How to Improve Your Memory & Increase your Attention Span

Memory can be divised into two categories. Short term memory and long term memory. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could remember everything that you wanted to? Never to forget somebody's name or forget your shopping list!

The good news is there are techniques and ways that can help to improve the memory and also you attention span.

Short Term memory is memory that is stores for just a small period of time. Maybe a few seconds or minutes. The brain is like a hard drive in this case, it can only withhold a certain amount of short term memory before it turns around and says hard disk full!

Long Term memory on the other hand is usually related to more personal or emotional experiences or feelings that stick in the brain for longer.

For some memory is easier to use than for others. It comes naturally and can be a fantastic quality. It can help no ends throughout life.

Perhaps you want to improve your memory for certain reasons? Maybe through embaressment, e.g. not being about to remember peoples names? or maybe for an exam. Perhaps you do not pay enough attention and struggle keep your attention span for a long time.

Here are some specific systems that will help you to improve your memory in different cases and for different reasons.

Recording Memory in order - Lingual System (Good for shopping lists, Presentations etc)

Recording Memory for Educational Purposes

Improving Attention Span

Reclaiming your brain is a service for people who are very serious about improving their memory, it's worth investing in this if you want to see immediate progress.

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