees, although putting in double their usual hours, admit to a decrease in productivity. More and more children and adults are suffering disorders related to attention deficit. Psychological issues resulting from the overall atmosphere of insecurity and distrust, add further to inattention and distraction. For success in life and living, these troublesome barriers must be crossed. Whether you are a student, a young entrepreneur, a rising professional, a housewife, a seasoned businessman or an executive; and whether you are in the prime of your career or retired; You absolutely must regain your ability to focus on the task at hand.Your peace of mind and your life quite literally depend on it.

Conflict Resolution

First and foremost, make your mental life as simple as possible. Air all toxic thoughts and feelings and get rid of any poisonous relationships that you may have in your life. Its easier to navigate your way through clean and paved roads, so work on discarding the clutter that may be contaminating a healthy mind.

Relaxation and Meditation

The most important tool to help you focus is a calm mind. To achieve that you must take action. And the best action is to make yourself sit still for a set amount of time everyday. Reschedule your appointments, unplug the phone, switch off your mobile phone, power off your computer...basically shun all outside distractions so that you only have your own thoughts to deal with. Learn a relaxation technique and/or a meditation technique so that you can have a step-by-step guide to proper methods of relaxation. There are a number of tapes and books available on the subject. Including some cool meditation music and binaural sounds that make you seamlessly glide into a state of meditative trance. All the techniques and guides teach you ways to concentrate your mind. Very useful in conducting the business of life!

Mental Workouts and Focusing Techniques

These tips, tricks and techniques provide a quick-fix when attention is waning (some aren't quick but help in the longer run)

  • Memory games are an excellent resource. Look at all the things on your dresser for a minute and then recall them with your eyes shut. Play memory games on the phone or your computer.
  • While working on a task that requires your full concentration e.g studying for an exam or an assignment, bracket all the unnecessary thoughts for a later time. For instance if your mind starts wandering in a favorite direction, you can decide that you will attend to that thought in say 20 minutes. For the next twenty minute s forget everything and focus. After that DO attend to the thought. Don't try to trick your mind by forgetting about the matter altogether. Its YOUR mind and it stops behaving when cheated.
  • Close your eyes for five minutes and listen to all the sounds you can hear. The loudest and the faintest. Concentrate on naming the source of each sound. Do this everyday and repeat when stuck in distracting thoughts.


Mindfulness entails living fully in the present moment. Noticing every single sight, sound, taste and texture you come across. This exercise works wonder at teaching the mind to focus, and its also a way to overcome other psychological problems, such as anxiety and depression.

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BestConcerns 6 years ago

Thumbs up!

Nice work....

etna5678 profile image

etna5678 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

Thank you Bestconcerns... Nice to see you here again... :)

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BestConcerns 6 years ago

your welcome...hope you see my third new hub too.

etna5678 profile image

etna5678 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

will do...Do click on the "share with followers" sign when you publish a new that all your followers are notified...Happy hubbing!

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Kerry43 6 years ago

I like meditation, it's so refreshing.

Thanks for the other information. People have so much trouble these days finding an effective way to clear their minds and relax.

Well done!


etna5678 profile image

etna5678 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

Hi Kerry... Thanks for liking the hub... :) I'll write one on clearing the mind of useless thoughts and other related topics...

Totally agree with your opinion of meditation...

Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama 6 years ago from New England

Great hub with very important information for those who feel overwhelmed by the mess the world is in now. Taking time to focus on what we are grateful for and to turn off outside stimulation is so important to peace of mind. Thanks for offering such a clear, organized hub about this subject, etna5678. :0)

etna5678 profile image

etna5678 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

Thanks for liking the hub seafarer Mama.. I appreciate your feedback: it helps me write. thank you again.

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Website Examiner 6 years ago

Duly noted how, after an introduction about societal woes, you elegantly transitioned into the core of your article. Technically, that is pretty accomplished. This well-written article is an excellent tutorial for those in need of relearning the ability to concentrate. It reflects a great deal of knowledge on your part. My respect for your writing is - beware - gradually giving way for admiration.

etna5678 profile image

etna5678 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

Thanks WE. The honor I am feeling is -beware- gradually giving way to pride! :) Jokes aside, I am deeply grateful for your comments. And the praise is addictive. I hope my future articles are also up to your standards. Thanks again!

noi 6 years ago

What a nice hub. You are a logical philosopher my dear. Where are you from. So serene and calm while in the eyes of the storm. How you do it.

onrea profile image

onrea 6 years ago from Rochester, NY

Very nice and reasonable.

I have to check out your other stuff as well...


etna5678 profile image

etna5678 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

Thank you onrea... :) I will be waiting for your comments on the other hubs too!!

Coreen 16 months ago

Thank you for this Hub, I found it really helpful.

I personally like to meditate. It helps me calm down and it kind of makes eveything seem to move slower. I especially like meditation with some relaxing music. I found this wonderful channel on Youtube. They make videos of relaxing music, and also of nature sounds. I´ll post the link here, in case you´re interested.. :

Thanks again for the Hub! Can´t wait to read your other hubs :)

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