How to Laugh Your Weight Away by the author of How to Wobble Your Fat Away

Sex is the Best Exercise but what is Second Best?

Did you know that in a single session of sex an energetic lover (also known as a sizzling sex machine) can do the equivalent – exercise wise – to a game of tennis, a trip to the gym, twenty times round the block on an Adult Space Hopper or a day spent on a Vibration Platform? Indeed, men that “go like trains on Viagra” it is reported, can (if conditions permit) do exercise equivalent to running a marathon, while they’re at it.

That’s all very well, but what about the people who, for one reason or another, are single and/or don’t partake in sex? What of others who do but always adopt a still, sedentary sex style? Should they be made to suffer? Some should certainly but that’s a different matter…

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The second best exercise is a jolly good laugh – the louder the better. A good laugh uses the same muscles as a rowing machine. It also works the face muscles which some sorts of sex do not. Even a giggle can be compared to a session – not of sex – but of wobbling on a vibration platform.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not advocating you dump your sex-partner in favour of a good laugh and a wobble on a vibration platform…but we would like to encourage people to see more comedy! You could look at this free listing of live comedy for some ideas too PRESS YOUR FINGER HERE to find LIVE COMEDY


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