How to Lessen PMS Cramps

Don't you just want to scream sometimes? The beauty of being a woman can be a pain in the lower part of the body (if you know what I mean). It just hurts. So bad. Bloating, irritability, nausea sometimes, nasty red junk coming out of your 'who-ha'. It's GROSS! But you have to deal with it, that is, until Menopause in your fifties.

So what am I going on about? It's as simple as CRAMPS and what to do to get rid of them. Well, for many it may not be that simple. So this is what I'm going to help you with: HOW TO LESSEN THEM.

Less cramps, less bloating, less irritability, and lighter flows which comes into correlation with those crappy cramps you get for a week or more.

Below I'm going to give you some tips on how to lessen the flow of your period, weaken the cramps, and other alternatives when paying for these expensive devices to plug your "who-ha". Oh yes, and how to lessen your "attitude" with everyone around you, ESPECIALLY the boyfriend. ;)

Clean Water is an Essential Tool to Having a Healthy Period

Calcium Foods

Facts to know first:

When this monthly pain happens, it's natural; HOWEVER, when cramps accumulate and/or last longer than a normal basis it usually means you're lacking in a particular vitamin(s). This is usually calcium and/or Vitamin D.

  • Here's a website I found that is very helpful on the matter. Just Click and Read:

Sunlight, Milk, Fish, etc...
Sunlight, Milk, Fish, etc...

When You're On Your Period

Foremost every woman should be aware that a period is a time during each month where an egg is being flushed out through the vagina. This happens because the egg wasn't used and your body is trying to get rid of it. Between the "clean" time and when your not having a period your egg just floats around waiting to be made into a baby. When the time is up on that egg, it is no longer any good and is thrown away.

During this time where your body flushes the egg out, your body becomes chemically imbalanced because it takes so much energy to get rid of it. The more your body lacks in specific vitamins, such as Vitamin D and Calcium, the longer and more hurtful it will be. Energy is drained from yourself and it has to steal nutrients from other sources where you lack thereof; thereby throwing your bodies nutrients off balance. Symptoms usually induce aches which feel like pushes in the vaginal area, headache and nausea, fatigue, possible urges to throw up, irritability, and/or cramps.

Foods to Stay Away from when You're Approaching Your Period

  1. Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate (chocolate overtakes calcium in these things and worsens the cramps.)
  2. Caffeine: coke, tea, coffee, energy drinks
  3. Chili or anything Spicey (Because cramps in the vaginal area plus the stomach area is not fun at all.)
  4. Dark liquids
  5. Fried and/or Greasy Foods
  6. Salts

(Hint: Usually what you crave is what you shouldn't have. This is mainly because your body is only getting those particular ingredients and because they aren't nutritional then it's flushed out as waste and leaves your body even more imbalanced then before.)

BUT there's nothing wrong with eating these things if you feel yourself up with the proper vitamins first.

Fruits that have Iron
Fruits that have Iron

How to Ease the Cramps and Bloating

  • Proper diet with all your essential vitamins. Because Vitamin D and Calcium are lacked in most restaurants and/or foods, then these are the main ones that should be consumed the most.
  • Exercise: ritual jogging and/or running is an essential tool to maintain a healthy period. Less clotting and cramps. This happens because it strenghtens blood flow, pumps your heart evenly, which also distributes nutrients at a steady pace. Body weight is a key factor as well. The lighter and healthier you are the lighter, thinner, and shorter your period will be.
  • Ibuprofen and Any Other Premenstrual Medicine: This doesn't always get rid of the pain but will help to lessen it.
  • Drink Plenty of Water and/or Gatorade. This helps because it absorbs the nutrients and breaks up your blood more evenly to where it doesn't hurt when coming out. It also helps to hydrate you.
  • Consume the Vitamin Iron. Your blood consists of a lot of it and when it's wasted it needs to be retored right away. It builds your energy back up and also helps with blood flow. Also, it improves your mood.

What to Use

  • Kotex smoothe applicator tampons are great. Super Plus is recommended because it absorbs more and doesn't allow, if any, leakage to get through.
  • Always where a thin pad. These are for the heavier days.
  • Don't use scented pads. They tend to combine the smell of your period with your natural girl area. Gross.
  • I use 3 Ibuprofen (200mg). It works wonders and I can hardly feel a thing. 2 pills is recommended on the bottle but it doesn't do anything for me.
  • If you don't want to eat, drink, or consume any of your vitamins through the actual food, I recommend vitamin pills. Calcuim chewables and Iron pills will do. Oh, and to get your Vitamin D just go outside each day (or as much as possible) and do an activity, such as reading or just laying out.


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