How to Induce Labor Naturally?

How to Induce Labor Naturally?
How to Induce Labor Naturally?

How to Induce Labor Naturally?

After nine months of pregnancy, it is natural to start feeling anxious as the end draws near. But if it is past the anticipated due date, these feelings may grow stronger. Especially, if your doctor wants to induce your labor because you might have gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, your baby is getting too big or your pregnancy is more than a week overdue, you are most probably interested in how to induce labor.

How to Induce Labor: Medical Labor Induction

Despite modern techniques, medical labor induction still introduces considerable risk compared with natural onset of labor. According to the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services first-time mothers have more than twice the likelihood of Cesarean section with induction compared with labor that starts naturally. This risk is due to the procedure itself, not any reason that might have led to inducing labor.

If the cervix is not ready for labor, labor induction medication may increase woman's chance of Cesarean section five-fold, even if cervical ripening agents are administered

Additionally, medical labor induction typically involves the need for other interventions, such as IV drip, continuous electronic fetal monitoring, and usually confinement to bed that also can have adverse effects.

How to Induce Labor: Natural Labor Inducers

Some feel the waiting for the baby after the estimated due date is unbearable and they will listen to anyone's suggestion on how to induce labor naturally. No matter how uncomfortable or uneasy you may be feeling, you don't want to try just anything; you want to make sure it will be safe. Unfortunately, many old wives tales can actually be harmful so it is important to consider all factors when trying to induce labor.

How to Induce Labor: Nipple Stimulation

One of the natural labor inducing methods is nipple stimulation. Nipple stimulation releases hormone called natural Oxytocin. It's good to note, however, that nipple stimulation has to be done correctly according to reliable instructions because it can lead to very strong uterine contractions if done too frequently.

In order to release Oxytocin by nipple stimulation, massage your nipples by rolling them between your thumbs and forefingers for 2 minutes. Then rest for 3 minutes. Repeat rolling and resting for 20 minutes. This usually gets the labor contractions to start. Remember that you should use nipple stimulation to induce your labor only if your cervix has already effacated.

How to Induce Labor: Cleaning the House

One of the old-wives tales is that you could induce your labor by cleaning your household. Interestingly, cleaning your home could actually help your labor to start in various ways.

Firstly, cleaning requires you to walk, bend, squat, be on all fours and stand. Certain positions and changing them do play a role in helping the baby to get into an optimal birthing position. Especially squatting, in addition to helping your baby to descent into the birth canal, opens up the pelvic area, and stretches your muscles on the pelvic area and inner thighs, and relaxes your lower back.

Another way cleaning can induce labor with is lifting things while cleaning. Lifting items will increase the pressure in your thoracic and abdominal cavities. This could stimulate the uterus. Many women have reported that their labor contractions started after they had lifted something. Please note that you should never try to lift anything that is too heavy, or you might hurt yourself.

Finally, cleaning could help you to relax. Tension is known to hold back labor from starting. Doing something meaningful that brings you results instead of just waiting keeps your thoughts away from the hours that separate you from having your baby on your arms.

How to Induce Labor: Acupressure Points to Induce Labor

Acupressure has been proven to be an effective way to induce labor. Acupressure can be used to induce labor even before the cervix has not dilated due to the fact that acupressure helps cervix to dilate.

Acupressure means applying pressure on specific spots on your body with fingertips. These acupressure points inducing labor can be found on shoulders, hands, lower legs and ankles. You could find an acupressure specialist to apply acupressure to induce labor.

On the other hand, because acupressure techniques are simple, you or your partner could stimulate these acupressure points to induce labor your self at home. Treat the points known to stimulate labor by pressing them and massaging them with small circular motion for 1-5 minutes few times a day.

To discover more about how to induce labor with acupressure, please visit . Maternity Acupressure techniques have helped thousands of mothers to conclude they overdue pregnancy and to induce labor naturally at home.

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Kathryn Vercillo profile image

Kathryn Vercillo 9 years ago from San Francisco

There are some good tips here. I think I forgot to mention nipple stimulation in my own article on the topic ( but it's one of the ones that often comes up on the topic. Thanks!

Chinese Birth Man profile image

Chinese Birth Man 8 years ago

I think that natural solutions and techniques are always better than medicines, you have written a very good article here and I salute you.

crystalkay profile image

crystalkay 8 years ago from Sunny Southern California

my second was three weeks late !!!....all great methods unless you got a lazy baby in there! LOL She was 9.3 and just perfect birth and baby, all was well! I think all the labor inducers, aside from medical indiction, all great and preparatory for women. For me walking was the most rewarding.

lawdermommy 8 years ago

sorry ladies but i have tried them all and this is now baby number three and unless your body and cervix is ready none of these methods will work!!

it sucks I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

amber 8 years ago

i have used the nipple stim. and it worked had my son less than 4 hrs later. but nobody's jokin when they say strong painfull contractions.

danielle 7 years ago

iv trid all this stuff nothings working and im dilated 4 cm

i guess shell come when she comes

gina 7 years ago

I've also tried all these things, and more- I'm having regular contractions but still no baby! How frustrating.

Orlaith 7 years ago

tried everything and nothing works! my son is 1 so i suppose i should b greatful of the peace just now haha

Simmy 7 years ago

What do I do? I am 37 weeks and only a fingertip dilated. This is my 5th baby but my first boy.

destiny 7 years ago

this is my first baby and i am so ready for her to be here. im full term and hopefully this works!!!

Stacy 7 years ago

I am going to try the nipple thing.. im almost 38 weeks and i can't wait any longerr. I don't have any castor oil and my boyfriend isn't here so we can't try sex to start it.. so i will try to stim the nipple. I will let you know if it works.

Jess 7 years ago

I am just 40+2 weeks and the doctors said 90% chance i wont go in the next week... and i will have to be induced, i have tired sex, laying akward for an hour to keep the semen in there, nipple stimulation, walking, cleaning and nothing is working.. I just want to have the baby naturally...

mommyof2 7 years ago

I tried the nipple stim. and I started getting tightening so i would stop and start again.

Chelsea 7 years ago

I'm forty one weeks now and I've tried everything!!! Nothing is working although they're all good idea's. I don't think anyone who is only thirty some weeks pregnant should be trying these though.... you want to be safe and maybe there is a reason that you haven't gone into labour yet, like your baby isn't fully developed. I firmly believe that these methods will only work if you're ready for labour. Otherwise, you're wasting your time.

Chelsea 7 years ago

I'm forty one weeks now and I've tried everything!!! Nothing is working although they're all good idea's. I don't think anyone who is only thirty some weeks pregnant should be trying these though.... you want to be safe and maybe there is a reason that you haven't gone into labour yet, like your baby isn't fully developed. I firmly believe that these methods will only work if you're ready for labour. Otherwise, you're wasting your time.

Haley 6 years ago

I have tried all of these the only one that worked in my last pregnancy was Sex. However this time around my husband is on deployment so that's out of the question. AND I'm not 100% sure that it was the sex and not that it just wasn't her time to come. It was right on my due date and I had my membrains stripped that day by my doc, and was told by him to go home and have sex (should have seen the look on my hubby's face, priceless!)We went home had sex and proped a pillow under my bottom and I took a nap trying to hold everything in.. with in a about 3 hours I was really feeling something. But wanted to wait until 5 before we went in cause my doc also said he was on duty that night if I waited until 5 he wouldn't make me go home (he was of saying he'll induce cause it's ok to but I can't schedual it for another week) so At 5 I went in and had gone from 1cm to 5 in those few hours at home, once they got me settled they gave me an epdural and broke my water.. after my water was broke it was no joke 10 minutes and she was here.. not even enough time for my epdural to kick in all the way.

So I don't know if it was the sex that did it, stripping membrains, both or just that it was going to be time no matter what at that point.

LarasMama profile image

LarasMama 6 years ago from a secret location, Australia

I ended up using castor oil after trying everything else. It worked!

I've written a hub with 40 different ways to naturally induce labour.

Paige 6 years ago

Do not try the castro oil. it does not work it didn't even give me the runs like its supposed to do...

Mary 6 years ago

Had sweep and stretch done at 38 weeks today, has been 5 hours and I have some discharge, some lower abdmal cramping but no contractions. The procedure was a little painful but mostly just uncomfortable, hoping it works!

shika 6 years ago

had sweep yesterday cramping and a little contraction very uncomfortable and still no labor i think im about to go crazy i am 40 weeks and still no baby

Alexa 6 years ago

I've tried many things: castor oil just gave me the runs, walking just tired me out lol, accupuncture hurts =(...but nipple stimulation seems to work somewhat. I'm 40 weeks today and so anxious to meet my 2nd son we'll see what happens!

hayley 6 years ago

nipple stimulation does work (for me at least), i am 39 weeks today with my third baby and i have been stimulating when i remember to for about 48 hours now. it worked with the last labour too. patience is the name of the game with the nipple stimulation. gl all

laura  6 years ago

i heard that clary sage oil is supposed to help induce labour your supposed to put a few drops into your bathwater or put it on a flannel and put the flannel on your belly but your only supposed to use it after 36 weeks or something

Marriah 6 years ago

I am 36 weeks and Im having such a hard time with my pregnancy. I cramp all day and my feet are rediculously swollen and my back is killing me. I have to find some kind of way to get this baby out of me!! I can't even cook in the afternoons anymore for my husband.

hanna 6 years ago

I am 38 weeks and I just want to have this baby is my first and I am anxious to meet her I ve been to tha hospital like 3 times know Its emberresing with the nurses but I don't if they are my nerves or what that I think I am having this little angel

karena gordon 6 years ago

i have tried them all non wrked in my first pregnancy r second now im on bby 3 so im going to give it another shot

laur 6 years ago

i am 39 weeks and nothing is working. my back is killing me, i cant sleep and im sooo ready to have her.. i will try what you are telling me i hope it works

AmandaGarcia 6 years ago

I am about to be 38 weaks and I tried castro oil and all it did was give me the runs... so I decided to try the nipple stimulation and it is bringing on those strong contractions... so maybe it might work... I am ready for my baby girl to be here.... I have 2 little boys.

courtney 6 years ago

im 39 weeks and am misserable, i just found out that in the past week my son has went from being in position to breech i live an hour from the hospital and they scheduled my c section for 4 days after my due date and i really am just ready to have him now im goin to try these things cause im tired of bein misserable, also to all those of u that these have not worked for remember every body is different every pregnancy is different and wat works for one pregnancy may not work for another pregnancy

KATREENA  6 years ago

im 41 weeks now tryd castor oil last nite 2 time cos the 1st done nothing a hur a part all it did 4 me was make me sick as a dog not good i have bin doing the nipple stimulation since last nite nothing part frm my tits hurt now this is my 3rd bubs and ma last one was 2weeks ova due i really don't wanna w8 1 more week i cant sleep at nite just cant get 2 sleep i wanna go 4 a long work but if i am standing 4 2 long i feel like im going 2 pass out.. i just want my wee man n ma arms :(

Amanda 6 years ago

I'm 34 weeks with #5. SEX is the best way to get things going. It has been suggested to us by our Dr. and all the nurses we've seen. It may not actually start labor but it gets things moving along quicker than anything else.

Mrs Glenn 6 years ago

Castor Oil is tricky. I have done it with success! U have to take it in doses. U take 2 fl oz first and use what ever u need to help cover it up. I used orange juice and I had to take it like a shot. Its like drinkin veg. oil gross!! But then an hr later I did 1 fl oz then an hr later I did the last one. I started this at 6pm and by 9pm I felt nothing at all I was upset I drank that crap and had the runs and no contractions I was a week overdue! Then and hour later at 10 pm it hit me all at once I was in so much pain I was pacing my stairs for 45 mins contraction after contraction! I decided to go to hospital cos I wanted drugs! And I was 4 cm dilated then I popped a hole in my bag of water and that's when It got going! I had him at 2:11 am! Now I am pregnant with my 5th baby I am 38 weeks and I am not ready to do castor oil yet I am seeing if my body is ready I been contracting there just not regular yet!!!

Mary 6 years ago

I'm 39 weeks and really anxious to have my first baby girl. Took a dose of castor oil. It didn't do a thing! I didn't even have the runs. So Mad I took it! I did some nipple stimulation but it only gives me Braxton Hix but I will try harder!!

lilian 6 years ago

i am 40 weeks pregnant , can i wait again or i have no choice other than to have a c section which i really donnot want???this is my first baby and did not descend in the pelvis yet, can this be the cause that no labor contractions start???,does anyone have advice for me that can help?,

tumi wright 6 years ago

i am over 40 weeks and the doc has suggested we induce on monday. so four days to go. can't do sex as really can't handle the thought of it. hubby hasn't been too happy about that. so will give others a go.

good luck and god bless to you all.


jule 6 years ago

This is my 3rd boy and im 38 weeks. IM DIALATED to a 1 and a half and my dr said im going at it slow. Im going to try the nipple thing. tonight after the kids are in bed. i read 5 min to 15 min every hour.. I think one thing we need to stress on here is the power of positive thinking. I did see someone say they were only 34 weeks, WOW hold on to your britches your time is coming. Im on bed rest so it limits me. I refuse to do the castro oil ewe!!! that will for sure be my last option. lol! NOT SO NATURAL FOR ME!!! Oh and hey its a personal choice on any inductions so please don't hate people who do. POSITIVE THINKING!!!!

tasha 6 years ago

I am 40 wks today dilated 3 does anyone know if the nipple thing works I also bought some primrose oil capsules so we will see tried the castor oil didn't do nothin but make me throw up didn't even make me have the runs so be prepared to be sick when you try it!!!Good luck everyone!!!!!

Chelsea 6 years ago

Nipple stimulation does work...I did it all day last sunday and was in the hospital..but it only works if you're far enough..I was only 36 Weeks and was having contractions every minute on the monitors and then they told me I was too early so they weren't going to help me so since I wasn't dilating anymore past 2 centimeters they gave me a shot to stop the labor and sent me home, then a few days after that I was having contractions and went in again only to find out this time that I was 4 centimeters and 90 percent effaced but since I was only 36 weeks and a few days they wouldn't help with breaking the water or anything so they had me walk for an hour and I still didn't dilate so they gave me pain medication that stopped the contractions and kept me overnight and sent me home ... so wait until your full term or it will be for nothing but I stimulated them for about 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off for about 2 hours to make sure they would keep coming and sure enough when I stopped they kept coming and I was in labor. now I'm still stuck at 4 and having a doctors appt wednesday which they said if I make it till then they'll probably just keep me and induce me now that im 37 weeks and considered full term..yayyy

brickeater 6 years ago

I vouch for all women that nipple stimulation DOES work, give it a chance. I understand what you women are going through, carrying a big bellyn the last couple of weeks of pregnancy is both tiring and an emotionally exhausting time for moms-to-be. @ 38.5 weeks I decided that I wanted to naturally induce labor and did just that. I began to massage my nipples by lightly squeezing them and rolling them between my fingers. I then used the palm of my hands and rubbed circles around them. I did this for 20 minutes; I sat calmly and quietly on the couch alone and did this. After this my contractions began to become stronger and I noticed that I was going into labor, and the next day I had my baby boy :]

Give it a chance ladies it CAN work for you!

SIMREN 6 years ago


limpopo h 6 years ago

im 41 wks prgnant,tried cleaning and walking.doesn't ob decided to induce me on wed prayng that god may do his miracle before.cause i`v heard that its pain full.

helen 6 years ago

im 37 weeks +3 days im over all the prelabour symptoms that iv been getting for over a week, so tonite im ganna try the nipple stimulation thing... according to a lot of ppl it really works. so here's hoping it works for me to, i know my husband is ready to meet his first baby and im ready to meet my 3rd bub. thanx for the idea guys :)

corti 6 years ago

I am 36wks1day preg with my 2nd! I have been having BH contractions and menstrual cramps for the past 3 weeks, but went to the doc today and was sad to learn nothing! I went a week over due with my daughter and was medically induced. I'm thinking of doing the castrol oil of course for some it works and others it doesn't. I have done a lot of reading and research and have learned that it doesn't matter what you try, if your body and baby aren't ready for labor then any induction won't work. I figured with castrol oil, walking and nipple stimulations something gotta give, ecspecially since I've had all the contractions even more so when out n bout walking. So, here's to trying! good luck everyone and hope something works for you!

sammyt 6 years ago

I am 40wks+2 and have tried everything, spicy food, fresh pinapple, rasberry tea, balsamic vinigar, evening primrose oil internally and orally, caster oil 3 times and the usual sex and nipple stimulation, even tried usin a breast pump. Nothin is working. I had my twins at 38wks last time but this 1 just wont shift and is weighing it at around 9lb already. Ive been in constant pain 4 the past 8wks with a water infection that cant b treated aswell so I just want this 2 end soon. I no it wil b worth it wen I meet my babba tho. Good luck 2 u all, and safe deliveries of your little ones x x x

artiekraftie 6 years ago

I;m 38 weeks and I'm so ready to have my baby. This time around it has been hell for me. I'm always i pain...especially my back. I was induced the first time and it was super painful. I will try the nipple stimulation. All you ladies who are trying the castor oil should be careful. It may cause your baby to have it's first bm inside the womb. My doctor gave me many natural optiongs to try but she did warn me against castor oil.

gemma big bump  6 years ago

please people don't use caster oil its not safe it could make you very sick and have diarrhea and if your midwife knows they will get social services involved it happen to a friend of mine baby will come when ready

misty 6 years ago

I am 37 weeks and 3 days with baby number 2 and hes already 8 lbs due to gest. diabetes. did amnio and it was unsure if lungs were developed.....soooo we wait.......i had my daughter a week early by being medically was nothing....they start it out nice and easy they don't just throw you into labor

allicia joachim 5 years ago

well i drank some castor oil yesterday i waz having contractions three minutes apart but still no baby ! i will try the nipple thing or some spicy food lol hopefully baby is ready by now im due in two dayz but i just cant wait =)

tina 5 years ago

with my last pregnancy i tried caster oil at 38 and a half weeks ,had to take in small doses,took 3 different doses in 12 hours and worked for me went into labour that morning as well as drank raspberry leaf tea for a few weeks , helped with the labour when i was 10 cm my little boy came out in 10 mins weighting 8lbs 6oz!now pregnant again i am 37weeks and need to be induced at 39 weeks as baby has missing corpus collosom so will not be trying caster oil this time too scared incase something goes wrong.

jenna 5 years ago

im 64 weeks and nothing has worked, what the heck should i do?!?!?!

the doctor said the baby is now 15 pounds

heather 5 years ago

As of today I am 38 weeks with my second child. My first was born at 35weeks +6 but this one doesn't seem to want to come early. Will definitely be trying.g some things to start up labor this time. Only reason they didn't stop labor with my first is due to my water breaking. Just hoping this time I'm not in labor for 23:59...

Jay 5 years ago

My wife and I tried the nip stim thing, but it didn't work. Then we realized that we were doing it wrong because she was doing it to me. An easy mistake for one to make. So, we're gunna try it again...I'll let you know!!!!!

prappleye profile image

prappleye 5 years ago

Thank you so much for this! I may have gotten more out of the comments than the article (only because most of the info out there is the same. I'm following Mrs Glenn's advice. I just took my first dose of oil, I'll wait an hour & see. I've been having irregular contractions for about 2 weeks & the bottom of my cervix is dilated to a 3. However the top hasn't dilated at all yet. Luckily baby's head is engaged & sitting at a -1 station! My 9 year old goes back & forth to Seattle for cancer treatment & leaves for treatment Friday afternoon. He really wants to be here when I have the baby. I wouldn't choose to induce if I didn't feel like the baby's ready, but my midwife has given me the "anytime we're ready" clear thumbs up, so I figured it was worth a try!

Natalie 5 years ago

I tried nipple stimulation when i was 6 days overdue after about 3 minutes i felt some pain right at the bottom of my stomach then i felt the urge to go to the toliet not knowing in fact that my waters had broken had my baby 7 hours later but by caesarian as my baby decided to move position

desmonique 5 years ago

lol @ jay! Hahaha

Rachel 5 years ago

Anybody have any suggestions that actually work apart from castor oil, because I refuse to do that messy delivery.

What's the quickest and easiest way?

Rachel 5 years ago

Just so you all know I'm not convinced any of the myths work, hence them being myths, Ive tried everything now, nipple stimulation ( 15 min on each ) pineapple juice and fresh pineapple, sex,walking, inducing yoga ( excersises ) cleaning cleaning and more cleaning, walkin up and down the stairs, even running, dancing. None of these work, anybody know any that do? and i don't mean 'oh i drank raspberry tea and a few days later gave birth' i mean actually work as in ' i did ...... and the same day/night got contractions'

amanda 5 years ago

im having twins and i just want my pregnancy to be over!! what is the best way to induce. im 37 weeks along

Rachel 5 years ago

I've been told by my midwife and random friends and people online to help induce labour you can;

Have lots of sex (he must finish inside you) apparently there's a hormone in a mans semen that can help soften/ripen the cervix

Eat hot/spicy food

Eat and drink lots of fresh pineapple (not from a tin)

Walk (a lot)

Yoga, and ball exercises


Drink or take raspberry leaf tea or tabs (meant to help induce contractions and ripen cervix)

Nipple stimulation (with fingers or breast pump for 15 min on each) Meant to release a hormone that can cause contractions

Female orgasm (meant to release same hormone as eating pineapple and nipple stimulation)

Power walking up and down the stairs (puts pressure on cervix and positions baby)

Squats (same as above)

Accupressure (3-4 fingers above inside ankle bone push where its tender, hold for upto 3-5 mins)

and also the webbing between thumb and index finger push where it's tender/sore and hold for 3 mins

Blue and Black cosoho herb (sorry can't spell it, BUT I would NOT do that, every midwife I have spoken to says this can cause problems with the baby)

Castor Oil (I have heard good and bad stories about this, some people saying it worked, but they had a messy delivery example, pooing themselves and throwing up, and I have been told that it can cause the baby to have bowel movements which can lead to them becoming distressed inside the belly and they can be born very ill from it)

personally I have tried EVERYTHING I just told you except blue and black and castor oil, and I have been trying them for weeks now and NOTHING other than leaving you more weak at the end of the night than usual.

Only been taking Raspberry Leaf tabs for 3 days though, 1 a day. Although the herb and health specialist told me it will only work if your body and baby are 100% ready for labour otherwise it just helps strengthen and soften the cervix and can mean a faster delivery time than normal when it finally happens.

I don't think anything works, and people that say 'Oh I did ...... and within 48 hours I went into labour', personally I think that's coinsidence otherwise it would more likely happen within 6 hours

Good luck though, and if you find anything that works let me know

Rachel 5 years ago

Oh pickled onions and black liquorise are also said to held induce labour,

I ate a whole jar of pickled onions and got nothing but heartburn, and black liquorise just gives you the runs

melissa 5 years ago

i am 40 weeks and counting my doctor has a c section planed for Tuesday if i don't start labor and i would say the last 3 weeks sucked i have tried everything from bedroom to evening primrose oil, birthball, walking fast and slow, squats, lunges, raspberry leaf tea, hot foods, jumping jacks, acupressure massage, acupuncturist, doctor stripping of membrains....nothing worked ....babies will come when they are ready ...i would have to say it is just luck if you do these things and go into labor.

[url=]ways to induce labor on your own[/url] 5 years ago

i think natural methods is always the best than medical method. natural methods are the best [url=]ways to induce labor on your own[/url] which is safer and easier.

Rachel 5 years ago


Elizabeth 5 years ago

I am currently 35 weeks, and dilated 2 cm. I've been drinking raspberry tea, and taking evening primrose oils, lifting, cleaning, and the nipple thing works too.

Lou 5 years ago

Nope, nothing works, anyone that says it does I'm afraid you would have an argument on your hands, this has never worked, any of it, it's all coincidence

Courtney G 5 years ago

I'm 39 weeks and I'm not even dialated!!!! Any suggestions??

nina 5 years ago

i am almost 40 weeks pregnant and only 1 cm dialated....i do lots of walking, seems dosent work..i am going to dance from tonight till next week lets see what's gonna happen

Stacey 5 years ago

With my last pregnancy nothing ever worked for me, even after

I was 40 wks.... But im trying nipple stimulation and im doing consistently and im having really good contractions. I go to the dr tomorrow, hopefully all this has gotten me dilated more :/

Amanda 5 years ago

Nipple Stimulation will cause contractions... been doing it 2 nights now, however, if your body & baby are not ready, it will not induce labor :/ I do it for 5 minutes then stop for 10 then again on other nipple for 5 mins. It does make me start to have contractions but has not yet sent me into active labor... Good luck ladies :))

James 5 years ago

This had some good information on pregnancy. I appreciate you even taking the time to write all of this down with so much detail. I am going to bookmark it for sure.



Sala 5 years ago

I am going to be 40 weeks tommorow and I have had a false alarm and only dialated two centimeters.I do walking and I clean up all the time those are things that my baby is use to I am anxious to see her but ill just wait because waiting for her and potty training a two year old is stressfull.

vonna 5 years ago

I'm 35 weeks an about 3-4 days dialated 1cm..I'm on bed rest an miserable!! I started nipple stim. Last night fell asleep doin it a lot of movement from mid day I'm trying again light pain but nothing to major..ill be trying for the next couple hours an walking as well..I'm ready to meet my son an his 3 ye Sissy is to!!

n0x 5 years ago

sh0o0.. Am 39weex n stil n0n has workd. And my due date is supposd 2day. M rly fustrated!

vonna 5 years ago

I'm now 36w4Days.. still miserable as hell tryd everything now tryn Da oi.. will see wat happens next..i gotta get him out 2cm now an really ready to give up on my self my body is really in disstress an my 3 yr old is MAKEN this MUCH harder by whining so much..I'm just tired an ready to get it over with.. in tears!!

Ren 5 years ago

I think you ladies that are less than 38 weeks need to do some serious thinking about the health of your unborn babies. Yes we all get sick and tired, what if you force labor and your child is born with a hearing problem or has to be hooked up to a monitor because of breathing problems? Than you will be the one feeling guiltly that you wanted to get your baby out in a hurry! Not impressed pull your heads in. Mother of 3 and # 4 due in 2wks currently 38wks.

Natasha 5 years ago

I have to agree with the theory that these ideas only work if the baby is truly ready, I am 35 weeks with baby number 6 and I have tried all these methods with my first 5 and they all came when they were ready, I found that going about my days and not worrying about it was the best remedy. Kind of like getting pregnant sometimes you just have to give in, relax and not think about it.

Nina 5 years ago

Im on baby number 6 and i have been n labor for abou4 days and the baby is due tommorrow(Jan.15) and he is not trying to ce out at all monday i was at a 2 now only GOD knows where im at. Im in so much pain t night but fine during the day. H's not coming till he's ready. Plus im a VBAC so theres nothing anyon else can do!.....It worth all the pain in the end im sure.

Angali 4 years ago

this is my 5th preggo and im 38 weeks. im actually trying the breast stimulation as we speak. i bought an electrical pump bcus ive started leaking milk a few days ago. ive read everybodys comments and there helpful. 37 weeks is considered full term so im fine with trying natural remedies on my own. not trying the castor oil thing...sounds a bit nasty! will see what happens with the breast far bh. will c what happens! good luck ladies!

Tessa 4 years ago

help, i am nearly 38wks with my 5th girl, and have the worst groin strain and bad back ever and my consultant is refusing to induce me, despit ethe fact i live and hour from hospital and delivered my twins full term in 45 mins...i need to start this labour off asap..i have raspberry leaf tea, do you think it will work?

mari 4 years ago


sars1234 4 years ago

its horrible to read the comments on here from women 34 to 37 weeks that are trying to induce themselves already! Im 39 weeks and just researching! There is a reason babies should come when they are ready. It because THEY ARE READY! Lol

heather 4 years ago

I agrew. Im 38 weeks with geatational dm and i just startws just researching since my ob said im 50% effaced. Just did the nipple stim and getting a lot of movement from baby, but nothing else yet. Im full term with a healthy boy, terrible back pain and will def try other natural induction ways.

Preasia 4 years ago

Im dilated and effaced.. Ive Tried every single last one of these; including walking and dancing nothing works. I guess she'll come when she's ready

new mother 4 years ago

I m 39 weeks i m, I have tried everything but nothing works for me, I guess the baby will come when he wants to. I must have the baby before Apr 13 according to my religion. I clean my house like crazy I do so much work at home, I tried sex, raspberry tea, I walk in tredmill 3 times a day. (its cold out side) I took castol oil, gave me only diarrhea and pain for 2 hrs i throught i m in labour after that's it went way. I do not know what else to do. i even asked Dr. to induce he refused. well lets see. not everythng works for everybody.

sarah 4 years ago

I'm 37 plus 4 days with no. 5 baby is engaged and has been for over a week, its making my hips dislocate all day long because of a condition I was born with. I'm in agony and can no longer go up or down stairs. Full dosage of pain medication to help. Have spoken to the Mw and doctor and no one will help deliver early. Any ideas I'm desperate to just get him out and stop the pain.

mom2be4 4 years ago

I'm 32weeks and have lots of contractions went to the doctor found out I'm 3cm dilated my baby weighing 5lbs already my doctor not too concerned##ShouldiI be scared

Kiley 4 years ago

I'm 36 weeks and 5 days. I have one baby, who's 16 months, and he was born at 39 weeks completely and entirely healthy. My doctor has checked me and I'm at a cenimeter dilated and she didn't give me a "percentage" on my effacement, but she is confident baby is completely fine if labor would start. With number one, I again, had no issues. I find the answers that say before 36 weeks is terrible to be doing anything, but it's not for SOME of the methods. Your body will not go into labor unless it is entirely ready too. Therefore, all the methods just help it along when it does come. So, as I'm doing, Evening Primrose Oils (inserts) will make delivery smoother if it doesn't put me into labor, etc. So whatever you do, will make things easier in some way! As impatient as well all can be, including myself, our lives will get hectic with children at some point (: Good luck!!

Chelsea 4 years ago

I naturally induced my own labor because I did not want to be medically induced...the story is here...

Angeles357 10 months ago

Well I'm 38 weeks 4cm dilated with my 4th and I try spicy food, pineapple and the primrose is giving me diarrhea and super bad leg cramps that I think hurts more than contractions there is nothing to do just wait!!!:(

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