How to Lucid Dream: 5 Traits of Successful Beginners

With lucid dreaming, you can explore the cracks between waking and dreaming
With lucid dreaming, you can explore the cracks between waking and dreaming

Lucid Dreaming: Learnable? Yes. Easy? No

This hub is for those who wonder if lucid dreaming is for them or if it is a waste of time to try to learn. The fact is, successful lucid dreamers have certain traits in common.

Lucid Dreaming Basics

Lucid dreaming is the art of becoming conscious in our dreams. Most people naturally experience a lucid dream at least once in their lives. In the last decade, a virtual industry has been created to investigate this unusual state of consciousness which is also known as conscious dreaming. The conclusion of experts: lucid dreaming is definitely a learnable skill.

By following tactics and tips of these experts, thousands have learned how to become, as expert Stephen LaBerge has said, "awake in their dreams." However, countless others never get the hang of it. That's because, while lucid dreaming is a learnable skill, it is not an easy skill that can be picked up in a day or two.

Is lucid dreaming for you? Check out these 5 traits of successful lucid dreamers to see if you are "pre-qualified" to be a great lucid dreamer.

5 Traits of Successful Lucid Dreamers

Those who are usually successful lucid dreamers have:

Good Dream recall

Before you can become aware you are dreaming, first you have to have good dream recall. This is the first prerequisite for learning how to become more aware during dream sleep. Luckily, almost anyone can develop their dream recall over time. However, if you are a sound sleeper, this may be a difficult practice to learn. As it turns out, most lucid dreamers are light sleepers.

So, to develop dream recall, the first thing is to keep a journal by your bed and start writing down those dreams! A good tip is to stay in same body position after you wake up rather than immediately getting up and jumping in the shower. Give yourself some time to feel the emotions that still linger, even if you can't remember a single dream image. Often, focusing on those emotional residues are the best gateway into remembering dreams.

A Creative and Artistic Streak

Many lucid dreamers are creative people who tend to see outside the box. There is also a correlation with good lucid dreamers and having "thin boundaries" which is a psychological term for not having strong defenses against things we don't want to see or acknowledge. These people tend to avoid horror movies and are more likely to let themselves be emotionally vulnerable in life. If you are creative, artistic, and have been told before, "you are too sensitive," you have all the markings of a successful lucid dreamer.

Good Balance and an Active Body Practice

There is also an interesting correlation between lucid dreamers and having a better-than-average sense of balance. Weird, I know, but the connection has to do with the vestibular sysyem in the inner ear. Having good balance means you are aware of your body in relationship to the larger environment. This awareness plays an important role in lucid dreams, too.

Relatedly, good lucid dreamers often develop their good balance with an active body practice. Some classic examples are gymnastics, yoga, bicycling, tai chi, and any of the martial arts. Developing the body's awareness makes for healthy living, and also great lucid dreams!

A Mind Development Practice

Developing lucidity in the dream world is impossible if you can't be lucid in waking life. That's probably why many successful lucid dreamers are also good meditators. Concentrative meditation such as Zen Buddhism develops the mind's ability to stay focused for long periods of time.

But, hey, if you are not into meditation, there are plenty of other ways to focus the mind. Playing video games is a popular choice - many lucid dreamers are also avid gamers! And of course, any activity like playing chess or solving word problems develops the mind in ways that make lucid dreaming more likely.

A Strong Desire to Learn

This can be a self-fulfilled prophesy! But the truth is that most successful lucid dreamers have a strong, internal desire to become aware during their dreams. They don't give up easily. They set intentions and keep trying.

So, maybe it's a good time to ask yourself why you want to learn how to lucid dream in the first place. If you understand your motivation, you are more likely to not give up when you hit an obstacle.

A great way to develop intentionality is to journal about your desire to lucid dream before going to bed. Remind yourself what you will do when you realize "Wait a second... this is totally a dream!" I find that keeping track of my motivations is an important part of having a successful lucid dream incubation.

To learn more about lucid dreaming, be sure to check out my other hubs as well as my dream studies blog.

And, if you have time, take my lucid dreaming poll!

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mariane 8 years ago

Always wondered how I can have lucid dreams. I will get back to this hub and see how i can achieve this.

Archie Freeman profile image

Archie Freeman 8 years ago

I do this all the time. People think I'm crazy when I tell them that I can do this.

I never knew what it was called, but it's absolutely awesome. I love Lucid dreaming. Thanks for the great article and a place that I can refer my friends to.


Zenofsong profile image

Zenofsong 6 years ago

Great article on lucid dreaming. Luckily I fall into all your categories. Please share some lucid experiences with us!

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 6 years ago from the Ether

Waking Life is actually at the top of my movie list...I find it to be "awakening". Thanks for the lucid dreaming tips...I wasn't aware of the inner ear equilibrium aspect...quite interesting. Dream Recall has been the best way for me to excel in my writing down any dream I have pushes my mind to remember 3 to 4 dreams a night in some cases. Most of the time though, I do not need to try to be just happens. Thanks for sharing!

lukebroad09 profile image

lukebroad09 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Thanks for writing this blog...some good tips on how to lucid dream there. I have had lucid dreams before but not intentionally. So, im going to try and put it into practice.

moneyfairy profile image

moneyfairy 4 years ago

Very interesting!! I must try!!! thanks.

less 3 years ago

is the whole point to lucid dreaming becoming aware that u are in a dream

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