How to Live a Longer and Healthier Life?

Don't Forget Your Fruits
Don't Forget Your Fruits

25 Ways to a Healthier and Better Life

Many are looking for ways to improve their lives, and while some do better than others at finding the secrets to a better, more fulfilling life, it's always helpful to have all that information in one place. So without further ado, here are 25 Tips to a Better and Healthier life:

Healthy Lifestyles

  1. Have a positive attitude
  2. Always think of ways to make others happy
  3. Enjoy nature
  4. Go away on vacation at least once a year
  5. Eat your veggies
  6. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water
  7. Sleep 8 hours each night
  8. Wear sunscreen
  9. Stay away from smoking
  10. Stay away form alcohol
  11. Stay away form drugs
  12. Maintain a healthy weight
  13. Exercise every day
  14. See your doctor for an annual checkup
  15. Challenge your mind (Sudoku, crossword puzzles, reading, etc.)
  16. Cut out soda
  17. Give up sugar
  18. Stay away from caffeine
  19. Eat in moderation: don't stuff yourself
  20. Spend Quality time with your family and friends
  21. Stay out of debt to minimize your stress
  22. Make friends
  23. Grow your own vegetable garden
  24. Go to bed early: it's proven that sleep before midnight is much more beneficial than sleep after midnight
  25. Have faith

I'd love to hear what YOU do to live a happier, healthier, and longer life. Just leave your comments below.

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profile image

SandraK 8 years ago

Another one is to live in the present moment as much as possible without reliving past pains or imagining worries for the future.

Adriana C. profile image

Adriana C. 8 years ago Author

That is so true! Thanks for your comment.

myorganicflowers profile image

myorganicflowers 8 years ago from New Jersey

Loved your hub and especially your video. Keep up the great work. We all need to be reminded to live a healthier life.

Sheila Martin profile image

Sheila Martin 8 years ago

Good reminders, Adriana, of how simple it is to live a good life. Thanks.

SandraMead profile image

SandraMead 8 years ago

I gave up eating meat. I don't know if that counts, LOL.

profile image

want2know 8 years ago

Great, the simple directions always work the best huh, good job

lisatener profile image

lisatener 8 years ago from Rhode Island

Great hub. It's an excellent reminder of where I need to focus: more nature, vacation, give up sugar, more water, more sleep more exercise...Maybe I should also acknowledge what I have acheived on your list--it's a longer list and feels better!!!

I'm taking a class that's quite demanding and, while it's a little stressful, my mind loves working on all the new information--so I heartily endorse your paragraph on exercising the brain. It feels good.

THumbs up!

Adriana C. profile image

Adriana C. 8 years ago Author

Lisa, acknowledging your achievements is a great way to give yourself a boost: it's important to celebrate the positive in our life.

Mschanl profile image

Mschanl 8 years ago from USA

Great Hub Adriana. Simple things but people tend to forget these.I enjoyed the video too. It's very informative.

By the way, just want to add that I eat fish a lot, I use peanut oil(fights bad cholesterol) and avoid High Fructose corn syrup which is found in most food and drinks today. I've done a few research and feel that HFCS is bad for the body.

stormyweather profile image

stormyweather 8 years ago from Devon, UK

Well I am definitely failing on no.24. But thanks for reminding me that exercise every day is important. I was running 10 miles per week up until 3 months ago, and then I decided to start a new internet project . . . Great information.

Garry Nelson profile image

Garry Nelson 8 years ago from Hawaii

I think it is interesting that no men have commented on your hub yet. I guess statistics are right.

I would add, constantly researching health and longevity. New discoveries are made daily. Many people still do things that were believed to be healthy in the past that have been proven to be detrimental now.

Cathy51h profile image

Cathy51h 5 years ago from Philadelphia PA

I love your hub.Very good content happy people live longer.

I would like to invite you to read my hub when ever you can and I am looking towards looking out for any more of your hubs.

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