How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

Trying to detach the caboose....

There are a gazillion theories on weight loss and n equally improbable number of diets to go along with them, so I am willing to bet that any answer you garner here is just one persons opinion , as this will be mine.

I do think it is safe to say that the there is a general consensus that the reason people are overweight is that they eat more than they burn. This, is, regrettably easy to do, given that unless you have a job as a carpenter, or some other very physical job, exercise has become something we have to build into our lives as opposed to having it occur naturally. This does not come easily to many people.

Over the years I have tended to use the Atkins diet when I have come to the point when I want to lose weight again, because I am impatient and like anyone else want to get it over with. Meat, chicken, fish and green vegetables are perfectly satisfactory things to eat as far as I'm concerned. However, I note I did, once, when I was in college summer school, embark on a 1,000. calorie a day diet as part of something I was doing in a psych course. That restrictive number, while I was young and active, was pretty effective.

With any diet it is important to take vitamins to be sure you don't miss out on basic nutrients while dieting and in the case of Atkins it is imperative to be sure to drink the water.

In several cases I kept the weight off for a couple of years, one time for 5 years. My sweet tooth, or illness has been my downfall. After one successful diet and several years of maintaining by eating appropriate portions and being careful of sweets, I lost control completely over NutterButter cookies. In another case after 5 years of maintaining I was in a car accident and close to housebound for about 5 years. Eating out of boredom is a great way to put on pounds. Regrettably, no matter how easy they come on, coming off is another matter.

Nothing you do, and that includes having your stomach stapled, does any good if you are not willing to restrict what you take in. While stomach stapling is one way to get an easy "full" feeling, since the revised stomach is so small, it can be easily defeated as I learned with one woman friend who had lost one hundred pounds, about half of what she needed to lose to get to merely "heavy". She would moan and groan that she still couldn't lose, and her car was full of candy wrappers. Shrinking the receptor does no good if you triple the calorie load of what goes in.

The diet plans are a joke, as far as I can tell, though I confess I haven't enrolled in one. But the ones that sell you their month of meals are simply selling you portion control, which, admittedly, is usually an issue with us overweights.

If you always use a dinner size plate, you put more food on it because it looks empty. This was brought home to me with a crushing clarity this past summer when we decided to use only paper plates. Use the 9 inch plates instead of the dinner size, and see how much less macaroni and potatoe salad you can fit on there after you put a piece of chicken thigh on it.

If you look carefully at what constitutes "portions" in the calorie books and even in the frozen food isles, it's usually a lot less than one tends to dish out automatically.

If you don't have the patience to teach yourself what is what when eating, go to Weight Watchers. They have the long term success rates but their methos is really teaching nutrition and portion control.

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michellemoseley profile image

michellemoseley 8 years ago from New Hampshire

Good advice. Being a lifelong dieter, I've tried everything. I've found that eating a healthy diet of lots of fruits and veggies with some meat and cheese for protein works for me. When I have a sweet tooth attack, I try to have a protein shake or bar. These satisfy the sweet tooth and keep me on track since they are sweetened with Agave Syrup instead of sugar. I do allow myself sugary stuff some on the weekend. I exercise 6 days a week, so I can splurge once in a while. This is all just to maintain. I have to try even harder to loose. Like I said, it's been  lifelong for me.

Michelle Moseley 

sumosalesman profile image

sumosalesman 8 years ago from Somersworth New Hampshire

I'm on the edge of starting to tank up like my dad's side of the family, who get mistaken for a row of Franklin stoves when they wear black shirts... I'll favorite this and keep it handy! Thanks for posting.

Matt Powell 5 years ago

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